Community Prevents Cops From Arresting A Teen Over A Police Call Box Being Pushed [Video]


In a very short video, which has emerged online, undercover police officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) attempted to arrest a 14-year-old girl for a charge local residents thought was unreasonable.

The officers accused the girl of pushing a police call box and wanted to take her into custody; however, they were promptly stopped by a number of residents who intervened.

The incident is said to have taken place at Harlem, within the northern section of the New York City borough of Manhattan, and was recorded by a member of the CopWatcher Patrol Unit (CPU), Michael Barber.

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In the video, the undercover officers were seen trying to arrest the unidentified teen, whilst the teen was trying to explain the actual truth of the events to the officers. The officers alleged she had pushed a police call box. The girl then explained that she wasn’t the person who pushed the call box; instead, it was another little girl who was with her in the area.

The little girl who pushed the call box, was said to have ran away when the officers arrived. She is believed to be around 7 years old.

However, one of the officers refused to listen to the teen’s defense and  proceeded to jump out of his vehicle and charge towards the girl, wanting to handcuff her. In response, the teen continued to back her defense with witnesses made up of women, men and children. The witnesses then intervened, placing themselves between the teenager and the officers.


Community Stops Arrest in HarlemNYPD cop tries to arrest 14-year-old girl, watch her community not let that happen.

Posted by AJ+ on Monday, May 18, 2015

An outraged woman, who couldn’t tolerate the attitude of the officer, approached the officer and told him that he had no business laying his hands on the teen. The woman defended the teen’s rights without backing down, demanding the officers’ names. She also told the teen that she needed to tell her parents what the officers had done.

The CPU, a group of people who are trying to expose police brutalities across the US by secretly recording their encounters with citizens said, “Police are armed thugs that patrol our neighborhoods & streets to enforce an oppressive social order based upon exclusion, violence and mass exploitation.

The video has since gone viral on many social media platforms and has attracted much criticism from the public, with many expressing their disapproval of police conduct.

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  1. The CPU is doing a great job of documenting police wrongdoing .My suggestion is to SUE THE BASTARDS .New technology is stopping the BAD police officers from acting out They put a bad name on the good cops that are out there trying to perform a dangerous job

    • You be quiet. American cops ARE corrupt as fuck. There are many good cops in America, but there sure as hell is just as many rotten cops

    • Or. You can take care of whatever the situation is at hand yourself and help your neighbors out who may be in need. Not all of us in the general public are in need of police assistance to come “save us” and some of us are humanitarians who help our neighbors in a time of need. And before you make an uncultivated assumption that all humanitarians are liberal hippies, I am one who served as an 0311 in the USMC who is for justice of unjust acts from anyone who wears and does not wear a uniform. No one is saying that ALL cops are bad, its the non-action of good cops to not resolve and mitigate the acts of bad cops that is the problem.

      • I’m with Peace2all on this. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. We have to take care of ourselves, and each other. The police sometimes help…but sometimes they make a bad situation worse, and sometimes they CREATE the bad situation themselves. The choice Scott offers is a false alternative, but if that WERE the choice, I’d rely upon myself and my neighbors… and they could rely on me… just as Peace2all said. By the way, for people who don’t know what Peace2all means, “0311” in the Marine Corps means infantry, the heart and soul of the Corps. Semper fi.

  2. Why is CopWatcher only taking videos of the bad? Why not share the good too? I’m not going to sit here and say that all cops are good or all cops are bad, but I’m glad they’re there. Plus, with a lot of people out there, if you didn’t antagonize them, you wouldn’t get in trouble. Cops do deserve respect. They signed up to put their lives on the line for others every day. Some may be jerks, and some may be crooked, but they’re there to protect us. I for one, respect and thank them for that. No person or system is perfect, but we’d be a lot worse off without police. CopWatch on the other hand, record if you see a cop legit harming someone, or doing something illegal. Then don’t post it online. Take it to the station and show someone there and let them deal with it. You’re making things worse.

    • It is quite naïve of you to believe that delivering video of police wrongdoing to the nearest precinct will result in any action. The biggest problem is the police policing themselves…which results in little to no repercussions when wrongdoing is committed by police. Why do you thing the public is demanding independent oversight of police activity. BTW…becoming a police officer is a voluntary position…we do not have to respect them simply for making that choice. Respect is earned and so far, many police have yet to earn any respect.


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