Cop Trying To Shoot Family Dog Shoots 4-Year-Old Girl Instead


An Ohio girl was accidentally shot and wounded by a cop trying to shoot her charging family dog. 4-year-old Ava Ellis suffered a gunshot wound that shattered the bone in her right leg after a Columbus police officer, Jonathan Thomas, pulled the trigger on June 19.

According to Columbus police spokeswoman Denise Alex-Bouzounis, Thomas was investigating a hit-and-run in Whitehall when a woman came up to him asking for help. The woman told Thomas that her sister, Andrea Ellis, had cut herself on some glass and needed medical attention. When Thomas arrived at the doorway of the residence, one of the family dogs ran at him. Thomas pulled out his gun and fired, inadvertently hitting Andrea Ellis’ young girl in the leg. She was taken to nearby Nationwide Children’s Hospital in stable condition.

In an account of the incident on Ava’s Facebook page, Ellis said her sister, Brandie Kelly, first called 911. “She’s bleeding all over the place! I need a paramedic!” Kelly told the 911 dispatcher. She then noticed Thomas and cried out for help. As Thomas approached the home, one of the two family dogs ran at him.

Hello, this is Ava’s mommy (Andrea Ellis). I have typed up the story of Ava for people who still have many questions on…

Posted by Prayers for Ava on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last month Ellis alleged that Thomas prematurely left the scene. “Officer Thomas never said sorry, never said it was an accident, never said that he called for help or was going to call for help, never asked if Ava was OK, and never asked if he could check on Ava,” she said.

Police dashcam video shows the chaos in the immediate aftermath.

“They had started to cut her pants off her and I just see blood everywhere. She asked me several times, ‘Mommy, am I gonna die?'” Ellis said.

Columbus police say they are “grateful to learn that [Ava’s] healing is under way” after she was “unintentionally shot”. The investigation is ongoing.

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    • If she cut her artery no fucking towel would help….. Also she didn’t, her sister called 911. Which is also the correct action to take. Both because of the injuries and legally.

  1. It’s no secret that cops are bad shots, it’s also no secret that cops are skiddish. He saw a dog and got scared, tried to shoot it and missed. I mean, yeah, it was an extremely poor choice, but don’t try and make it look like he meant to shoot the little girl.

    • he did leave the scene. he made a mistake, but what kind of monster leaves a 4 year old that he just shot? certainly wouldnt want that officer ‘protecting’ anyone i care about

    • He did try to shoot the dog, which according to witnesses did not lunge at the officer but was just curious as to who was at the door (like all dogs do), needless to say he did so with both children within arms reach of the dog. Does not matter if he did so on purpose or not, his idiocy caused this thus it is his fault and all blame falls on him.

    • They aren’t trying to say the cop shot the girl on purpose.
      They are pointing out “extremely poor choice” is not someone who should be armed and roaming neighborhoods under the guise “serve and protect”.

  2. but… but… but… did the pig get his EVER IMPORTANT dog kill in, or not?? We can’t have some poor pig wandering the streets in blood lust withdrawals!

  3. Fucking Cop has to shoot a dog,as if he’s a felon on something.Any domestic animal will obviously attack any stranger that seems suspicious.That’s their instinct.
    I have a question: Is there any rule to fatally injure or murder a pet when the pet is trying to self-defense or protect his family ? Can any cop can just get away with the statement: “The dog was came between my duty” ?

  4. This officer has the decision-making ability of a drunkard. someone please hide his keys and his gun before he destroys what little hope I have left in the police force. Please excuse me as I regurgitate.

  5. This is bullshit that poor little girl could have been hurt really bad because a cop got scared from a dog what if that was his dog an I shot at it hope something was done about it little bitch cop could nit say sorry or see if she was ok wow God bless the little girl

  6. A properly trained police officer would have used a level of force far less than what this moron did. If he had pulled out his baton and striked the dog once, he would have protected himself. The time it takes to remove a firearm from the holster is far longer than arming himself with his baton. He is a fool. He was afraid, then he’s got no courage to be a police officer. The first thing my cop does is pull out the gun, when in fact it should be the last option.
    A poor child was shot, for no reason. Here in British Columbia, a unarmed man was running around on the streets yelling drunk, and screaming. A female officer pulled out her gun, shot herself in the leg as the gun discharged and the young man was killed. Senseless, stupid and she should be fired.
    All police officers should be trained and should b practicing their shooting skills on a weekly basis, it should be like anything you do in life, practice. You can’t expect to be a professional shooter after a 6 month police course. Thy hire the worst most pathetic people on planet earth to be cops. I saw a photo of the current cadets prospectively becoming officers this year, and they looked like the goof chess club, or the math class classmates I went to high school with. Not one looked like a real cop, lol bunch of jokers, the RCMP are clearly desperate.for people to join. But anyone with life experience or a youth record stands no chance. And if you have street smarts your not a qualifying prospect.

  7. Jeessus… wouldn’t america be a whole lot more safer if they took guns away from neighborhood cops and only issued them out to those in dangerous areas? I mean it seems they shoot just as many innocent people as criminals do ;p


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