Actor Donald Sutherland Explains the Real Meaning of the Hunger Games


Hollywood actor Donald Sutherland has spoken out about the future of America and the allegory of the multimillion dollar spinner The Hunger Games films. In an interview captured on YouTube, Sutherland speaks out, warning us of the top 10 percent and war profiteers.

“If there’s any question as to what it’s an allegory for I will tell you. It is the powers that be in the United States of America. It’s profiteers.

War is for profit. It’s not ‘to save the world for democracy,’ or ‘for king and country.’ No bulls**t.

It’s for the profit of the top 10%, and the young people who will see this film must recognize that for the future ‘blind faith in their leaders,’ as Bruce Springsteen said, “will get you dead.”

Sutherland, who plays President Coriolanus Snow in the blockbuster series, is stone cold serious when he pulls no punches about the meaning that is trying to be conveyed. The Industrial Military Complex, or the ‘war machine’ is real, and the youth must wake up to their leaders, as he bluntly puts it.

The underlying anti-establishment theme in Hunger Games is difficult to miss. Its success has been mirrored by similar dystopian genre films such as The Divergent, and TV shows like The Walking Dead. The striking success of these films may be in parallel to societal concerns finally being voiced over the big screen, and to attempts in making sense of government agenda and what it means for humanity.

In World War I and II, the conflicts created new wealth for a minority of the population. Millionaires were created from the blood spilt of mainly blue and white collar workers in the trenches. A similar situation is now at hand with the Middle Eastern wars, as we witnessed military weapons’ stocks skyrocket only a day after the Paris attacks.

Sutherland brings the point home. War is for profiteering and for the ruling elite, for the weapons manufacturers. Sutherland’s warning to all is that we’re pawns in a large game of destruction.

At 2:00 in another clip, Sutherland says one thing about the movie: “I hope it is action provoking,” that young people will put down their games and change something. “[Our survival] It is up to them because my generation has ruined this planet. The people in government are serving themselves, not serving their people…this film is a call to war.”

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  1. Absolutely…but don’t buy in to the nonsense that LIBERALS like Sutherland r the answer!! HILLARY CLINTON IS THE MOST UNBELIEVABLE ARISTOCRAT AND SEES HERSELF AS ABOVE THE PEOPLE!! Barack Hussein has demonstrated his arrogance and shown his willingness to act like a king against the Will of the People and even against our Beloved Constitution!! Other liberals….like Sonya Sotomayor have openly stated their opposition to the Constitution!! What’s THEIR PLAN??? Destroy the US economy and join a NEW WORLD ORDER with a WORLD CURRENCY where we disarm US citizens and institute the very society we see in the Hunger Games…..mind u the WORST movie series in the history of the planet

    • Firstly, I agree totalitarianism is the overall goal of the higher ups. However, placing to much pride into a flawed and outdated constitution is not wise. Secondly a world order does not have to mean totalitarianism, but a place where in we share our lives and experiences on a global scale. Finally you clearly don’t understand filmography sir, or you would have a great deal more respect for Hunger games as a film series, though I do hold respect for even your flawed opinion. When totalitarian American citizens rebel its people with your ideals that will stand up and fight. For that I hold a small amount of respect for people of the like.

      • If you think the constitution is “flawed” and “outdated”, you’re very ignorant of the intelligence and intent of the founding fathers. Ask the rights and rules within the constitution are one for “United “States””. Separate, but together, giving the people the power of sovereignty. The problem us when you try to misuse it and have people in office that don’t understand and follow it. The founding fathers were incredibly intelligent and thorough. And they’re much smarter than you, I or anyone in this era. Great intellect they had, as yoda would say :p but when we have leaders who don’t listen to the founding fathers and what they’re intent was for America, we begin to have the troubles that we have today.

      • Well at least you will be holding some respect for us Rebels. Because we will not give you any respect . Technology and money are the reason why our world. rots in war. But of course technology is the fuel that started an incinerating fire. Iphones movies tv etc. Made it effortless to corrupt our minds. The government has stripped us of our humanity. Most people have no sympathy no compassion. They ade to self centered to care about political issues. And who suffers but those who are out there trying to revolutionize war and bring peace. Too much blood has been shed for the value of a dollar. There are not enough people rising up in rebellion, mostly because a piece of paper with words says its illegal. The governemt creatdd law so they could hide behind it and pull the strings for tragic events such as 9/11 and there are so many cartoons and comics that put it in plain view to mock our idiocy. Oh and there is a video of a staged isis killing. The government has pushed us around for too long. Not jusg us this earth and life on it. We are dsstroying the planet faster then it can heal itself. Without mother nature there is no life

      • When you can tell me what parts of the Constitution are outdated and flawed, and why -then can get on to something meaningful. Otherwise, pound sand.

    • MIKE! I told you not to bother people on the internet with your shitty political views! NO internet for one week young man! I tonight you’re going to watch mockingjay part II with me and mom! Jenneifer Lawrence is a fantastic actor andf lovely young woman! You should appreciate her work! shame on you Mike!

      • Mike, dude. All the politicians suck. No matter which you choose, it’s all bad. What he is saying is that the planet earth needs an uprise, A revolution of the youth and for the youth, cause the past generations have been destroying this planet in their visions of profit. Now, all he is trying to say is that we need to stand up and rise against the system. We’re stronger combined, than individuals. Don’t try to put people in boxes and label them, but try to see the comparison between you and your kin and see that together, we’re stronger than the government and or any other group of power. Who’s gonna stop us? They’re going to throw all the youth in prison or kill them in a civil unrest? I don’t think so.. They know we are still the future and they are afraid of leaving their spots and see the world change, because I think most of our generations want to see world peace and just want the world to be one and happy. We just need to realize our strenght, when we are combined as one group, cause then we would be able to throw over this corrupt government all around the world.

    • You know what’s the real problem with you Americans? You are so closed to your country borders microcosmos that you have absolutely no idea what’s really going on in the rest of the world and how your government is mainly responsible for the wars and suffering on many other countries…

      • Alternative media is currently solving that issue. However there are still way too many of us who are arrogant in our ignorance

      • Tell us we can’t wait to hear your wisdom..Enlighten us dumb Americans.Where are you from Iceland? Have it all figured out compared to we dumb Americans. What country did you flee from to come here and be tough on a keyboard? I can tell you aren’t shit bexuase you don’t list your country of origin. Pussy

        • Oh but it is true that a country that is so powerful can’t possibly be in such a danger. Attacking and creating war and going to other countries has absolutely nothing to do with defending any life. It has to do with greed and money. War brings nothing but blood and kills lives of innocents. Never violence will bring peace, violence creates more violence. If you think killing babies in another country is ok you can’t even ask for others not to kill yours, can you? If those who sign for a war will have to go fight it themselves, we will live all in peace. Money runs the world because we have been told to live in fear. Isn’t fear what the germans had agains jewish people and was the excuse for extermination?


          • You say he’s tough behind a keyboard, yet you attack them with a bad reply and stupid hashtags? And furthermore i agree, you cannot make a good comeback

      • “You American’s” you say. It is not hard to see that the US government have fuelled a terrible situation. However, without a sustained effort from most of the west, the situation would have never started. The way we see the world is due to hundreds of years of events, not just what has occurred in the last century.

      • I’ve seen much of the world. Trust me, it’s all the same. Different names, same evil. The real problem, is civil obedience. We need some real civil disobedience to get change.

    • Mike: This war with republicans and democrats is getting old. Its has nothing to do with that. You think that a republican in office would be better than a democrat? No, there all the same. Both party’s have been shitting on the Constitution since the 1960’s. Ever since they brought Nazi’s here. Too continue there projects over here. They gave us knowledge, we gave them freedom. You think those experiments ended? were do you think they got the technology?There not Geneses. There people just like you and I. It runs so deep, that I would have to write a book, that would take me two years to write, just to explain it all. In my opinion, the new world order is not necessarily a bad thing. Its the establishment of order among country’s, so that we can explore distance planets, colonized, and so forth. We cant do that if we are constantly fighting with each other here on earth. Now being that said, it does not change the government structure of country’s around the world. Its just the establishment of order when exploring space and colonization. If there plan is to have just one government. It would not work because there are too many customs and traditions that country’s has. In my opinion also with one world currency is a good thing. Think about it, There are 196 country’s world wide. With billions of exchanges cause major inflation. We are paying the price in America because we are waiting on country’s like India to be develop. Which will still take about 30 maybe 40 years. Once that happens the world order and currency will take affect. Too conclude this, because I have said enough about this, is that there are good people in the government and there are bad people. Government inside a government. There is a war brewing in the Establishment and its not republican or democrat. Its evil men in the government who think they are gods because they communicate with alien beings.

      • The NWO is about global control, with only the world leaders having a say in anything or anyone’s life. NWO is one of the worst things that can ever happen. Everyone will lose in this scenario. Don’t be foolish, never mind being ignorant. Strength is numbers and being informed is the only to start to push back the inevitable, that is the people don’t rise up and react rather than sit and watch.

    • *To heal this oligarchic control, we need to only see our own part in this and change what we can individually. Each doing so in unison, peacefully, would heal the world without exterior conflict.*

    • It’s real simple. Fuck Politics.

      You need to use your head. Don’t see him as a liberal. See him as a human. If you think, the plan is simple.


      You need to show them that the people are stronger than any army. And NO army, can stop an idea whose time has come. If you care so much about the constitution then how come your leaders use it as a napkin to wipe blood from their lips? It’s their excuse to do anything. You believe the constitution, but they see it as a saddle to mount on the people. Also, if you belonged here, then you’d think before you go into rage.

    • No, ‘Twilight’ is the WORST film series in the history of this planet, and ’50 Shades Of Grey’ not too far behind.

  2. THE ONLY WAY INDIVIDUALS CAN BE FREE IS TO BE INDEPENDENT YET ACT IN UNISON……right now the vast majority of youth…and essentially the majorty of everyone else….has no clue about politics, government or the realities facing our nation and the world…..we have a president insanely attempting to befriend Muslim nations and a press willingly spewing propaganda at a mindless hoarde of Americans…..ANYONE READING THIS STILL BELIEVE HILLARY CLINTON WHEN SHE SAID ATTACKS ON AMERICAN SOIL AND AMERICAN DEATHS IN BENGHAZI WERE THE RESULT OF A VIDEO???!!! Anyone believe there is such a thing as “MUSLIM EXTREMISTS”??!! Ehhh….WHAT WOULD YOU CALL THE ENITRE IRANIAN PARLIAMENT CHANTING “DEATH TO AMERICA…..DEATH TO ISRAEL”???!!!! Anyone out there see any “CHRISTIAN NATIONS…..OR CHRISTIAN GOVERNMENTS where the supreme leader is A CHRISTIAN CLERIC???!!! Sorry folks!! When u have ENTIRE NATIONS of a “religion”….in reality AN IMPERIALIST MOVEMENT THAT OPENLY STATES “JOIN US OR DIE” I don’t see how u try to convince others that there’s just a small segment of “extremists” running around being bad guys……nexxus u ask?? WHY HAS/ARE BARRACK HUSSEIN AND HILLARY CLINTON AND LIBERALS CATERING TO MUSLIMS AND HAVE DONE NOTHING TO DATE TO CHECK ISIS OR IRAN???!!!!! U answer that one for yourselves…?

  3. Your illiteracy betrays your ignorance, Mike. Liberals vs conservatives? You’ve bought into propaganda meant to keep us divided and weak. It’s a propaganda spewed by both the RNC and DNC. There is only one conflict; The Ultra Rich vs the 99%.

    Yes Hillary is certainly on the side of the 1%, but so are many in the RNC and Trump IS one of the 1%. If your vote is with him you are literally putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

    So chill your rhetoric, learn some english, and get educated son.

  4. A short piece authored by the most decorated Marine Officer in the history of the United States, Smedley Butler. He was a man that fought for the nascent American Empire at the turn of the 20th Century, and he lost many of his friends in doing so. It confirms what Mr. Sutherland was conveying in the above story.

  5. I’m pretty sure it is conservatives who want to see the world burn, trying to start their glorious WWIII and bring on the end times and all of that. That goes for religious fundamentalists of all types.

  6. The sad thing is it seems no one is really doing anything about it. Most likely it could be due to selfishness or just lack of money or timidity. There are “prepers” but they are mostly to each his own. Now the elitists could be building or maybe already built vast underground bunkers as big as towns and capable of supporting occupants for years (using government money) so that when the WW3 that they are trying to incite happens they will be the only ones who will likely survive while most ordinary good innocent people will be wiped out and the evil greedy psychopaths will have owned the whole world. Those innocents who somehow survive will be subjected to a holocaust. If not nukes they could bring about a worldwide plague or some other method. These evil greedy psychopaths are trying to make it happen in the most secret means. The key here is money and they have unlimited supply. They finance or sponsor intelligent “useful” people from a young age so they will be endebted later and do their bidding. They are, at present even trying to shut down the internet or make it prohibitively expensive that only they, the elitists, will be able to afford it. Also, if ever a habitable planet were discovered they want for there own. It will be nazism perfected.- All this could be prevented not just by a single person or a small group this can only be prevented by a world wide awareness of all innocent, good (but sadly mostly ignorant) people the world over and I don’t see how this is possible since there are just too many systemic divisions, such as religion, political systems, social class, etc…as well as selfishness, indifference of most people – divide and conquer at work. So what has “Anonymous” done to counter this or maybe you are also being used by the evil greedy elitists and you don’t even know it?

    • There you are wrong Mr.Unknown the whole ”nazi” idea is just yet another piece of lies and propaganda, an easy tool to ”wipe the slate clean” if you will.
      And even if it were true by the worst standards, the US have beaten it by far, either directly or by proxy, either openly or covertly.
      I see what you might be trying to achieve by making the link of the world united against a common evil, but please, do not add more ignorance to ignorance.

      Heartfelt greetings from the Kingdom of Norway

  7. “Never underestimate human stupidity.” I am appalled by most of what I have read here. Everyone has their own agenda in life. Whether it’s monetary enrichment, a power-grab, political gain,or just to eke out a decent living and experience a little joy during their brief existence in a perpetual timeline that will, over time, forget most of us even existed. I sometimes feel as if I made a grave error in devoting MY life as a soldier defending this nation, its citizens, and the ideal of democracy not for just us in the USA, but for others crying out for the same rights and freedoms we languish in here (how many other countries do people do whatever they can to reach its shores, including taking the chance of dying? Why do you suppose that is?). Shame on those of you who demean our great constitution and the lives that have been expended creating and protecting it! It not only distresses me to see such ill-informed comments, it makes me ashamed that my purpose on this Earth was so seemingly futile. Other than the Bible, the U.S. Constitution is the greatest, living and evolving document ever created by man. Those of you who trash it and its tenets tells me only one thing: you have never actually READ it! Ah well, have your little revolutions, civil disobedience, or whatever. Just remember that there are still others out there that will put their lives on the line, just as I did, and protect not only the ideals upon which this nation was founded, but even the idiots that would trample those ideals even as they live under its provisions and protections. Thankfully, I am old enough that I won’t have to live under this “new world order” many of you are touting. Just keep in mind the old adage: Be careful of what you wish for… Or, perhaps, you would be willing to trade places with those who would sacrifice their lives to have what you are so willing to throw away because it doesn’t meet the degree of perfection for which you strive and demand. Try living as they do then, perhaps, if you still feel and think the same way, I’ll agree with you. Until then, find something to DO that will serve your country (and its peoples), rather than the other way around.

  8. This isn’t about Democrats versus Republicans, or any other perceived difference – this is about HUMANS versus those who are ANTI-HUMAN. There, I’ve simplified it for all of you.


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