Dr Oz Slams Monsanto/Glyphosate Stance


Appearing live on April 7th, Dr Mehmet Oz, a medical doctor and celebrity host of his own daytime television show, has delivered what appears to be a condemnation of a group he once supported. [1] Declaring in 2012 that GMO foods were as healthy for you as Non-GMO products, caused a stir, even on his usual sitting in the middle of the debate type show. But it seems after a chance to rethink, and the GMO topic heating up, Dr Oz has slammed Monsanto for their attempts at concealment of the harmful effects of glyphosate.

On his recent show he invited guests from all walks of life to discuss the hot topic, including paediatricians, food advocates and Scott Faber from the Environmental Working Group (EWG); others, such as representatives from Crop Life America and Monsanto, declined.

“My goal is to always have an open and honest conversation, you all know that, but I couldn’t get anyone to appear on the show that supports glyphosate. I reached out to the Grocery Manufacturers of America, Crop Life America, and Monsanto and they all declined to be on the show,” Dr Oz stated.

Throughout the conversation, all appeared to agree on the WHO’s carcinogenic classification of glyphosate. Paediatrician Dr. Green backed up their argument against Monsanto with verifiable studies, refuting that there is no risk posed to humans, a line Monsanto sticks by.

“This is a big debate everyone. Folks who make these products say ‘we need more data before you can make that statement (glyphosate is a possible carcinogen).’ I think it’s the opposite. Not enough research doesn’t mean it’s safe, it means we actually don’t know! And it’s upon us; it’s our obligation to figure it out before we start releasing it and exposing kids and others,” argues Dr Oz during his popular mainstream media show.

His support for the community that rejects glyphosate in a public arena is a step in the right direction.[2]

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  1. He’s trying to repair the damage to his reputation from saying GMO frankenfoods were as safe as organic, and that people who ate organic foods were “snobs”.

    His rather obvious statements about Roundup do nothing to make me trust this Monsanto SHILL ever again.


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