Used By Cop To Rape Countless Tourists


A 35-year-old Italian police officer from Padua, Dino Maglio has turned out to be a serial rapist.

Dino is facing trial for raping an Australian girl, who was 16 when he drugged her with a tranquilizer and sexually assaulted her even though he knew she was a minor and was traveling with her mother and sister. She thought she was dreaming when she saw Dino taking her clothes off. When her mother discovered her without her underwear the next morning that she realized it was a nightmare. She remembered him performing oral sex on her, and kissing her on the mouth to stop her from screaming. He raped her, saying “I can’t stop because you are too beautiful”.

Dino used the host-a-traveler website as Leonardo to lure many young women to his home where he allegedly drugged and raped them. 14 women have come forward to confirm that they were abused by Dino. This was his modus operandi as per their statements: contact women travelers as Couchsurfing host, arrange to stay with him, after befriending them spike their drinks, and as they lose consciousness, sexually assault them. The victims said they were served drinks like tea or wine at night, felt woozy and weary before losing consciousness.

According to the prosecutors, Dino has admitted spiking the drink of Australian tourist with a sedative and having sex which he “believed was consensual as she never said no”. He told investigators that he had joined Couchsurfing to practice his English. Victim statements, however, contradict his claim that the alleged rape of the Australian visitor was a one-off experience.

Three young girls from Czech Republic could not recall what happened to them after they had a glass of Dino’s wine, except for brief flashes of Dino kissing and touching them. When they woke up, they vomited and “stayed confused for three more days”.

A girl from Hong Kong claimed she was unconscious for 12 hours after drinking a glass of Dino’s wine. “It took me some days to realise I was sexually abused. I asked him what happened and he admitted we had sex. I felt like a whore. I felt nobody would ever want me again after this. He made me think it was my fault, that I wanted it”.

An American student, 20, went to Italy as part of a European trip in her Easter holidays. She agreed to stay with Dino as she had used the website before and “he looked like a nice guy”. On her last night he gave her tea after which she felt lethargic and shortly Dino began to sexually abuse her. “I couldn’t do anything to fight it… I remember clearly I could see my naked legs, and my knees folded towards my chest”. He too performed oral sex on her before raping her.

On the day police raided his home, he was hosting two other Couchsurfing tourists, with one showing the same sickness as other victims. A police search of his home found that Dino had plenty of pornography and child abuse images.

Jennifer Billock, CEO of under fire, told the Guardian, “Users’ safety was a top priority and we are constantly evolving our tools and processes to find and halt abusers of our system. We’re reminded that these women could have been any of us, our friends or family”.




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  1. Double punishment for him, for being a policeman and a criminal at the same time. He is supposed to be the one people call for help not a rapist!

  2. WORDING ALERT!!! The sentence “He too performed oral sex on her before raping her” misleadingly suggests that the oral act was not rape. It’s all one rape, oral or penetration (by whatever), if it’s against one’s will, it’s rape. I strongly suggest changing the sentence to “He raped her orally and vaginally”.

  3. WORDING ALERT!!! The sentence “He too performed oral sex on her before raping her” misleadingly suggests that the oral contact was not rape. It’s all rape, wether it’s oral or penetration (by whatever), if it’s done against one’s will, it’s rape. I strongly suggest changing the wording to “He raped her orally and vaginally.”

    • Err… there’s no such thing as ‘raping someone orally’. What the heck?? Check the definition of rape please. Yes the oral sex was without her consent and an offence and no one is denying it but you suggesting the writer is describe it as ‘…raped her orally…” is silly.


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