DARPA uses oculus rift for cyber defence.



DARPA (Defence advanced research projects agency) is using the oculus rift headset to create one of the most secure cyber defence networks yet.

The user will see a 3D interactive field and will see and interact with different parts of the defence system.

This version of the oculus rift will simplify some of the techniques that hackers often use, this will make it a lot easier for new recruits to learn the new techniques used with this device. DARPA believes that cyber terrorism has gone too far and hopes that the oculus rift will be able to sniff out major hackers. Programs like these are what show people how seriously cyber terrorism is actually taken.

Long term future plans for the software is possibly to implant it into contact lenses both taking the weight off of the users head and making the program much more hidden and secure, the DARPA also hope that new technology such as this will be seen a lot more often.

The headset is part of DARPA’s plan X, plan X is a project that DARPA has it has reached standards of the pentagon division, they focus on the experimentation of computer software to create new more secure programs to wage war against cyber terrorism and other types of hacking. Plan X is expected to run through 2017 but reporters say that the oculus rift technology won’t even be finished by then.

The user will see several spheres, each one will represent a different mission the user will choose one and it will pull up a series of actions needed to be preformed either to carry out a violent cyber attack or to defend from one. The programs interface looks very futuristic it looks much like something you would see from a sci-fi movie.

It is not unbelievable that this has become a reality, soldiers already use smart phones on the battlefield and want to use Microsoft’s Kinect to control their helicopters. Expect to hear more about DARPA’s program over the next few years as they start to improve how the software works and the oculus rift finishes with their development.

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