How Daughter With Down Syndrome Changed Dad’s Life For The Best


Heath White, the FBI Special Agent and a marathon runner, had been a perfectionist and a topper all his life – from earning a scholarship to North-Western State University to being selected to undergo pilot training with the United States Air Force.

However, Heath was suddenly faced with a choice when during his wife’s second pregnancy doctors informed him that his daughter had Down Syndrome. The news was difficult for Heath to digest. Down Syndrome meant his child would be born less than ‘perfect’. He was naturally taken aback: “My main concern was what people would think about me…What weakness inside me caused that?” While Heath wanted to abort the unborn, his wife bravely refused: “I contemplated it for maybe an hour: he did for months”.

On March 16, 2007, Paisley White was born. It took several months for Heath to come to terms with the reality and during those days of emotional upheaval he stopped running. All that changed in one night. Heath was holding and tickling Paisley when her smile made him realize that his daughter was just like any other child. Once unwanted, now deeply loved, precious Paisley taught her dad how perfect life can truly be.

The once ‘shallow’ Heath felt extremely sorry for his selfish and unreasonable attitude and now wanted to show the world how much he cared for and loved his daughter. The video below tells his story and his journey to finding inner peace: the story of how the birth of a girl led to the re-birth of a man who thought he had everything, until he discovered the joy of pushing his daughter. The documentary has a running time of 15 minutes – but it’s worth the watch.


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  1. This is so beautiful. Having a child with disabilities can change your life for the better. I have a little girl who is the same age as Paisley (a few months younger she was born July 10th 2007) her name is Jacquelynn and she is autistic. Learning to deal with it was tough at first but I would never in a million years change that. I love her with all my heart and I can tell Paisley has a beautiful and supportive family. God Bless you!

  2. For a man that has made a lot for his life has come to a break as his daughter was born undecided on how he felt with this problem. It is great to find things like this and to find people that are acceptent to this not everyone does that. No one is perfect in this world but the ones that are unperfected are the perfect ones in life no one is perfect, life is life accept as much as you can don’t denie problems because the problems can change your life.


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