Edward Snowden Shares a Video on How to Hack Voting Machines

Hacking the voting machines used in the elections is simple, yet warnings went unheeded by government

edward snowden

The ex-NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, who is now in Russia, has shared a video that reveals how a standard voting machine can be hacked and used for manipulating the vote count. Snowden shared this video via his Twitter account of more than a million followers, however, this video sharing was not one of his demonstrations, but rather, made by a security company called Cylance.

The company showed how to hack its system by using only a card that costs no more than $30, which resulted in changing the number of votes and altering the names of the candidates in the AVC Edge Mk1 voting machine. This “type” of machine was used to register more than a million votes on both the east and the west coasts.

However, the video shows how the hackers have flashed the machine’s software with a standard PC Card – better known as a PCMCIA card – which altered the vote count in the machines memory, manipulating the original vote by modifying the options that are visible on the unit’s display.

Moreover, the video also shows how the counts can be rigged on both the public and the protective counters that act as an extra layer of confirmation and security, which ‘ensures’ that the results are legitimate. The security company says that the people on duty at the polling stations should tightly monitor both the hardware and the software of the units; Cylance also gave a thorough report about these vulnerabilities to both the government and the company that makes these voting machines, before the elections.

Stuart McClure, who is the Chief Executive Officer, as well as the President of Cylance, stated that issues like these need to be addressed to the appropriate parties on priority basis, so that right measures can be taken to enhance the security of the units, which will then provide accurate results.

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