What the media doesn’t want you to know: What is REALLY happening in Iraq?


A massive crisis is happening in Iraq threatening to tear the country apart. Iraq is in conflict with itself. The sectarian differences between the Sunni, Shi’ites and Kurds divide the country. Iraq has never had a government that reflected the interests of all three. It has always been an artificial state held together by the politics. ISIS are marching through northern and central Iraq taking over cities as they go. If you want to know what’s really happening you’re in the right place. In this video we cover who is fighting, kurds and the KRG, Syria and The West.


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    • it’s ignorance like this as to why the rest of the world hates america wake up it doesn’t matter what color race religion ect. we are we all still breath the same air and inhabit the same planet isn’t it time for humanity to start working together for a more common goal of general advancement and people wonder why more intelligent life has yet to admit contact with humanity maybe because we are controlled by the narrow minded weaklings and the rest sit back and speak nothing remember evil prevails when good men choose to do nothing “edmund burke”

      • Well said friend.
        It is well past time we all gained a global voice together, regardless of race, religion or creed. These constant power struggles will be the undoing of us all.
        But americans are just brain washed by their own government, Law enforcement and media.

        • Have you considered the possibility that maybe people AREN’T “brainwashed by their own government, Law enforcement and the media”? Have you ever considered the idea that maybe they know all the same things you do, that they’re at least as clever as you are, but that they simply don’t give a fuck?

          What makes you so sure that you know what’s best for everyone?

          • If everyone would know the truth as we do, then the central banks would lie in ruins within the hour. Brainwashed doesn’t mean that everyone has has some kind of electric device on his head made by a mad sciencetist. Brainwashed means that you are being told something so many times, and are being educated in that same vision of the world, that you honestly believe everything the tube says, or the mainstream media. 9 out of 10 people just believe anything that CNN, FOX, ABC etc. reports to them. You could call this brainwashing on a massive scale, and this has been going on for decades now. The factor that allows people to be ”brainwashed” is very simple. Ignorance, just simple ignorance. People don’t know because they don’t care, or people know somewhat but still don’t care. But they should, by God they should care.

        • Hate the american government, ok, yeah, that’s fine. as an american I agree that it needs a clean sweeping of all corrupt politicians and greedy inhumane corporate hands- But don’t hate the american people. vie for their cooperation because a lot of us agree with every philosophy anonymous stands for- including myself, and we are rather smart and capable. If every passionate anon out there would stop being so anti american maybe you would have the support you need to make it something great again.

      • Totally agree with anonymous on this. This whole thing is put together by the greed rich few who want it all by taking it off the many. If your wound up by this whole thing you truly are added to the problems that are kicking off and causing what we have here. We can be one instead of many, in doing so we will beat the few.

      • I have a hard time agreeing with all of what you said, you seem to forget, these are follower’s of sharia law, which includes the complate annihilation of anyone non muslim.

        • Who sad that they want complete destruction of all nonmuslims. Illumicorporation? So they can have antimuslim agenda?

      • it may not be ignorance or y may but in the wold people don’t care of others but them self’s as all they want is to be rich oh have total control instead of being happy so that why this planet this world is as it is

      • je suis sur que t as raison!!! et voir quel qu’un se faire battre à mort sans bouger c cautionner sont action!C ses putain de pays qui mette leur veto à t elle ou t elle action pour éviter qu ils réagis contre c dictateurs qui existent. cela ne devrai plus exister leur pouvoir de veto!!!!

      • When you know a troll from an agent, you know not to respond. When you know an agent from an accidental agent, you also learn.

        There are many trolls, many agents and many lurkers that need to be ignored until they inhale their last breath on this planet.

    • There are two part os muslim 1 is shia and another one is ahli sunnah waljamaah..shia is against ahli sinnah waljamaah…shia is false…wrong muslim

      • Shia is not muslim..it’s different religion, but shia claim they as part of muslim.
        shia have many different channel, they worship allah but in different ways ( not like our prophet muhammad teach us.), but muslim only 1 channel to worship allah and practical what prophet muhammad teach us.

        shia in iran worship hussein ( grandson of muhammad ) & khomenei ayatollah
        shia in syria worship al-assad & his son – basyar al assad.

        the original muslim only worship allah & follow what our propeht muhammad teach us

      • I’m from iraq : the ksa and all arib golf are terfid from shia becaue a powerfull of iran & iraq shia we became a new age ….age of true eslam…we are the best way to eslam ….open your maind and thik about ..”who now mohamed (صل الله عليه وسلم ) mor then his daghter “…..its just asacond you shud think …lookout for answer ……and search for what mohamed صلى الله عليه وسلم say abut him

        • Using force or coercion to gain one’s way over another is evil and not of God. Agreed?
          If your “God” teaches to kill those who resist “His” teachings then you are a thug and murderer. A power drunk madman that any reasonable person has a right to resist with equal force!
          Any person that does not honor human liberty and our inherent free will is evil and a danger to others.
          Every “religion” can be perverted and converted into a force for total control if “God” tells them to. It is at that point you must question whether your religion is evil or whether it remains a force for good.
          I believe that any God worthy of committing my life to and obey His teachings is and must be a God of love, knowledge, peace, compassion and tolerance (for the weirdness of those not of similar persuasions or beliefs) and a God that only approves of physical force in defense of one’s inalienable rights, among others, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
          God may well strongly disapprove of much that is being done by humans. But, it is man’s inhumanity to man that is responsible for the great suffering of humans everywhere.
          Any religion that denies another human his right to be free is not a religion worthy of existence.

      • Saying “wrong” Muslim is really harsh. Just because their religion is slightly different, doesn’t mean that it is false/wrong.

    • The problem is, if we leave them fighting they are going to gain power and momentum, eventually they are going to come, and attack your ass, that’s why our troop sacrifice everything to go fighting terrorism abroad.

    • I tell you this, one of three Americans is dying out of cancer,
      you know? Asshole. You’re gonna be one of those.

    • excuse me J wright : i am arabic and i am muslim
      you do not the real islam the islam is a peace but The media want to show you the opposite of peace to destroy us but they cant .
      the problem is What’s happening in iraq Caused America .Iraq was a safe country but after America entered to iraq every thing change .you have to know all who kill the people in iraq and in the arab world america and the government of the west make him .
      Do not trust the media they want to discredit the reputation of Iraq and the Arabs.
      i am from libya . You must wake up from hypnosis.
      my fb : fb.com/master.grandy

    • excuse me J wright : i am arabic and i am muslim
      you do not know the real islam ,, the islam is a peace but The media want to show you the opposite of peace to destroy us but they cant .
      the problem is What’s happening in iraq Caused America .Iraq was a safe country but after America entered to iraq every thing change .you have to know all who kill the people in iraq and in the arab world america and the government of the west make him .
      Do not trust the media they want to discredit the reputation of Iraq and the Arabs.
      i am from libya . You must wake up from hypnosis.
      my fb : fb.com/master.grandy

    • Yes, Anonymous. And you’re right. The Rabbi D.R. Jerkins on Twitter: “There’s a BIG difference between Hitler killing off people of faith who were just living their lives and someone having waging war against people of the Islamic faith who are dedicated to the conversion, murder, or enslavement of all others. One’s an act of brutality, and the other is self defence. I have no right to harm my good neighbour with whom I disagree about how to pray. I do however, have an obligation to forcibly remove the rabid wolf in my neighborhood BEFORE it kills or injures my good neighbours, my family or myself.”

    • Exactly. It is this that the americans have been trying to accomplish for years! Not having to bother with spending their own resources on killing the muslim terrorists but them doing it them selves. America will only join in much later to clean up the rest…

    • This is an ignorant comment, J wright. I doubt you’d say the same thing if it were christians killing christians. Learn a little about life and compassion.

    • Arabs killing Arabs is OK? It is the simplistic and ignorant minds, of most likely Republicans, that make such stupid comments. They have nothing to say because of their limited mental abilities. You are an ignorant person.

  1. Your ideas are wholesome and sweet but you sound exactly like what tthe puppetmasters want you to sound like. That only benefits then us WANTING to be a global community. It makes their job easier convincing us that’s in our best interests. There is nothing wrong wwith letting people figure out problems for themselves. Maybe splitting Iraq in 3 would be best? That’s to to them but there is nothing wrong with a little nationalism and taking care of yourself first.

  2. You really need to stop telling people to “wake up”. It does nothing beyond making you sound like a sanctimonious little shit.

  3. Anonymous, you can,t explain this to these people… Like killcaliber said,they have been brainwashed by tv, internet, radio,… IT sounds normal for them.. But one thing i am sure, the americans created hate and dishonner at these countries, and now they left with gold, oil,… Leaving IT for what IT is. This is not normal!!

    • Not to be contradictory here but lets be honest, its the one percent that run America that left with the money, us everyday Americans get nothing but more money out of our wallets and a huge sense of guilt over what our nation has become. Yes America has been taken over by the new world order, illuminati, whatever you want to call them, but don’t hate Americans, just hate our government. Which a lot of us freedom loving Americans are trying to change.

  4. People have short memories, the exact thing happened 20 years ago in Bosnia when communist Russia pulled out. People were slaughtered over religion, actually religion is use as a cover for greed of power and money which is based in ego.

  5. Some of the comments here are not intelligent by far, those of you like dealing out Death and Destruction have a lot to learn. If you can’t see that violence on any scale is wrong for any Country or Nation. We got to do our homework and understand the real problems at hand here. ISIS are nothing more then puppets on a string, and the same goes to any Army who kill in the name of any God or Religion. Follow those strings to the source and begin there. You will find Mega banking cartels, men and woman poised at personal monitory gain. They are the one’s moving the chess pieces and need to be held accountable for thier crimes.

  6. The moment the coalition forces entered battle this was the inevitable end result. Hardly surprising. My imaginary god is better than yours.


  7. I believe that most Americans have woken up. The problem is they do not know what to do next. They are afraid to fight against law enforcement, government armies, etc. I don’t see any real leaders starting the revolution. By saying Americans are brainwashed and ignorant you spread the seeds of hate, the first step is informing and educating people not belittling them. By spreading hate you yourself are doing exactly what the government/corporation wants, they want us to fight among ourselves. A convenient distraction.

    • Thank you and you are exactly correct. Most Americans are not only aware of the problem but truly wish to change it, the problem is we don’t know where to begin. If we elect the officials out of office they will just be replaced by the next puppet and as a country we are not quite to the steps of a civil war, and I truly hope we can come to a peaceful solution. But thank you for not just automatically assuming the worst of all Americans.

  8. This is a very bad situation. We Americans helped to destabilize Iraq. Back 17 years ago I had a professor from Iraq explain to us the situation there virtually in tears over his home country. A very kind and gentle man. I am sure many of the Iraqi people are similar to him. I believe we owe the innocent Iraqi people the help Bagdad is asking for. Not for ourselves, which of course our government would benefit, but to own up to the shit storm we created. ISIS has been very free about sharing it’s destruction and milling over social media and it is heart breaking to see droves of Iraqi soldiers slaughtered and that the soldiers themselves are resigned to following like cattle to their death.

  9. If you want to take them out air strikes most likely would work. Though there is a sneakier way. If you can figure in advance where they will be marching their army you can lay a massive series of explosive that will consume the 3000 strong in one foul swoop. Surely this cannot be too difficult to achieve. All you have to do is roose them into a certain area a likely path to theur next target..

  10. What are Americans supposed to do about this sittuation ,should we even get involved with our corrupt state at the helm .
    I’m only worried that our emperialist leaders
    Will attempt to use iraqs civil war as a means to justify military acquisition ,or taking more of our rights .
    ISIS is just one big terrorist cow that our media outlets can milk fear out of for a good long time .
    This rampant violence and death needs to stop , but I digress ,what could America
    Possibly do about this turn of events?
    Should we do any thing ?
    Could we do anything(other than buy plane tickets and go fight along side ISIS enemy’s)?!
    Our government should stay out of this(as long as it supports Israel )just to play it safe.
    But we the people should get involved .

    Also , is ISIS even the real “bad guys” all I know about this sittuation is what I am told .
    I’d personally like to know more on this .

  11. If our involvement is causing more chaos there, and is making things worse, we should back out. America is in it’s own crissis, thanks to Obama. He’s the one who needs to be removed from power. We don’t need to have any interests in foreign Oil, when we should have our own, untapped, supplies. Since our government has lost track of it’s morals and obligations, it’s becoming invalid among it’s people.

  12. I apologise for my comment about americans being brainwashed. As all our countries media continually brainwash us with bullshit.
    The victorious have written the books of history, and therefore dictated the truths we’ve been taught all our lives. People who become too aware of government secrets or truths, are quickly silenced, dissapear or defamed as crazy or traitors to their country or goverment by the media and criminalized.
    Speaking out truths as one person isn’t the answer. But taking up arms leads to war, violence and death. I wish inwas smart enough to know the right answer.
    We live in a world controlled by greed and power. Weapons of mass destruction are praised as great creations and advancements in technology, they’re simply shortening human existence and habitation of this planet.

    • Thank you for your comment but for a good portion of America you are correct, we have become a country of people who would rather sit back and watch the world news then get up and actively take part in it. I am an American and I will proudly say that I Love America, that being said I hate our government and just be aware there are those of us within this country who are pressing for a change. But I also wish I was smart enough to know the correct course of action to take.

  13. This report totally wrong aim Iraqi and telling you that its wrong don’t believe this crap !

    because you wahabi eating human flash and we all see in the media

  14. Religion is used to divide people. Look at Vatican City. You know where the money came from to build the damned place?? Yeah, all the people who believe in God and wanted to go to heaven. The biggest threat and the one you MUST fear is right in Italy. Illuminati us blamed for the evil in the world, but that is just part of the brainwashing. See for yourselves and find out what Jesuïts are. They say they have 3 degrees in their believe, but the 4th one, the one they denied to have (suprising :O), is introduced into the Luciferianism. PEOPLE!! There are sooooo many humans believing that Jesuïts are part of the Christianity!!! Look it up, see for yourselves…

  15. Forgot to mention. Our new pope is also a Jesuït and yes, the rumors about a (not racial) black pope are very true.

  16. Anyone, killing anyone, with no good reason, is wrong period… To me, the only reason to kill, would be to protect yourself from IMMANENT DANGER, or to protect your family… But, thats just my opinion…

  17. Im american and im a proud palestinian stop syrian war and all wars anonymous stop american govermant on destroying the middle east everyone needs freedom not just them STOP WAR

  18. Hi Anonymous,
    You’re buying into the corporate angle here! Which is what? Misdirection. It is not important who is fighting who, but who instigated it, who controls which interests there and in the surrounding regions. Follow the money flow! Or rather gas-flow and oil. Find the big picture.

    • The big picture is not about OIL/GAS FLOW, but ending the Oil/Gas Flow. The faucet is being shut off and clean vehicles are being developed. We are going to allow Earth to repair herself just like humans do when they get cut.

  19. For his own ignorance to say you’re sorry

    This time I didn’t want to say what an excuse

    I know these days life is like an absurd joke

    Thank you very much straightforward stimulating satire

    For the past days was ridiculous

    This is all about getting better hope is now the head of State can stop war

    Affect innocent people in a wicked happened everything will be better soon

    God bless the world

    ####The global village is not a slogan will work hard to achieve####

    By Joker

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  23. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Thank you!

  24. A survivor of the WWII bombing of Nagasaki once said, “When you see people melting and the world is burning around you, you forget about war.”


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