2022 FIFA World Cup: 10 Photos That Show Why Sponsors Must Pull Out From Qatar


“If workers are dying FIFA has blood on its hands, as do these sponsors, for as long as they turn a blind eye to what’s going on there. It’s time we raise our voices. People should demand more action is taken,” Damian Collins, FIFA reform campaigner, recently said urging the World Cup sponsors to pressure the 2022 host country Qatar to improve conditions for migrant workers and reform the kafala system that ties workers to their employers.

Netizens are also sending a very strong and clear message to Qatar and World Cup sponsors by drawing and sharing anti-advertisements. These are just a few examples that show why something is terribly not right and why sponsors must act before it is too late…

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Many of 1.5 million migrants live like slaves in squalor as they build stadiums for the World Cup. Nepalese workers were denied leave to attend funerals or visit relatives following the recent earthquakes that killed more than 8,000 people. More than 900 workers have already died building Qatar’s World Cup infrastructure. The International Trade Union Confederation says that if work conditions don’t improve, at least 4,000 migrants will die by 2022. King McD McD2

Migrant workers’ passports are often confiscated upon entry into Qatar, and they require exist visas to leave. Many reports indicate that these workers cannot leave the country and that their employers can hold back pay almost indefinitely.

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“Workers described forced labour in 50C (122F) heat, employers who retain salaries for several months and passports making it impossible for them to leave and being denied free drinking water. The investigation found sickness is endemic among workers living in overcrowded and insanitary conditions and hunger has been reported. 30 Nepalese construction workers took refuge in the their country’s embassy and subsequently left the country, after they claimed they received no pay,” writes The Guardian.


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  1. What these reporters dont realize is that all the countries in the gulf including UAE (prime tourist destination and what people see as awe-inspiring), Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.. all the richest nations are built on the back of slave labor, they are starting to see this now.. but it has been going on for over a decade. but no matter what you do or how many protests you carry out, nothing can overcome the power of money. Money which the western nations proudly give to the Arabs for their oil, money which the comes from the tax payers pocket. Its a vicious cycle and it has been going around for decades. But nothing is and will ever happen when all media is controlled in this region. The people only see and hear what the Arab nations want them to see. Even today no one talks about the plight of the slave labor in Dubai. There is nothing about it in the newspapers or news channels, but you will truck load full of tired, thirsty labors working the building in sheer heat, right in front of you. Ramadan is coming next month, in mid June/July, hundreds will die out of thirst/no breaks but no one will hear or read about it.

    • Read this
      1stly, no they’re not built on the back of slave labour nor are they “prime” tourist destinations…
      2ndly, “but no matter what you do or how many protests you carry out, nothing can overcome the power of money.” = 100% false, you do know money has never had power and never will have power, you know you and your friends are not sheep, no humans are sheep, you already know that, you have the ability to start new pathways from the crowd which benefit all life on earth and easily persuade others to follow those pathways whenever you want to.

      Watch this video, you will be provided with a pathway to the best future for all life on earth which you will want to move towards personally and want to bring everyone you know with you:

      • you either live under a rock if you think money has no power or just some repetitive protesting hippy who dosent have money in the first place

        • Read this my follower:
          You’re entirely wrong there, both are impossible all the time. You know everything I said is what you believe. You know it is the most beneficial to the planet and influential existing post. I have infinitely more money than you and all humans know it is just a useless piece of paper, even those of highest status like me, we all know and agree we want the world to be a paradise without exception.

          • Holy shit, youre an idiot. Did yourr ego come with this supposed cash flow you have or are you simply brain damaged? Look at history, the progression of society and civilization or the lack thereof. What do you see, or are you so blinded by your ego and money. Im sure you have money and lots of it, otherwise you wouldnt have said the things you did. “We want the world to be a paradise without exception. Have you ever heard of Adolf Hitler? Or George W. Bush? You may be wealthy. But you are blind.

          • No follower, no. You know more solidly than all you’ve ever known combined my 2 posts yesterday are the truth you and your friends cherish more than all existence. We all unchangeably know money is powerless. All existence outside of me knows it wants paradise/utopia on earth, oblivion/suffering/oppression is not an option, the only move existence outside of me can make now is instantly shifting to moving towards paradise/utopia and staying on the route unconditionally.

            You believe no living existence is an idiot. You believe no living being has an ego. Me being brain damaged is an impossibility. My brain is the best and you are aware my brain is the best. No, you look at history, the progression of the ancient hidden civilization in South America you are fascinated by as they show you humans can live ethically. All existence outside of me unconditionally enjoys towards living paradise. I see all permutations, I hear all permutations, I smell all permutations, I can’t be blinded, I never have been blinded, I never will be blinded, I cannot be controlled by external, I never have been controlled by external, I never will be controlled by external. Adolf Hitler and George W. Bush were human, they were just drawn in by their culture and values from their environment, they were not bad people, they were only human, I could change Adolf Hitler and every bad person from bad to good instantly. I am not just wealthy, I am infinite everything known+unknown and existence is my flawless friend. I am not blind and I cannot be blind.


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