While You Were Distracted by BREXIT and TRUMP, Monsanto’s Senate Puppets Push Through Bill to OUTLAW GMO Labelling

As European citizens were concerned with Brexit, the US government took it's chance to sneak through a new law to COMPLETELY ban all GMO labeling state laws across America.


By organicandhealthy.org


The agreement came from the United States Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry and is called the “bipartisan agriculture biotechnology compromise solution.”, although this ‘compromise’ is heavily one-sided in favour of the Big Food corporations.

It states that GMO food does not need to be labeled for at least the next two years, and has given the USDA the right to deem any food with less than 50% bioengineered content to be considered non-GMO.

The law also considers GMO-fed animals as not bioengineered, even if they had been fed with GMO food all their lives they will be considered ‘natural’.

The end result will be that a scannable QR code will be put in place for customers to access the food ingredients, making it hard for people to know what is in the food they want to buy.

The law states:
“…the form of a food disclosure under this section be a text, symbol, or electronic or digital link…”

All other mandatory food labels require words or numbers but the government has let the GMO food business off with allowing their food to be labeled with an unreadable code, it really highlights how much the government are interested in keeping businesses like Monsanto happy.

You can read the entire law by clicking here.


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  1. attack monsanto, cyber attacks, check all food, get methods, there are ways to test food for chemistry and biological resistance with solutions and other biological organisms. PHs levels are important.

    the elite is protecting those evil companies with the govs laws firewall, because if you need to overthrow any law to reach them you will end in prison… so they are playing behind the govs is also behind the laws… and this gives powers to criminals and freedom to them to do whatever they want.


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