DrinkPure water filter shows promise for worldwide use


Written by: Tech Anonymous

What an awesome invention! An “affordable”, portable water filtration system! It’s even shiny blue and looks like a top or a dreidel. It’s fun and enjoyment for the whole family… when you’re not thirsty. This handy little gadget has a 3 step filter built into it. A pre-filter starts by capturing large particles such as sand and plant matter. The water then passes through a layer of activated charcoal (which helps remove odors and chemical contaminants). Finally, a proprietary… (the most important one) polymer membrane that removes bacteria. Supposedly one filter can create enough clean water for one person for a whole year. Hmmmm… based on the old adage of 8-8ounce glasses per day being healthy; that works out to be right about 180 US gallons per year. I just don’t see it happening even if the filter can be taken apart and cleaned.drinkpure-2This little beauty was “conceived” by none other than Jeremy Nussbaumer, a student at the ETH Zurich research institute. You know… Switzerland; where the rancid water has the whole population infected with dysentery, e-coli and other horrible little critters. Now for the exciting part! For a donation of a mere 89 dollars US currency, YOU can participate in the raising of funds to help produce enough of these for a scaled field test in Africa. For your 89 dollars, you will get a shiny new drinkpure filter (providing their goal is met and they actually produce them). Of course, since it’s designed to fit onto a water bottle, I’m pretty sure the proctors of the research will need to supply the people with even more non-biodegradable plastic bottles to put their water in too (since Africa is the water bottle capital of the known world).drinkpure-0Now, I WILL give credit where it’s due. This Lad came up with an idea, because he was actually conscious of a big problem in our world. The grand idea to come up with an inexpensive way to make the world a healthier place and to try to do something about it is awesome. You have gained some respect for this and I now refer to you as Mr. Nussbaumer.There IS a small amount of hope for our human dystopia. With credit comes criticism in my book. Has anyone ever let Jeremy out of his little lab to maybe socialize a bit? Maybe to see what the world has to offer? Here are a few more fun factoids from the realms of…“History”. “Methods to improve the taste and odor of drinking water were recorded as early as 4000 B.C. Ancient Sanskrit and Greek writings recommended water treatment methods such as filtering through charcoal, exposing to sunlight, boiling, and straining.”* Using ultraviolet (UV) light for drinking water disinfection dates back to the year 1910 in Marseille, France** In the early 1930’s Professor Georg Alexander Krause from Munich discovered how to use electrolysis to deposit silver ions in water in order to clean it bacteriologically.*** Etc… etc… etc… no need to go on. So Mr. Nussbaumer I need to ask why you are spending so much money on technology that’s already been invented over and over again. Your thoughts and intentions are definitely admired but, your follow through leaves a pile of mud to be slogged through.





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