BREAKING: Yet Again, There Just So Happened to be a Drill during the Mass Shooting in San Bernardino, CA



According to breaking reports, the San Bernardino Police Department’s SWAT team was conducting a drill at the same time the shooting at the Inland Regional Center took place this morning. According to San Bernardino Police Lt. Richard Lawhead, the team was already suited and “ready to roll.”

While authorities say they are unsure yet as to whether or not the shooting is a “terrorist incident,” Police Chief Jarrod Burguan claims that at minimum it is a domestic terrorist situation, and like nearly all terrorist attacks, we are beginning to see the first signs of the typical pattern associated with these atrocities—government agencies just so happened to be conducting drills for the exact scenario taking place.

In a report by The Daily Press, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies also conducted a campus drill on Monday with students of the VVC Corrections. Officers used guns, shouting “Get down! Get on the ground!” while students wore torn and bloodied clothing with pretend injuries. VVC Police Chief Leonard Knight says the goal of the drill was to ensure students responded effectively, and to increase safety efforts and knowledge. Due to the school shooting fad that seems to be sweeping psychos across the nation, taking additional safety precautions in schools sounds logical, however in light of recent events, it’s a development worth mentioning here.

It bears repeating that during the Paris attacks, emergency personnel were taking part in a simulated emergency exercise on the same day that was eerily similar to the attacks themselves. In the two years before 9/11, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) conducted simulated plane attacks that actually involved planes being hijacked by terrorists and used as weapons—one of the targets was the World Trade Center. This is significant considering the Bush administration claims they never could have predicted such a scenario.



On the morning of 9/11, five war games and terror drills were being conducted, one of which included real planes. As a result, air command was dealing with as many as twenty-two possible hijackings on the day of 9/11, and they were unable to separate the war game simulations from the actual attackers.



Moving on to the July 7, 2005 London bombings; again, a simulated drill involving multiple bomb attacks was being conducted at the same time as the bomb attack itself. According to Managing Director of Visor Consultants, which is a private firm on contract to the London Metropolitan Police, they had organized and conducted the drill on behalf of an “unnamed business client.”

Focusing back on today’s incident in San Bernardino, The Free Thought Project’s report states that the target inside the Inland Regional Center was a “gathering of government officials.” It’s also believed that 2 of the suspects are dead or wounded, and the third remains on the loose.

KTLA News (a local San Bernardino network) says police have been warning people not to talk to the media, and at one point, officers rushed to push reporters and witnesses apart. Below is a screenshot of the confrontation:


Source: The Free Thought Project


We won’t know the outcome until the suspects are caught and identified, or what the mainstream media will try to feed to the public afterwards, however we will continue to report on events as they unfold.


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  1. i was watching it all happen on the news they where not doing a drill today but they had did a drill for a similar scenario yesterday

  2. It’s not the fact that they did a drill. It’s the fact that they do drills, it is the kind of drill they are doing right before the incident occurs. Our government is full of shit and the biggest tool to cover anything they do up is by using the media. I mean when marijuana became illegal, there was a movie that came out where a guy got high and murdered his family because he was high, and people believed it. Little did those people know that hemp wasn’t made illegal because of a drug war, it was because it had the potential to put so many I industries out of business. It pisses me off that every time something major happens in this country, I immediately think that there is more to it than what we are told. It really sucks that I can’t put any faith in the people in power that are coming my own fucking country. They want gun control only for the sole purpose of having more power while people want it because they think they would be safer. Sorry peeps, you can get anything you want on the deep web. Books on how to make bombs, drugs, guns, you can hire an assassins. Knowledge is power, and unfortunately people tend to believe that the knowledge they receive from the educational system and new media has to be true. The citizens of this country are digging their own god damn graves…

    • It seems everyone has had many years of conditioning through tv movies etc, and now when actual Shit is hitting the actual fan, they go to the only things they know, their Brain washed Imaginations.They are waiting for He-Man or Superman or some Angels, or the End Times, or Allah, or whoever their tiny brains had pounded into them, real or not.This is not a movie, this is not scripted from anything other than the Elite’s play book.If anything, a Self full filling prophecy by some very very twisted Human Beings.I feel your pain and disgust my friend, if there’s anything good out of all of this, it’s the fact that more and more, day by day, more wake up, and once you see what’s going on, you are enraged and ready to change it, or curl up and Die.Sounds like you and I will stand and fight, and there are many many more.


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