Cop Who Leaked Video of Fellow Police Beating Innocent Man Facing 7 Years in Prison


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A Gold Coast police officer who leaked the CCTV video footage showing police brutally beating an innocent man is now facing seven long years behind bars.

Sergeant Rick Flori is being threatened with seven years in prison after the leaked video surveillance footage was released, which clearly showed his fellow officers beating a young father named Noa Begic.

Begic was handcuffed in the Surfers Paradise Police Station basement during the entire ordeal. There was simply no way the officers could get away with claiming self-defense on this one…at least not once the video was released. That’s why they hoped it never would be.

Officers for the Gold Coast, Australia Police Department had expected Sergeant Flori to be like the rest of them and cover up the police brutality. But instead, Flori took a stand – and now they are trying to lock him up for it.

Flori leaked the footage to the Brisbane Courier-Mail. For this “crime” he was charged with “misconduct in public office.”

The footage he revealed was taken in 2012, and it clearly shows police officers slamming Begic’s face into the concrete floor. They then shove him in the back of a van and punch him over and over while he is cuffed and being held down.

Almost as disturbing is the routine way that the video shows Begic’s blood being washed away by a senior-sergeant after the incident is over.

Flori’s leak did get two of these officers in a little bit of trouble, but he is still being penalized. One officer who washed the blood away quickly before he could be disciplined is now being scrutinized. The officer who did the bulk of the punching was given a suspended dismissal — a slap on the wrist though. The other two officers involved were not punished at all.

The victim, Begic, ended up being charged with being a “public nuisance” and “obstructing police.”

Right now, Flori is still facing serious charges and lengthy prison time. If you believe he should walk free then help us SPREAD THE WORD and demand it!

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    It’s disgusting and these people need to be stopped, and the girls reported to authorities to get help.

    Please do something about this, bring your wrath down on these disgusting excuse of humans.

  2. He should be free man and continue what he’s doing. If a police brutality happened in front of me. Ill make that police man suffer and suffer both mentally and physically in both public and private life, so that he will be alone. Where his family will disowned him.

  3. I have been following this case for sometime. It’s disgusting what police get away with because they think they are above the law and if this case continues and sargent riki flori is convicted it will only solidy this fact that many of us already knew and experienced. There is also a facebook page dedicated to him and a link to sign a petition if anyone is interested.

  4. The message this send at least to me.

    If you harm a person who can’t even get away from you let alone fight back, you would be looking at some big time.

    If you watched it happen, you would be looking at some time.

    If you tryed to cover it all up, you would be looking at some big time.
    But if your a police officer you can do all the above and at worst pay some sort of fine.
    But if your a police officer and you let some people know the truth about it all, well let’s just say…. Your fucked mate!!

    “Buy realising the video your causing outrage against police officers” no doubt the police would try to say in court. Look at the outage there causing from trying to put the guy in jail.

    This guy should be given a medal not a jail cell.

  5. We need civil war to address this matter: protesting won’t do shit. I am just sayin’ – British Empire was defeat by having a bloody civil war. Hopefully Bernie Sander will be able to address this issue.

    Grace is ineffective as of right now – it’s just an excuse to get away with crimes Police have committed. I hate to say this and I will say it again: CIVIL WAR IS INEVITABLE! Revolution 2.0 is on the way.


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