CNN Says ISIS is Using Nutella and Kittens to Recruit Western Women


Written by: John Vibes at


CNN ran a segment last week where they suggested that ISIS was using Nutella, kittens and emojis to recruit western women. According to host Carol Costello, ISIS has been posting about these topics on social media, so therefore that must mean that it is a ploy to recruit western women.

However, perhaps members of ISIS just happen to like Nutella and kittens, and maybe they just like to use emojis. The writers at CNN must think that western women are gullible enough to join a war on the other side of the country because the people fighting that war also like kittens.

Its hard to believe that people are taking any of this seriously anymore. Check out the clip for yourself in the video below:

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  1. Nutella and cats lure western women. Gee, I must be real stupid, it’s not like ISIS threatens to kill and murder their friends and family to lure them into ISIS, that’s just absurd.


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