Did the collider at CERN cause the Nepal earthquakes?


8,000+ people killed, nearly 18,000 injured and almost 400 are still missing two weeks after the April 25th earthquake in Nepal. Did our own people accidentally cause this debacle “in the name of science”? There’s a lot of finger pointing and theorizing going on about it right now. Read on and make your own decision.

Due to the fact that very few people know much about particle physics, let’s start with an extremely basic, non-detailed version of how a “super collider” works. Large amounts of electricity power electro-magnets that steer or bend (and accelerate) beams of protons (kind of like lasers) through an Ultra vacuum, in order to crash the particles together at velocities approaching the speed of light. Data is collected and used for assorted projects, experiments and other quandaries of the universe.

hadron facility The Large Hadron Collider or “LHC” in Switzerland, operated by CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire or European Council for Nuclear Research) uses 9,600 magnets to steer beams of protons as they travel at 99.99 percent the speed of light. It’s buried 100 meters underground at its most shallow depth and is in the shape of a circle… a circle 27 Km (17miles) in circumference.

So, how could a big, underground electromagnetic circle affect a mountainous little country 4300 miles away? Ask youself “when the scientists complete thier collision, what happens next?” Where does all that energy go? My fellow Anons… it’s not like turning off a light in your home. The beams don’t circulate inside accelerators forever. As particles slow down and collide with the sides of the beam pipe or with each other, the beams degrade and become less likely to give information that could lead to interesting physics. So the energy is then focused into what is called a “beam dump”. This beam dump is sort of like a vault buried even farther underground and is filled with materials designed to absorb and disburse this “beam  energy”. In the case of the LHC the “beam energy” needing to be absorbed in one, single instance equates to right around 4 Terrawatts. A little more than ¼ of our whole world’s energy usage is dumped at one time into an underground vault. Swirl that around for a minute…

This video put out by BPEarthwatch gives a bit more detail than I have space to write but a short description follows below.

On April 25th, 2015 scientists at CERN were starting the sequences to power up the LHC. The power capacities were brought up four separate times in the time before the earthquake in Nepal. Why 4 times? Does that mean the energy was dumped 3 times? I do not know. The video shows that, after fourth time, the beams initiated and then something caused a “Priority beam dump”, “a protection dump” and a “multiple systems dump”… all at nearly  the same moment the quake shook Nepal. Instead of using that energy for a collision, it was all injected directly into the ground. Was it on top of three other dumps? Did we push 16 TW of power into the ground to make a techtonic bomb? Is a far reach in thinking that all this energy just followed the path of least resistance starting at the Alps and working its way through mountain ranges to the head of the Himalayas until it hit a pressure point? The list of unanswered questions goes on and on.

More importantly… will any of the “super intelligent” dwellers of our world even try to make a connection?

I encourage you to watch the video. What are YOUR thoughts on the whole situation?


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  1. First of all i’m working at the Cern in Switzerland. NO we didnt cause the earthquakes! Thats the most stupid thing i have ever seen. I know your posts Anonymous, they are often complete nonsens but this, this is so incredible dump, i have no words for this! Next time if you post something about the LHC or CERN, please first think then post!

    • I hope you already know that there are a lot of things Physics doesn’t know about & can’t explain & the still unanswered challenges of Physics (& I think in curiosity of finding those explanations is why these experiements are being done, right?). CERN may have been innocent in doing these things, but reality is that things DO RELATE even when they’re far. See the way how water molecules behave when water from a single pitcher is split into two & taken far away…here’s a good demonstration https://youtu.be/AiMnerpGyc4?t=1h52m41s

      I’m an ex-fan of Particle Physics & cosmology btw, till I came to know about..what you may want to call as “spiritual physics”.

    • They were rather conspicuously timed and your flippant dismissive answer is the same as the theon eon this page from 2011 . by an amatuer physicist asking a good question.
      he was “put in the right place” just as you are trying to do.
      Was it your experiment that was operating at the time of the quake perhaps?
      Can understand its a fantastical suppostion but energy?
      thats an awful ot of it you are fucking with,,, its a fucking huge resonating magnetic ucking torus…
      if you were going to invent something to totally fuck with the eraths magnetic field like a bond villain?
      it would look like that i suspect.
      im fully aware thats not why it was built but einstein diodnt actually invent the atom bomb its why hes remebered as a genius and oppenheimer is death , the detaroyer of worlds..
      its a bllody huge magnet …a ripple?triggering latent quake energy that would otherwise dissipate slowly?
      its subtle effect might be its effect.
      but you will ignore i supect cos you soun like psychopath…its my energy beam its not powerful silly.
      yeah ok. then whys it need it own powerplant?
      the maths was done for a haarp array to spit out that much energy, 300 tiimes what the actual one did i think. thats how much you need for earthquakes?
      and thast to cause one, to trigger a latent one that would usually just dissipate in smaller ones?
      its certainly not out of the question..
      if i knew the pressure points within the earth and the friction between the plates?
      with enough tnt in the right spot…in theory it wouldnt be impossible, impossible to do but all that energy is stored, just as gravity pulls just enough in the right direction, the suns heating the aerth just enough, quakes coming, just a little one….crucnch,,,just at that moment i kick the reaction on , send it down the fault tnt, electromagnetic pulse just at the right time?
      whose to say it wont.
      you, cos you work at cern?
      what the fuck do you know about geomagnetic effect on earthquakes?
      i suspect i could perfrm a similar effect with well place charges of tnt if i could map the fault very precsiely.

      • I’m sure he knows more than you, and I think the reason I can tell is because your writing looks like the product of a trained monkey.

    • +manger Could you elaborate a little more on your measurements of the behaviour of the dumped energy? Like how much energy does the dumped contain at the moment of dumping, and over how much time this energy absorbed in the dump area? In other words can the airbag smoothen out the energy to decrease the impact?
      Saw a richter scale on the net that placed the Hiroshima bomb at Richter 6+,which is an earthquake.
      If the CERN machine put energy into the circling particles, to the equivalent of 15 KiloTon TNT (rating of Hiroshima bomb) or more, before dumping them, then an earthquake is possible, if you don’t use a big enough airbag. Please elaborate on the numbers.

    • so , we have just had another big quake…and ups! the lhc have been just “turned on” ! IT IS THE LHC THAT CAUSES HIGH MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKES and YOU are just an employee/”scientist” that work at cern so…please : START THINKING !

    • You are wrong cause with that much energy force will trigger, trigger points on Mother Earth sending internal Force wave where there is already pressure build-up on Earth causing the earthquake no difference if you took a hammer and Hammer your foot with a lot of Force would radiate pain up your leg and into your hip. Mother Earth would respond the same way that force would radiate throughout

  2. Although the possibility exists that CERN could malfunction and cause damage, the placement and intersect placement of tectonic plates makes the possibility that it had something to do with Nepal very close to zero – as in .000000000000000000000000001% chance. Those mountains were/are formed by colliding tectonic plates, the region was long overdue for a major set of quakes.

  3. Sweet fucking Jesus this is outlandish as all hell, yet I am still intrigued. Posting from Coppet (Canton VD, à côté de Nyon et Genève), Switzerland here, just 9 miles from the CERN HQ itself.

  4. Basically, no.

    Shock waves travel through the ground at around 5mph meaning it would take about a month for the dumped energy to reach Nepal.

  5. Got a friend who works for Cerns/Atlas. Last quake was at 7:05….coincidentally Cerns/Atlas had a electrical error (i posted on Twitter) @ 7:00 just before last 7.3.


  6. No. This CT is so unbelievably idiotic that I ask myself how can anyone consider this possible.

    The writer of this article apparently doesn’t even understand the difference between power(W) and energy(J). Talking about TW in this instance doesn’t make the least bit of sense.

    Even then, all this energy of the LHC that has to be dumped is in the accelerated protons. These will be stopped and therefore have their energy absorped very quickly by the ground surrounding CERN. The theory that this energy somehow travelled the thousands of kilometres to Nepal and then caused an earthquake is abolutely ludicrous.

  7. The terawatts are incredibly high but the problem with this theory stems from I think a lack of understanding in basic physics.

    The time of the “dump” as you call it is so short the amount of joules is incredibly low, making this whole thing incredibly improbable.

  8. The answer to your question is “No”.

    Nepal is on a major geological fault. There have been many previous earthquakes there – for example in 1934 (8.0 magnitude) and 1988 (6.9). So there’s no reason to suppose there is any connection with the LHC.

  9. LOL “Could have” haha I doubt it. A couple TW of power 4300 miles away is pretty damn insignificant. Besides, this is inaccurate because usually we’re dealing with things like TeV, not TW with these things, which a TeV = 1.60217657 × 10-7 joules. Hardly any energy whatsoever. Also, You give “TW”, a unit of power. To get energy you need to multiply that by the time. I’m willing to bet that the time is a very very very very very very small quantity, thus making the energy much smaller than they’d like to lead us to believe.

    This reminds me of the alarmist claims that CERN was going to create a black hole that would swallow the earth.

  10. I watched the video. Units are given in GeV of energy. This is 1.602*10^-4 Joules. Not shit. Sorry. If we assume that energy every second, this 0.16 mW of power. Not TerraWatts.

  11. And why weren’t there any other earthquakes supposedly resulting from these experiments?!?!?! And solar flares don’t matter and are irrelevant. It’s not even that correlation does not imply causation. There IS NO CORRELATION!!!! Therefore it’s just a complete failure of logic to try and “tie it together” and say there is any sort of correlation whatsoever.

  12. And the author of this video is a freak, linking all this shit to Revelations and biblical prophecies, claiming that CERN is a conspiracy to re-open the gates of hell here on Earth. SHAME ON YOU ANONYMOUS SHAME ON YOU!!! What the fuck happened to you guys? Now you’re supporting conspiracy-minded biblical revelations tea-bagging lunatics? Please delete this story, for your own good and for your own reputation. This is just embarrassing to your cause.

  13. “You may want to watch this starting at the 16:47 mark. The link to the show that Rose left is most interesting indeed as we learned in that interview that they are pointing this CERN collider at Saturn to unlock imprisoned “entities”. Well, take a look at where exactly this Hadron Collider was built and located… at a place called “Saint_Genis Pouilly, a Commune in the Ain department in eastern France. Apparently, in ancient days, it was called “Appolliacum”. It was a temple to the Greek god “Apollo” because they believed it was a gateway to the underworld. In Revelation 9:11 (cough, cough), we find that the demonic locusts with tails like scorpions are released who have a King locust or spirit over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, called “Apollyon!” In front of the office headquarters is a Hindu “god” called “Shiva”, the “god” of creation and destruction. So, quite literally, they are trying and will succeed in opening the gates of Hell itself. This is where men will seek death and not find it as described in this chapter of Revelation. This reminds me of something you wrote in your article called “Mythology’s Thoth, the Egyptian god of Knowledge.” You wrote “In researching Thoth, I was amazed at Thoth is emblazoned in a bronze sculpture at the John Adam’s building in Washington D.C. on one of the entry doorways of America’s government buildings. Not only is he depicted on this entry doorway, but also are some other false gods. What are these underworld gods doing on the entrance doorways of America’s government?”


    It looks like we know how the gates of Hell will be opened in Revelation 9 now don’t we? It was a quite stunning and revealing interview in the link that Rose posted up above. They are literally pointing this thing at Saturn to where they hope to release these beings! Indeed, it would seem that Ezekiel 20:29 is being repeated with the return of the “Bamah” high places and government’s association with evil and demonic entities. The current ones they are in association with right now, and have been for a long time, are seemingly lying to these government officials as to their true identity and what the consequences will be in instructing them to open this portal to the underworld. We read the results of it right here: “And in those days shall men seek death and not find it, and shall desire to die, but death will flea from them” (Revelation 9:6) Absolutely unbelievable. I guess this is more evidence that the “Bamah” high places of worship in Ezekiel 20:29 being repeated according to Ecclesiastes 1: 9,10 are in full force, and will be the cause of the horror that unfolds in Revelation 9! Thank you CERN. When you take into account of the oft repeated “Annunaki” who are inhabiting Planet X, it makes you wonder what association these cats have with their brothers chained up in the poles of Saturn.”

    Is this really what you guys stand for nowadays? Shameful. I miss the old “anonymous” that represented the people, and scientific advancement, and shunned those regressive conspiracy-minded fucks in the government claiming the end times are among us, so kill those damn homosexuals, and NO MORE SCIENCE!!! Yeah. What have you guys become. It’s embarrasing.

  14. i suggest you research your facts a little before making claims.

    The LHC uses 7 TEv. To put this into perspective a female mosquito uses 1TEv. So it used 7 times the energy of a female mosquito flying for 1 hour.

    Hardly linely to shift tetonic plates 4,000 miles away, is it?

    • Well, 7 TeV is the energy per proton, and there are 1.2×10^11 protons per bunch and 2808 bunches per beam.

      If you add all that up, it’s ~400 MJ: about a quarter the energy of a typical lightning bolt.

    • youre comparing what this video tells you to what the cern website and journalists tell you…
      i think at this point we are all old enough to know everyone can be full of shit.

    • http://www.lhcportal.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=877
      and thhey dumped this guys theory too, its not quite so controversial now , not to me.
      but predicting the future like that? pretty clever.
      the question you must ask is this, in a high incidence earthquake area?
      would you like to know if the lunatics are playing god today or not.
      If id have seen this post? and lived in nepal?
      well i wouldnt have been inside when that beam page is telling me they are zhooming their whatsit.
      i gget an overbearing felling this is very real…im not one for conspiraciers, i know the lhc site, i watch the experiments . im not an idiot, but to dismiss this? AGAIN is what an idiot would do.

  15. Well, this is unbelievably dumb.

    Anyone with a remedial understanding of science knows that correlation does not equal causation.

    My grand father died during one of the cern powerup cycles. It lines up down to the minute! Clearly the only explanation is that his death was caused by cern.

  16. Lightning dumps on average 1TW into the ground every time it strikes. so a typical storm would dump about 3000 TW. does that cause earthquakes? no.

  17. Interesting premise BUT … your units don’t make sense. Terra-Watts are a unit of POWER rather than ENERGY. Power (Watts) is energy per second. One Watt of power could represent one Joule of energy transferred in one second, or only 0.01 Joule transferred in 0.01 seconds.

  18. U don’t even know how much area is nepal..u’ve shown the whole area of lower nepal inside of india..do a detailed research and then think about posting a video..

  19. 1st although the power of the beam is high, the total energy is not. if at all, it would have been no more than the trigger of a more or less predestined event (like one snowflake breaking the roof of a house).

    2nd the most probable relation of the two events is that the control system at LHC detected the shockwave and dumped the beam as part of a safety protocol (if there would have been a power failure or just a magnetic wave inside the ring caused by the shockwave (“moving” the electromagnets) the beam would have collided with the hull, wearing the material down, so there clearly is a reason for doing this)

    3rd until we have further information, pointing out a causal relation between the two events, we should assume that it was NOT a terroristic act but rather just some automatic protocols reacting (or even coincidence)

  20. Hmm why don’t they inject that power in the grid for people to use ? O that’s right they don’t give a fuck they probably intentionally dumped the power

  21. Of course this is a typical made up story about something they don’t understand and try to get others just like them to believe it.

    The LHC would be damaged way before it did something like cause an earthquake in another part of the world.

    BTW it isn’t “Terrawatts” it is TeV, or teraelectronvolts of power used to make protons travel the opposite direction at as close to the speed of light as we can get and then collide at a point where what happened is observed.

    That is 1,000,000,000,000 electron Volts or 10 to the 12th electron Volts (since your site doesn’t let me type that properly)

    The LHC is a tube inside a tunnel as deep as 175 meters (574 ft) under ground and 17 miles long.

    The tube is lined with magnets that are what makes the proton travel in a straight *line* to cause it to collide with the other.

    Cooled by liquid helium.

    Parts would fail (break) if there is ANY problem as we found with a simple electrical problem and also when the cooling system leaks.

    I have been working with Cern and the different LHC projects since 2004 (and I have not disappeared into a black hole or caused any earthquakes so far)


    • Plus, 1 TeV is about equal to the kinetic energy of a mosquito while it’s flying, so the 16 TeV he’s talking about in the article are less then the energy you put on the ground when you’re walking.

      • that doesnt mean it could have triggered the earth quake, like a butterfly can trigger a tornado … but it could as well prevent one

  22. If this technology is so new and unexplored is it there fault for know a catastrophic affect on nature? No, I think not. Though they could have been more careful. All in all they learned that all those attempts is a limit. Plus funding the range of the power dumps may be useful. In essence where there is one of those they can range it to a circle around that with sizemographs to measure if there is activity in the ground to prevent another earthquake. We’re not as smart as them in their research so why do we have the option to judge them for it if they dident even know that was a possibility.

  23. Terawatt is a unit of power that is energy per time

    energy is the quantity that matters concerning triggering an earthquake
    the energy dumped in the beam dump may not be very large

    i will be happy to advise on these matters i am a physicist

  24. Well I think such an incident will pass right through because it won’t have the “focus” of the media on it for enough time for anyone to analysis .. and we’re looking at a new way of self destruction .. ANYWAY .. I wonder if that was intentional or just a bad operation of CERN’s side !

  25. If this turns out to be true, and if anyone can prove this, Nepal government can sue Europe in international court and demand at least 50 trillion Euros in compensation and jail those scientists for life

    • I’ll apply Occam’s razor and point out that the Himalayas are not short of tectonic activity and fault lines.

  26. I don’t think an earthquake like that in nepal is created by CERN. Let me think about some facts and things about this:

    You require an large amount of nuclear warheads to generate such an enourmous energy like the earthquake has. Do you really believe that some accelerated protons do that job too?

    I guess there are actions on that planet that free much more energy than CERN: every volcanic eruption frees more power than any current active nuclear warhead. Why should CERN then forced that special event?

    “Where did the power go” I think it spreads in all three directions, means qubic root of energy in relation to the distance. Dampened by the material inside the earth. You may like to calculate how much energy really approches in Nepal?!

    Why only one earthquake? Why does not San Andreas also shakes? Distance should be the same, seismic activity also.

    The indian subcontinent drifts towards russia. That’s the reason the himalaya exists. So isn’t it more likley that this causes the earthquake?

    Is there any evidence that a comparable earthquake happend while they run the search for the higgs boson? I mean: they didn’t run CERN the first time while that quake in nepal happened.

    To be honest: this article sounds more like some sort of conspirancy theory than a well researched article.

  27. maybe they should direct all of that energy to the government of Trinidad and Tobago because they doing real sh!t in this country and they need some serious shaking up..

  28. piece of shit. ” Where does all that energy go? ” the energy of a flying mosquito you mean ? go leang what is science before post craps.

  29. in india,at tamilnadu state,the govt of india has decided to do the same so called technoloy research challenging millions of peoples life

  30. You can’t compare the CEST time with UCT -.- It’s like comparing which car is faster and the comparing cars where a Ferrari and a bike. I know that a bike is not a car, and thats why I said it 😀

  31. Even if it is, it won’t make a dime of a difference to those guys. Experiments will still be made. So I see no point in wasting your time with this lengthy explanation. On the other hand of you can help with changing the system I’m sure a million people will be ready to stand with you.

  32. I am by no means a great scientific mind, but if the power dump and the earthquake happened simultaneously, how then does it become CERN’s fault? If the power dump had caused the earthquake then shouldn’t this have had at least a small time lapse? And I realize there were three dumps prior to the fourth and that yeah sure those three would give plausible cause to believe there had been enough time for them to be the cause. Yet it still doesn’t set right. I agree with another poster above who says if the power dump had caused the earthquake then why was it the only one and why didn’t it cause many across different faults near or far? I stand believing that the cause of the quake did not come from CERN.

  33. Interesting theory. Not entirely impossible! Do a Cross reference search with “HAARP” or “Highly Active Auroral Research Project” located in Gaknon,AK, in addition to the Ionospheric Heating Arrays in Tromsø, Norway(capable of generating 1GW of power) & one in Russia(190GW); it has been speculated that these two facilities along with the HAARP array in Alaska have been used in conjunction with CERN!

  34. A butterfly landed on my head at the same time the quake in Nepal happened. That must be what caused the earthquake.

    Learn the f*cking difference between coincidence and causality.

  35. Thanks for the lesson on particle energy physics, With this new fascinating knowledge I can now discard everything that I know about plate tectonics theory.

  36. I can see why you would want to post this anonymously. I wouldn’t want anyone knowing who they were laughing at, either.

  37. Don’t know what Anonymous has become. Don’t think they know either. Posting articles on their facebook page about kids playing and solar energy. They are burning away their fear factor.

  38. Sorry guys but that’s fucking bullshit. LHC has a so called “beam dump”, a water cooled graphite block. 7 meters long and 70×70 centimeters height/width. This thing is encapsulated by 750 tons of massive blocks of iron. Everytime a beam gets dumped, the graphite block heats up to ~800 degrees celcius.

    Stop watching “Flash Forward”, stop misinforming other people and get a degree in physics.

  39. Well yeah, we should stop with the experiments… Yeah science is bad, evil. We should only ask help from God, yeah?
    You happy now?

  40. Worst of all is this is giving credence to that “Baraq” “Bamah” therefore Obama is the anti-christ BULLSH*T! Because some bible verse says satan will descend from the heavens like lightning, and if you reinterpret the meaning of some of those words, translate it into a different language, again re-interpret meanings, and translate again, you can twist it to say that lightning and heavens mean “baraq” and “bamah” which, first of all, is not “Barrack Obama”, but the verse also does not say “Satan is named Lightning High Place or Place of Power for Evil Ones”. In fact it is nothing of the sort. I guarantee that you can twist the linguistics of ANY goddamn bible verse and re-interpret and retranslate words over and over again to make ANY verse imply that literally any name you can think of is the anti-christ. And this is coming from Anonymous HQ. WHY HAVE YOU NOT DELETED THIS YET THIS IS JUST ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL! Shame on you Shame on you Shame on you, you are supposed to be better than this. This is sick.

  41. has any1 els looked up HARP an before that’s a guy in the 1800s was killed for making it rain in his town 100 years later harp was built with a shit load more power

  42. I’ve always trusted anon with their facts, there is a logic behind the hydron collider/earthquake theory yes but it could also be another wild conspiracy theory, but then again could it be some military experiment to weaponise the hydron collider itself???

  43. we need an international computer system to record EVERY event done by man or nature.

    This way if something interesting / tragic happens MAYBE we can figure out why.

    EXAMPLE: if CERN and the earthquake are related.


    be sure to allow for transmission times.

    colliders and sunspots. sunspots and quazers (stars)

  44. Check the math…its 4 hours apart. Not the same time…
    Nepal is 2 hours ahead of CERN, 8:11 at CERN is 10:11 in Nepal. Not 6:11.

    The amount of energy generated in a collision is less then what you can generate clapping your hands together. Its just focused into a tiny tiny point, we do nothing exotic. The physics that takes place in the LHC happens all the time in the atmosphere. In the detectors it’s cleaner and easier for us to measure and learn. (but there are people that study the atmospheric interactions)

    Its actually quite cool. Read about how its done, its takes a massive amount of coordination and effort to put together machines like this. There are 10,000 scientists working together on this project in various ways. We are not a group of mad scientists. People are responsible and very careful with what we are doing and our effect on the world around us.

  45. 1) LHC is said to dump 1/4 of the worlds current annual energy consumption (20 Terawatts) 1/4 of 20Tw is 250,000,000,000 watts

    2) 1 Ton of TNT has equivalent energy release of 1162 KW
    so 250,000,000,000 watts / 1162,000 watts (per ton of TNT) = 215,146 Tons of TNT

    3) so 1 LHC beam dump has the equivalent energy release as 215,146 Tons of TNT

    4) looking at earth quake magnitude scales
    a magnitude 6.8 has an equivalent 240 kilotons TNT explosion

    5) is it feasible an energy dump of this scale in Geneva could cause an earth quake in Nepal ? I dont have much of an idea .

    6) Into what material is the LHC dump being ‘dumped’ into . Some materials like a significant body of water could easily buffer 215KT TNT going bang. Maybe Iron or lead in a significant volume could also buffer 215KT TNT quite easily.

    7) If the beam dump (my calculated equivalent) 215KT TNT was just sent into underlying bedrock as it creates a 6.5 ‘earthquake’ shock through the rock, then surly this event would be recorded locally in Geneva

    8) some have said perhaps the shock wave from the Beam dump propagated through bed rock fracturing an already hot spot quake zone, ie the straw that broke the camels back, plates slipped and bang a huge earth quake in Nepal.

    I dont really know , I am just posting these findings up here. hopefully my math and use of the metric units has not been applied incorrect.

    • Jon, I like your logical order. Only thing is CERN uses ‘just’ 200 megawatts of power at peak consumption. From terra to megawatts thats a difference of about 6 zero’s.
      The Richter scale is a logaritmic scale so 6 zero’s means it drops 6 points from 6.5 tot 0.5. And that is IF all the energy used at CERN would be dumped at the same time.
      But how can you dump ALL the energy?
      Because the next thing is de allocation of their megawatts. CERN isn’t just a building with a circular tube in the ground. For excample it has a massive supercomputer that drains power plus all the equipment surrounding the LHC and not to mention all the other research activities conduceted at CERN.

      In conclusion let me say this. Get your facts straight, don’t just believe wat you read.
      Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  46. lets consider this: expensive equipment with sensors detects tectonic shifts, decides to automatically abort procedures. humans try again, sensors detect more tremors, shut down the tests again, THEN the BIG earthquake hit.

  47. per the video, the beam dump was 59 GeV = 9 nanojoules of energy. That is nothing. A butterfly could flap its wings and release more energy.

  48. OP found numbers that he doesn’t understand, tossed them together in a blender and came up with this shite.

    We have just witnessed Anon jumping the shark.

  49. Are you by any chance undermining the Anon organization from inside? Because you’re doing well. I’m sure you have completely no idea why what you’re saying is idiotic, but let me tell you that right now you and the organization are the laughing stock of everyone who has the slightest clue.
    Why why why would a CERN event hit Nepal? Between Switzerland and Nepal there are other countries set on top of seismic faults and those felt nothing; do you homework about it!

  50. Napal, in the Himalayas, is where two tectonic plates connect. Meaning the whole mountian range was made by very violent earthquakes.

  51. Im from kathmandu Nepal and in quake hit zone. i have read about HAARP and CERN being the reason. We know that Nepal lies in the fault line but we were utterly unprepared and is a occurance of natural sesamic activity. However, people have been suspicious that this can be the cause. I am in no position to understand if these things are related. if someone can come with creadible analysis that the events are not related we would be grateful.

  52. I once asked a Dutch CERN guy,

    So those blackholes you are attempting to create, how will you contain a blackhole… if it doesn’t collapse instantly….but starts to grow.

    Answer: Oh but they always collapse directly again…
    Very unsatisfying answer

    • Black holes need to be above a certain size to be self-sustaining otherwise they must collapse – to put this sort of thing in perspective, if the sun was compressed to become a black hole, it would have insufficient mass to be self-sustaining – they don’t need to contain it at CERN.

  53. oh gosh the article says that 4 Terawatts is dumped.

    “…. In the case of the LHC the “beam energy” needing to be absorbed in one, single instance equates to right around 4 Terrawatts. A little more than ¼ of our whole world’s energy usage is dumped at one time into an underground vault.”

    4 Terawatts is
    4,000,000,000,000 watts
    so thats a lot more TNT needed :0)

    I based my quick workings on
    250,000,000,000 watts

    they say it is the beam energy is dumped, not the operational energy needed to power the facility, the facility energy can just be switched off at the flick of a switch.

    the beam energy cannot be just switched off. It is like a freight train travelling at 100mph. you can turn the engines off so it is no longer being powered, but the kenetic energy is in the mass and velocity of the train.

    That is how I understand it, particles in the LHC have a similar effect as the Train analogy, and so they need to dump the beam if the particles are not collided. but in any event the beam is dumped into a tank of sorts to absorb the energy. Local seismic data should have recorded any events, its not like the beam dump energy travelled all the way to Nepal and then goes Bang is it.

    • Bullshit. If you had megaton of TN you still couldn’t make an earthquake on the other side of the world.
      Proof- thousands of nuclear explosions over the last 60 years- no earthquakes correlated thousands of miles away. Small tremors in the vacinity, that’s it.

  54. If it’s true, it’s bad.. why?? i ask.. do we, Nepalese deserve it? I shud’ve asked same question to “god” as well…

  55. An insider scientist CONFIRMS and goes on to EXPLAIN how CERN IS CAUSING EARTHQUAKES. I just found this. I think it’s the holy grail of information for understanding what exactly CERN is up to. Listen to the FIRST 10 MINUTES. HE SAYS IT.



    “Some have failed, some have not. IF THOSE DEVICES FAIL, THEY CAUSE MEGAQUAKES… That’s what happens… Now we’re talking small, tiny drops of ANTIMATTER…”


    Here’s the youtube video:


    Share with your friends! We all deserve to know!

  56. An insider scientist CONFIRMS and goes on to EXPLAIN how CERN IS CAUSING EARTHQUAKES. I just found this. I think this is the holy grail of information if you want to know exactly what CERN is up to. Listen to the FIRST 10 MINUTES. That’s all you need.



    “They have made containment devices deep into the earth. Some have failed, some have not. IF THOSE CONTAINMENT DEVICES FAIL, THEY CAUSE MEGAQUAKES… That’s what happens… Now we’re talking small, tiny drops of ANTIMATTER…”


    Here’s the youtube video:


    Share with your friends! We all deserve to know!

    • I am afraid all the numbers in this article are incorrect, and violate common sense.
      First of all, Energy=Power*time, thus even a huge large power can lead to very little energy if maintained for short time, as is the case in the accelerator beam dump. As pointed out in a previous comment, the energy of the LHC beams is equivalent to the energy of a train going full speed. However large this may seem, if a train hits a mountain, it’s the train that breaks apart, not the Earth. Stating that the LHC beam dump can cause an Earthquake implies that a train crash can lead to an Earthquake. It doesnt take to be a physicist to realize that this is not plausible.

      • It’s the speed of the train you are comparing, not the size of train in high speed and the mountain. If the train was far more bigger, it would not only cause EQ, nothing will be left if it was big sized.

  57. The Collider has everything to do with it. Dormant volcanoes are waking up earthquakes in spots that don’t usually have earthquakes. I’m sure they created black holes in the center of the earth yes scientists are so smart. just saying there’s increase activity since they started up the collider.

  58. This is absurd. If the collide could cause earthquakes they would damage the machine and it would no longer work. Everything in the collider would be damaged. There is no way to magically make earthquakes thousands of miles away.
    The only people who believe this are completely ignorant of physics.
    This is even more stupid than the “HAARP controls weather and makes earthquakes” rumor years ago.

    • If it’s true it’s very bad why anyone ones to suffer poor countries, why don’t you first make your very own people suffer and in that you bearing the pain and tell the world about your experiment

  59. This is absurd, the amount of energy “dumped” into the ground is mostly irrelevant. What we need to look at is the momentum transferred from the energy beam to the ground. Momentum = mass*velocity. The mass of the particles inside the LHC is VERY VERY VERY small. This means that the momentum transferred to the ground is negligible even if they are dumping 4 terawatts of energy. Most of the energy would be transferred as heat energy and not mechanical energy. (Mechanical energy would be the energy that is capable of causing an earthquake, while heat energy would not be capable of such a task.)

    • HAHAHA. Do you really think that energy is really getting converted into matter when u dump it to earth..and THAT’s causing the ‘momentum’ transfer & earthquakes? LOL If that was the case, the momentum of your finger while turning on the switch should be used to run a fan! 😛 Have you ever researched into how 4 terawatts of electricity may cause seismic disturbances in earth’s crust? Or better……….the spiritual aftereffects of trying to peep in the next dimension?

  60. I have been following CERN’s activity closely for awhile. BPEarthWatch has some of the best videos on what is going on there. There does seem to be a correlation between CERN and Earthquake activity.

    Now my conspiratorial speculations:
    1. The ruling elite hate America, and could possibly use CERN to trigger the Yellowstone caldera artificially?

    2. The ruling elite also try to mimic biblical prophecy, and are pushing the “end times” narrative. Could they try to fake a tribulation blamed on climate change using CERN and other technology (i.e. Geo-Engineering) to cause what looks like natural disasters: to achieve two end goals; lower the human population and create a threat of climate change so real people will demand a global government by 2030 to combat climate change globally? (as the Pope just announced at the UN)

  61. +manger Could you elaborate a little more on your measurements of the behaviour of the dumped energy? Like how much energy does the dumped contain at the moment of dumping, and over how much time this energy absorbed in the dump area? In other words can the airbag smoothen out the energy to decrease the impact?
    Saw a richter scale on the net that placed the Hiroshima bomb at Richter 6+,which is an earthquake.
    If the CERN machine put energy into the circling particles, to the equivalent of 15 KiloTon TNT (rating of Hiroshima bomb) or more, before dumping them, then an earthquake is possible, if you don’t use a big enough airbag. Please elaborate on the numbers.

  62. This world is run by the Rothschild military industrial complex ( look up the connection of the Rothschild dynasty with CERN ) , sooo . you can be sure of one thing , something this powerful will more than likely , be considered as a game changer , just like HAARP, geo engineering , nanotechnology , drones etc…

    Regards to all those who are awake .

  63. My dad once said, “if you argue with a moron there are two morons arguing.” This site should have a huge sign saying ‘do not feed the trolls’.

    That anyone would believe for a second that a packet of lead/gold particles being dumped into the ground would cause an earthquake over a thousand miles away is retarded beyond words. They could use ExaElectron volts of power and this wouldn’t happen. Next we’ll have the Gaia / telluric field disruption theories etc etc. Utter shite.

    I encourage anyone with a shred of scientific knowledge, common sense and human decency to never visit this site again. The crack pipe is warm to the touch.


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