Cop Pulls Gun On An Unarmed Man, Accusing Him Of Filming Him [Video]


In a new video, which has recently gone viral on the internet, a police officer in California pulled a gun on an unidentified, unarmed man, accusing him of filming him.

According to the CNN, the man said he was hooking up his boat in front of his house when he began recording the police officer who, at that time, was driving through his neighborhood.

The police officer then pulled up and without any provocation from the man, pulled out his gun and demanded “get your hand out of your pocket.

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The man replied “no sir, I have done nothing wrong.” As the police officer advanced towards him with his gun, the man said “put your gun down really, you don’t touch me, you don’t touch me, you don’t touch me.” The officer replied “I told you to put your hands down.” The man then asked the officer “what have I done?” And the officer replied “you are taking pictures of me.

As the man continued to protest against the officer’s behavior, the officer gave up on his intimidation technique and asked the man “are you some kind of a constitutionalist?

The man then told the officer that he is using his uniform to intimidate him and that he will post the video all over YouTube. After hearing the man mention YouTube, the officer then walked back to his vehicle.

The CNN, who also posted the video on its website, said the mayor and city manager in Rohnert Park said they are investigating the incident, to determine what further action should be taken against the officer for his unprofessional conduct.

Meanwhile, an anonymous source in the city’s police department has said the officer is on vacation and he never wrote a statement about the incident before going on break.

Police brutalities against unarmed citizens across the United States, has recently put many citizens on red alert whenever they encounter officers. Some activists against police brutalities, have urged citizens to record their encounters with officers. The footage they capture, may serve as evidence if the officers brutalize them.

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  1. Cops in America always resort to pulling out their guns and sometimes shooting innocent civilians over issues that did not need such violence. I recently saw a video of 2 UK officers unarming a man wielding a knife without the need for a gun, issue non-fatally resolved.

  2. This makes me dislike America a lot. I grew up there – these cops are embarassing. Yes, by ‘these’ I mean the very few who manage to end up on websites like this. Not the real ones, doing their actual job, they’re fine.

  3. Here in england we dont have this problem, because police dont carry firearms, rarely some may carry tasers but rare. maybe the US should learn from this

    • Actually we do carry firearms although rarely. The units who have tasers tend to have guns as well. However they must use the taster first.

  4. Well anyone who has been to that one horse town will understand these guys have too much time on their hands and especially this one on vacation should probably just stay on vacation

    • So the pig just assaulted the civilian is that pig going to charged for assault and so how do I protect myself if this happens to me..

  5. Dude…. Don’t fuck with these guys. They’re dangerous. They’ll shoot you like nothing and get away with it. It’s scary.

  6. problem is that in USA evry fucker can buy a gun.. be cop in that situation. And in EU you can get a gun but it’s very hard to do so. And in my country if you can get a permit to own that means You can own it but NOT carry it around. And to get carry permit it’s damn hard and then you need USE permit. That is only issued to hunters and for rifles. Evry weapon is registered and if some armed robbery happend it is possible that police will come to your house for analyzing where were you, your weapon and was it used and by who if it is. If a gun on video is black, and you have black gun living somwhere close thay will come investigate. So here there is no single cop shutout cause nobody can have a gun and in fact there is no need for gun at all.


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