The Battle For The Nile In a New Millennium


The Nile River is one of the most significant rivers in all of history but in our modern times this is an irrelevant fact. The fact of the matter is that in 2016 nearly every country in the world is fighting for their own national interests with little interest in the national interests of others. In a little more than a years time the dam you see in the picture above will be complete. This dam will plug the  “Blue Nile” portion of the Nile River seen in the video above. The video also mentions a few facts such that the Nile flows through 10 counties before emptying out in the “Delta” – Egypt. In ancient times this gave Egypt the resources to become one of the greatest civilizations in history.

In modern times with pollution, opposing countries competing for national gain, and now 6 different National Dam Projects having been built along the Nile, Egypt is finding itself at the short end of the stick – at mercy geologically to every country upstream. What ever water is not scooped up up by nine other countries will finally find its way to Egypt. Over the centuries the once fertile soil of the ancient times no longer exists, Egypt no longer produces crops like they once were and in 2016 Egypt exists with one of the worst water share per capita rates of any developed country in the entire world. This statistic not reflective of the new dam being built by Ethiopia in 2017 which will essentially plug up one of the two main sources of the Nile river. The project in Ethiopia has many people in Egypt fearful for their future.

The Grand Renaissance Dam Project | Largest Dam Ever Constructed On The Continent of Africa | Will Be Operational In 2017:

How The Nile Dam Threatens War Between Ethiopia & Egypt:

Egypt opposes the dam if fear that the countries already restricted water supply will become more scarce. There is also a lesson learned that Egyptian activists are warning Ethiopian activists about the hidden cost of National projects such as this. Egypt once built the Answar Dam in hopes the project would “boost energy” and “boost the economy” and it turned out to be one of the worst decisions the country ever made. The silt stopped depositing beyond the walls of the dam, this stopped the soil beyond the walls of the dam from being fertilized and replenished, crops failed and agriculture in the country greatly suffered. Compared to ancient times the average flow of the river has significantly declined even in the years since the Answar Dam was produced. This means that energy produced by the dam project has also declined over the years.

As for Ethiopia The Grand Renaissance Dam is a 4.7 billion dollar contract, awarded to Salini Costruttori – Whom owns an Italian construction company specializing in building infrastructure. The dam project itself is “aimed primarily at generating power, with an expected capacity of 6,000MW” in new energy the become available within the country.

The Positive Economic Impact of The Grand Renaissance Dam Project To Date | By: Johathan Wakely

A source close with the investigation Anonymous MoneyPenney went on to surmise that “Egypt’s concerns appear warranted as its per capita water share is just 660 cubic meters, among the world’s lowest. The country’s population is forecast to double in the next 50 years, putting even further strain on scarce water resources. But upstream African nations have their own growing populations to feed, and the thought of tapping the Nile for their agriculture or drinking water needs is all too tempting.” Full Report:

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  1. Well sh*t egypt’s economy is terrible as it is and after the revolutions we’ve been through sisi pitches a good deal ( yes i said we’ve I’m Egyptain and no i don’t ride a camel to work) like i was saying from what i’ve heard many countries interested in causing problems and instability in the middle east will fight for this project I’m not saying ethiopia should starve or anything I’m just saying they should benefit themselves without completely f*cking +90mil souls over including yours truly


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