Ducks Get Their Own Walking Lanes In London


The Canal & River Trust, as part of the Trust’s “Share the Space, Drop your Pace” campaign, has created lanes exclusively for waterfowl in London, Birmingham, and Manchester to encourage awareness among people and animals using the narrow pathways. Stamped with the text #share the space and a painted silhouette of a duck, the lanes remind walkers, runners and cyclists that they share canals with feathered inhabitants as well as allow humans and animals to walk together without encroaching on eachother’s territory.

Richard Perry, the chief executive of the Canal and River Trust, said in a statement on the charity’s website: “For many people our towpaths are among their most precious green spaces, antidotes to the pace and stress of the modern world and places to relax and unwind. But with that success there are also problems, which is why we are calling on visitors to help make our canals preserves for old fashioned good manners!  We can all help by slowing down and remembering we are all there to enjoy the space.” The duck paths have been a hit with people:

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