David Cameron Basically Called Half of the U.K. Terrorist Sympathisers


By Michaela Whitton at theantimedia.org


United Kingdom — David Cameron has managed to slander over half of the British population who don’t want their taxes spent killing Syrian children — by inadvertently branding them “terrorist sympathisers.’’Cameron’s most recent foot-in-mouth moment happened as part of a desperate push to urge his fellow Tory MPs to take a stand on the eve of the Parliamentary vote on authorising U.K. airstrikes in Syria.

“You should not be walking through the lobbies with Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers,” he said.

Cameron’s comments sparked outrage on Twitter with the hashtag #terroristsympathiser trending for a few hours on Wednesday morning.

Members of the British public, journalists, MPs, and anti-war campaigners fired back at the PM and took to social media to let rip at the accusation that opposition to a bombing campaign means sympathy for terrorism.






MPs are due to vote this Wednesday, 2 December, on whether to join the bombing campaign in Syria. Meanwhile anti-war protests and lobbying of MPs are taking place throughout Britain.

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