How Corrupt Is Your Nation? Transparency International’s 2015 Report Maps Global Corruption Rates


Transparency International has released a new report which shows where corruption is at its worst. The above map shows the relative corruption levels of countries around the world- the most corrupt nations are colored a menacing dark red, while the lesser evils are colored an angel-halo light yellow.

Once again, it has found that no country is immune from corruption, with even the least corrupt nation in 2015 (Denmark) scoring 91 out of 100- a good score, but far from perfect.

Somalia and North Korea were found to be the most corrupt countries, scoring just 8 points.

Countries like Australia, Brazil, Libya, Spain and Turkey scored worse than they had in the past.

The independence of a country’s judiciary; the presence of trustworthy institutions that can provide a check and balance to prevent corruption and prosecute the corrupt, and the lack of corruption in the public sector all factor into the anti-corruption watchdog’s calculations for the score.

Violence and conflict were key drivers of corruption, the study notes that “Five of the 10 most corrupt countries also rank among the 10 least peaceful places in the world.

Wasted funds that were supposedly for reconstruction and aid, have also been siphoned off because of corruption.

“In Afghanistan, millions of dollars that should have gone on reconstruction have been reportedly wasted or stolen, seriously undermining efforts to sustain peace.”

The report also points out that wealth inequality and extreme poverty are hallmarks for corrupt countries. Often, it is the defenseless children who get hit the worst.

“In Angola, 70 percent of the population live on US$2 a day or less. One in six children die before the age of five – making it the deadliest place in the world to be a child. More than 150,000 children die each year. But not everyone’s suffering.

Dubbed Africa’s youngest billionaire, Isabel dos Santos made her US$3.4 billion fortune from the national diamond and telecommunications business. She’s also the president’s daughter.”

North Korea, South Sudan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia were each among the top 10 most corrupt countries last year; being some of the least stable nations, this is hardly surprising.

The report notes that “the scale of the issue is huge. Sixty-eight per cent of countries worldwide have a serious corruption problem. Half of the G20 are among them.”

It notes that just because a country has received a relatively positive rating, it does not mean that it hasn’t soiled its reputation by pushing all its corrupt activities abroad.

It has found that half of all countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, AKA the OECD or the “rich nations’ club”, have allowed their companies to engage in bribery overseas- in contravention of their obligations to combat corruption.

” Many ‘clean’ countries have dodgy records overseas… But just because a country has a clean public sector at home, doesn’t mean it isn’t linked to corruption elsewhere.”

Greece, Sénégal, the U.S. and the United Kingdom all received higher scores than they had in 2014. The US secured 16th place.


Sources: Foreign Policy, Transparency International

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  1. How can the United States of America not be among the most corrupt? Investigate what happened on 9/11/01 ( especially clear is the classic controlled demolition of building #7 around 5 p.m. that day, but it all is wildly and obviously not the ‘official fable’ which explains what happened/who did it. Or the millions killed in the wars since then by the U.S.A. or the ‘Depleted ‘ uranium muntions dusted over Iraq ( half life? 4 billion years, radioactive. Or Agent orange in Vietnam, or Vietnam war itself….gosh. Thats not absolute corruption?

    • Yeah, Bush did all the 9/11’s m8. Jet fuel can’t melt dank meme– I mean steel beams. The jets were just holograms and didn’t really exist. They just disappeared close to the towers and then Bush pressed a button to explode the bombs. It’s obvious.

      But I have uno problemo with u m8. I don’t think you can read properly… The article clearly states that “just because a country has received a relatively positive rating, it does not mean that it hasn’t soiled its reputation by pushing all its corrupt activities abroad.”

        • So we’re all geniuses because we know the melting point of steel and the burning temperature of jet fuel. Did you maybe think that it didn’t have to melt through it? Maybe just heat it up enough that becomes flimsy. Before you keyboard warrior and retaliate click on this link since all you great shepards are not sheep and love research so much

          Ima sit on the fence, I’m neutral on conspiracy or not, but FUCK YOUR JET FUEL OFF CUNT

          • You have to admit though, there is something funky going on. Some guy on YouTube “debunked” the controlled demolition hypothesis by demonstrating that steel becomes pliable at ~300 degree Celsius above the burning temperature of jet fuel, by using a furnace, thus concluding that the superstructure of the building would not be able to withstand the weight. Fair enough.

            However, in photos, we can clearly observe runny melted steel on steel supports at ground-level, where the heat from the burning jet fuel would never be as intense as it was just after the crash, even after the collapse. Not to mention the clean symmetrical diagonal “cuts” where the mentioned melted metal could be observed.

            In short, at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius above the burning temperature of jet fuel, steel becomes pliable. Yet we are supposed to believe it melted to the point of being runny, at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius below the temperature at which it has been demonstrated to only be pliable? You have to admit this is a bit odd.

            Not to mention that the American government haven’t exactly show themselves to be trustworthy the last 50-100 years or so…

    • Your absolutely correct, but you forgot Israel ! They are in bed with the U.S. and have alot to say in what their military engage in. I always thought that when the agent gave Bush the news (in a child’s classroom). his reaction was that of him saying “It’s been done, sir” rather than “Both the Twin Towers have been hit by terrorists in hyjacked planes” Far too calm, and a hundred other inconsistencies! Why? Billions made in the private sector to start with

  2. I think they should take into acc’t the amount of trouble our corruption causes to other sovereign countries, leaders, and regions. The amount of influence the US has over other people and countries is huge. Killing thousands of innocents a year with drones, then doubling the program knowing that, and building over 100 drone bases across central Africa alone is going to have a huge impact on people and politics. Ignoring the global influence of countries makes this analysis significantly less meaningful, imo.

  3. Well this is total BS, I come from south Africa, Corruption is so open and in your face and obv. here that SA should be deep red or even BLACK on this graphic

  4. You clearly dont know shit about denmark…
    Farmers market is corrupt, Mærsk is corrupt
    Our parliament is corrupt.. its just like the rest of the world
    the most stupid thing is, they tell us and we still just accept it
    and dont see it as corruption… Mærsk made sure we didnt rais taxes for high income firms
    Farmers market as everywhere else, is making sure eco standards will never be reached… the parliament keeps sending bills to all the small honest businesses while a few people make 40 trillions, sry steal, from the country
    While our tax service is taking money for themself… The bankers all got paid under the bankrupt.. dont say denmark isnt corrupt


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