Cobra Bites Pop Star To Death During Live Performance in Indonesia [Video]


Local media outlets in Indonesia have reported the death of a pop music star, Irma Bule, who was bitten by a snake while performing live on stage.

According to the Jakarta Coconuts, the 26-year-old Irma was performing a musical genre known in Indonesia as Dangdut. Dangdut is sometimes performed by artists with fearful animals in order to make the show lively to the audience.

Irma is said to be known for bringing snakes on stage during her musical performances in the area. She had previously appeared on stage with pythons and boa constrictors. But unfortunately, on April 3 at the village of Karawang,  inWest Java, she met her untimely death.

Eyewitnesses said as part of Irma’s performance, she brought a snake known as king cobra on stage. The snake was still venomous and not defanged.

Then, as she was in the middle of the performance with king cobra, she accidentally stepped on the tail of the reptile which led to the snake biting her. It is said when it happened, Irma refused an antidote from the snake handler, thinking the snake was defanged.

An audience member of the show who witnessed the moment of the bite, Ferlando Octavion Auzura, told local website “The accident happened in the middle of the second song when Irma stepped on the snake’s tail. The snake then bit Irma on the thigh.”

As she refused medication and continued with the performance; about 45 minutes later she collapsed and started vomiting. The show was called off, and she was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment.

“The effects were felt 45 minutes after the bite. She vomited, had seizures, and her body seized,” Ferlando added. She could not survive it. She was pronounced dead by doctors shortly after arrival.

Police officials have said although they have heard and seen video of the incident, they are still investigating the issue to determine whether there was a foul play in it.

In this amateur video uploaded online, it showed the moment the king cobra bit Irma, latching on to her for a while. A snake handler is then seen pulling the snake away after some time.

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  1. This is a tragic thing and I feel very sorry for her passing.
    The snakes were put in stressful situation with loud music and lots of people and being thrown all around on stage and stepped on as well as why would anyone use a veneomous snake for a stage performance idn. Hopefully this incident will put an end to using snakes in concerts or at least not a venomous one. Also for the sake of animals lets not abuse them either respect their natural habitats.

  2. Disrespectfull performance, what does she think happens when you throw the snakes around on stage… Just a natural selection…

  3. So she mishandles a snake and because of that she deserves to die???? What the hell is wrong with you people. Yes she handled the snake horribly, but that doesn’t mean she deserved to DIE over it! Holy shit guys, get your shit together.

    • No, she didn’t deserve to die at all. No one deserves to die because of simple ignorance. But she should have been more careful, no snakes or any live animals should ever have been put in a situation like this. They should have understood that this could be a possible outcome.
      So I’m not suprised it happened, and I have basically no sympathy because of the fact that she was abusing live snakes, so she suffered the consequences.
      Do I wish she’d taken the antidote? Yes. Then she might have lived on with a lesson in mind.
      Hopefully she didn’t die in vain and other performers that use this in their shows will realize what a horrible thing they’re doing and stop.

  4. I feel NO remorse for her losing her life. HOW in the hell can you expect to treat animals that way and not expect something bad to happen. EVEN MORE SO HOW in the hell can you believe a snake is defanged when it is STUCK to your BODY??? stupid people playing stupid games win stupid prizes. hers was death

  5. It is sad that she lost her life. First she shouldn’t have wrangle the snakes that way. Second, she should have taken the antidote that was offered or at lease sought out medical attention. Prayers to her family.


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