Donald Trump is Dangerously Mentally Ill, Discloses Johns Hopkins’ Psychologist

According to psychiatrists and other health professionals, American president Donald Trump's personality isn't just flawed, it's dangerous.


It’s been less than a month since Donald Trump took the oath of office, yet the 45th president of the United States is already frustrated with the challenges of trying to run the government like his family-owned business.

According to nearly two dozen White House insiders interviewed by Politico, “his mood has careened between surprise and anger as he’s faced the predictable realities of governing, from congressional delays over his cabinet nominations and legal fights holding up his aggressive initiatives to staff in-fighting and leaks.”

Trump, who lost the popular vote in the 2016 U.S. presidential election by a bigger margin than any other American president in history, lost his mind on Twitter after he lost a court battle over his two-week-old executive order banning refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

John D. Gartner, a practicing psychotherapist who taught psychiatric residents at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, explains why Trump behaves the way he behaves.

Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president.  He has “malignant narcissism”, which is different from narcissistic personality disorder and which is incurable. It’s obvious from Trump’s behavior that he meets the diagnostic criteria for the disorder, which include anti-social behavior, sadism, aggressiveness, paranoia and grandiosity.”

Although Gartner broke the Goldwater Rule by giving a professional diagnosis of a public figure without personally examining the person, he says the Trump case warrants breaking that ethical code.

“Trump’s personality disorder (which includes hypomania) is also displayed through a lack of impulse control and empathy, and a feeling that people don’t recognize their greatness. We’ve seen enough public behavior by Donald Trump now that we can make this diagnosis indisputably.”

Malignant Narcissism, writes Dr. Carrie Barron, a board-certified psychiatrist at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, renders individuals scary, dangerous and ruthless.

“Malignant Narcissists will go to great lengths to achieve their aim.  They can be intelligent, high functioning (hold an important job for example) soft-spoken, charming, tearful/seemingly emotional, gracious, well mannered, kind and have the ability to form relationships. They may lie, falsely accuse, dramatize, smear, cheat, steal, manipulate, accuse, blame or twist to get what they want and feel justified in doing so.

“Because they are entitled, egocentric and desperate, they do not experience it as wrong. They are determined to gratify their wishes and furious if thwarted. Their desire can be so consuming that there is little comprehension of, respect for or ability to empathize with the other.  They lack guilt or remorse and tend to feel or pronounce that it is they who have been mistreated. They can be of any gender, race or social class.”

For the past few weeks, psychotherapists in the U.S., alarmed by the rise of the ideology of Trumpism, have come forward to warn the public about the rise of an American form of fascism. Dr. Julie Futrell, a clinical psychologist in New York, told The New York Daily News:

Narcissism impairs his ability to see reality. So you can’t use logic to persuade someone like that. Three million women marching? Doesn’t move him. Advisers point out that a policy choice didn’t work? He won’t care. The maintenance of self-identity is the organizing principle of life for those who fall toward the pathological end of the narcissistic spectrum.”

It isn’t the first time the man, who entered the White House as the least popular president in modern political history, has been called a psychopath. Donald Trump possesses more psychopathic traits than Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, psychologist Kevin Dutton from Oxford University found in 2016. In the same year, developmental psychologist Howard Gardner from the Harvard Graduate School of Education called Trump “remarkably narcissistic.”

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  1. this is a fake report, alternative facts if you will. I live in Upstate, NY work at Cornell U. I’m seeing more and more of the Dems in this area starting to support him.

  2. Vandita is a trump hating shill….Armchair diagnosing the president with “professionals” who don’t know better than to diagnose trump without seeing him as a patient and without pathology is not news…

    It’s partisan shillery….

    You suck Vandita.

  3. i’ve realized his condition after a few times i saw him on the apprentice show….i am not a psychiatrist, but i have more than a layman’s credentials and perspective…trump is chronically mentally ill

  4. I am a longtime mental illness volunteer and member of an exclusive “club” that is a refuge and self-help organization that saves the lives of those with MI, like me. Our only requirements are that the person admits their illness, and is in active therapy. We have all levels of illness and the success stories are usually very good, including housing, employment, education scholarships. In my 40 years there I have never seen or heard of any violent episode. We are friends. This president is unqualified to our membership despite serious and dangerous psychosis, because he is unable to admit his horrible condition and its danger, his self love, and hostility. Congress had better address and remove him before he pushes the nuke button in a violent rage.


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