Coming Soon: The Department of the Internet


The Department of the Internet is coming very soon. And it will take full control over the internet.

“In a world where the web is open and free… and innovations span the globe… one man has a secret plan to seize control of the internet. He has a phone, he has pen and he claims he has the power to do it….”

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  1. It doesnt matter what they do. I pay for my internet service. If they decide to cobtrol it, Ill ise my own service with my own terms. Lets see how many people decide to obey “willingly”

  2. They better not. The Internet is the very last of our freedom. We need to stop this anyway any how. Sign petitions protest. Take the right steps. We as the people need to understand that when our internet is being controlled we have no power. No freedom. No information. We will b powerless.

  3. How is it that people are so stupid that they want to allow more government enforced monopolies.
    WAKE UP the government RUINS EVERYTHING it gets its vile tentacles on including infrastructure repairs. time to for a new system, they broke this one beyond repair

  4. I called 5 times 4 out of those 5 I was hung up on transferred just to wait on phone for 20 min to be hung up on the 5th attempt the lady was very rude an told me i have department hmmm almost like there doing nothing at all for us. Call them your self they claim our calls are important they say the same thing about our votes too. Same coin different sides

  5. They can make their legislation, enforce their laws, write their programs, create new hardware… None of it matters. None it matters? No. Here’s any: It is an established fact that we are, always have been, and always will be in 1st Place. They propose whatever they want. At the end of the day, it’s still a 99%er who did their bidding. This means we already know their next move. Divided we stand, united we fall!!

  6. everyone with wireless capabilities Will just have to get together and make a wireless internet. no one could ever have absolute control of the internet now.

  7. you cannot let this happen anon, you need to bring a horror fight to them immediately, dont wait for them to do it, make as much of a mess as you can…please.

  8. Some months ago, there were lots of talks to remove the Internet “control” from USA hands, not to allow a totally “control freak” governement to be able to rule a world wide service….

    Amazingly, noone anymore talks about it…

  9. You know this is already happening to some extent by the NSA (neurotic sick arseholes). Snowden warned us. But I can’t help thinking that every time they try to tighten the reigns it must mean the Illuminati are running scared and yes they are scared because we’re now not only aware of them but we are becoming aware of their games and the fact that we are becoming aware makes them scared. We are the powerful, we are the brave and we we bring each and every one of them down. So stand united and fight.

  10. It is just another way to prevent comment or any damning evidence about islam, already people are being carted off to jail for having the temerity to tell the truth.

  11. What Obama doesn’t understand, is that he CAN’T take over the internet. By doing that, he will start a war, a war that he cannot win. He does not understand the power of the people in a world where everybody has the right for freedom. I, and hopefully all of you, will fight back and we shall not stop until we have won.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

  12. Hahahahahahaha this is funny. I hope you guys don’t think this is legit. It’s just another way to distract Americans. Media keeps giving you what seems like big problems to distract you and give you the feeling that you have a voice. The feeling that you still have some sort of control. Just to keep you in check. Ignore this crap. It will fade in a few months. Just like Ebola. Just like vaccinations. Just like every other supposedly huge change you thought you had fought for.

  13. Interesting how the US Government thinks that they are allowed to control the “World Wide Web”. No country has the right to do so.


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