Don’t Feed the Birds

don't feed the birds

Feeding the birds is such a deeply entrenched pastime that pop culture references are abound, from Gossip Girl character Blair needing to escape to Central Park to feed the ducks, as a remedy for just about everything, to the song in Mary Poppins aptly entitled “Feed the Birds.” While it may be soothing, and it may seem helpful, feeding scraps of bread to ducks may have drastic consequences for our feathered friends.
Ducks who fill up on bread don’t get a balance of nutrients, and this can lead to deformities and an inability to flee from predators. An excess of food in a pond or lake can lead to algae blooms and staph infections. This seemingly innocuous throwing bread scraps to waterfowl can actually cause duck death.

If you cannot refrain from feeding ducks, try giving them grapes, peas or uncooked rice, instead of bread. Watch the video below for more.

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  1. OOPSIE! You said rice. Now all the dumb people that fall for the “Rice kills birds” hoax are going to rampage on you. The hoax was created during the Ethiopian famine when someone figured how much rice is wasted at weddings and how many it would feed. So now gullible people won’t throw rice at a wedding. Like some how the unused grain is going to magically appear on some hungry person’s plate.


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