Pedophilia Vaccine: This Single Injection Stops Pedophiles from Abusing Children


Researchers at the Karolinksa Institute in Sweden have identified an existing drug known as degarelix, which is capable of preventing pedophiles from abusing children.

Degarelix is a hormone therapy drug, which is currently used in the treatment of prostate cancer. It blocks brain signals which stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone. The drug is administered by simply injecting it into the pedophile.

According to health experts, testosterone is link to high sexual arousal, diminished self-regulation and low empathy. The drug blocks receptors in the limbic system of the brain which promote anger.

The Telegraph reports that drugs have been used in the past to chemically castrate sexual offenders. But it is always done after the abuse has taken place. Aside this weakness, many of the drugs used also have serious side effects such as breast growth, bone thinning, and mood changes.

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However, the new treatment using degarelix would work before a crime has been committed. Researchers said they hope that men who mostly sexually abuse children will voluntarily ask for treatment.

The researchers said they have already carried out a research, which indicates that many pedophiles want help, and will therefore volunteer to be treated with the new drug.

“In 2012 we raised money to establish a telephone line where people who are worried about their own sexuality can call and talk to a professional. We have the proof of principle that people with these worries really want help, and we have shown if help is offered people will come forward,” assistant Professor, Stefan Arver who took part of the study said.

The drug has been tested on five Swedish pedophile men who voluntary called a sexual offenders helpline, in order to get treated of their sexual inclinations.

The researchers said the initial trials showed that after three days, the men had no detectable levels of testosterone, and within two weeks their risk of abusing children, had dropped substantially.

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The effect of the drug lasts for three months, and another injection could be given afterwards if sexually inappropriate behavior and thoughts returned to the person.

According to the researchers, their study of the drug is only exclusive for men because men are the ones who mostly sexually abuse children. They admitted that some women also sexually abuse children, but it is a small proportion, and not such a problem as compared to men.

Statistics show that between one in 20, and one in 35 men are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children. Due to the high rate of the figure, researchers believed it could be as a result of orientation in the same way as homosexuality or heterosexuality.

Currently, the research team is trying to identify biomarkers which could indicate if a person was prone to pedophilia. Last year, researchers from the Karolinska Institute and Oxford University found that 40 per cent of the risk of committing a sex crime is genetic, with the remaining 60 per cent down to personal and environmental factors, such as being abused as a child.

In the United Kingdom alone, more than 36,000 sexual offences were recorded against children in 2015. The Home Office estimates that the cost associated with each child sexual offence is around £37,000. This includes the costs of police investigation, legal proceedings and medical treatment.

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The Swedish researchers are far advanced with their study, and they believe that they will soon get results. However, the only difficulty they are facing now is finance. Nobody is funding the research.

They have therefore launched a project known as Paedophilia at Risk – Investigations of Treatment and Biomarkers –  on the crowdfunding site Walacea. The Researchers need about £38,000 to fund the project. You can click here to support the project. Let us all help in order to get pedophilia disorders out from the society.

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    • I am not a pedophile, but I have read a lot of psychological studies on pedophilia. Often times the perpetrator doesn’t want to feel the way they do. There is a lot of self loathing. It’s (not the same but) kind of like a fetish. People can’t help feel sexual attraction to feet or pregnant women or little people. It’s the same with pedophiles. So this drug is breakthrough in treating this disorder.


        • Actually it’s not. They are born like that. Their brains are disordered…they are sick. They need help. They watch porn to satisfy their fetish but they don’t become pedos because of porn. If you’re going to call people morons you had better make sure what you say isn’t also stupid!

    • I study genetics and work in genetic diagnostics at a hospital. there is very little choice in who or what you end up being sexually attracted to. Recent studies have identified a gay gene. Previous studies had already identified changes in the brain between straight males and gay males, large physically visible variation in certain regions. I myself am gay raised in a catholic homophobic country, that would tell gay men if they are not attracted to women they should marry god and beat themselves every time they had impure thoughts about men. And we all know how that turned out.

      Pedophila is like any other genetic condition. Society need to separate the condition from the act of child abuse. Statistic show the majority of those with the condition never actually offend.
      When I hear people automatically wanting to kill a pedophile it reminds me of the Romans discarding disable children by throwing them outside city walls to die. To me it’s similar to wanting to kill everyone with cancer.

      If you think killing all pedophiles and getting rid of porn will magically cure the world of this let just hope people don’t apply the same logic to headaches and start cutting heads off.

      I commend any man or women brave enough to come forward and get help with this condition as much as I commend anyone with cancer going through Kemo. As long as you don’t offend you have my compassion. Sorry you have to suffer this condition don’t be afraid to ask for help.

      • Totally agree. It must be so awful having those urges and know how wrong it is and have to be constantly tempted everywhere you go, and also hated for it. Anyone who admits to that and seeks help is very brave, and anyone who cannot see that and stoops to wanting to kill them is very cowardly and stupid.

    • What is so wrong with the good old fashioned use of ” Bromide” given to the men who joined the navy in the second world war, and they were given a dose of Bromide everyday.. as it killed off any sexual arousal and partaking in sexual activities with others while spending a long period of time on ships.. seems the boy of the waves could not help themselves and the problem was immediately taken into hand.. everyday a dose of bromide, and choice of either sixpence or shot of 100% proof Navy Rum..

  1. Glad something is being created
    Also people should look in to astro psychology under DR Turi
    since the UCI natal astrology chart can be determined from birth if a person will be attracted to children as well. And if they know this before hand then they can administer this to prevent.
    or do tests bio markers in all schools at middle school level to test and prevent

    • There is nothing new “Created ” here. Chemical castration is ancient technology and constitutes a ” vaccine against pedophilia” as much as amputation at the elbow constitutes a ” vaccine against masturbation “.
      The problem with this aside from the many strange side effects is that such shots can be easily counter acted by supplimenting additional Testosterone which sports scandals tell us is commonly available.

    • I can’t actually believe you comment got past a moderator. Your stupidity is as dangerous to children as playing in traffic.

  2. There is no guarantee. There never is. This drug only gives pervs the rundown chance of suing the system should side effects take place.

  3. Only a few will come forward and from experience only the not so bright get caught. The well organised men who are part of groups with others that hold responsible positions within our society rarely if ever get caught or reported. As religions protected its offenders so does the judiciary. Sex offenders have to agree to treatment be it chemical or behaviour modification. In Australia we put our sex offenders in prisons for sex offenders (even though we don’t tell the public this. That way they do not get beaten up by other prisoners. They do however form networks for the future and exchange ideas. so in a way the system helps them to offend for effectively upon release.

    • The one’s that don’t care about hurting kids will keep doing it but lots of men want help because they know it’s wrong and they don’t want hurt children but they can’t control the urges and they are not getting any help. It’s those men they want to help with that “vaccine”, the ones that are smart enough to stay always from kids.


    • So obviously incarceration is not working. But it rarely ever works does it. 80% of criminal reoffend, and typically the offence is worse.

  4. “Statistics show that between one in 20, and one in 35 men are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children…” really go politely go fuck yourself with such bullshit. I want to see proper citation on this. Do a little more research before you post such crap.

      • There is a documentary on Netflix and a lot of research in Germany with promising result. I am gay, it wasn’t a choice I feel very fortunate not to have been born a pedophile my life was hard enough. If we show compassion and understanding they will be more likely to come forward for help. If we scare them they will hide and stand more chance of offending. If you really want to protect your kids you need to take a different approach break the cycle. The mob kill them all mentality hasn’t work so far and that is unlikely to change.

        I know it’s hard espcially if you were one of the victims I would never expect you to see them as anything but your abuser. But the rest of us can step in and help you come to terms with what happened and prevent them from committing abuse in the first place.

  5. It’s not a perfect solution but trying to prevent more crimes is a good start. They should give it to the ones that have been convicted too I’m sure it would help or at least it won’t make it worst.

  6. Ahaha!Yep! WE all know nothing Will be seriously done for that matter. Our so called leaders would have to inject each other!!! So no chance.There is a child holocaust going on as in the days of Noah, Egypt, of Mayans… Citizenry Will have to involve themselves as warriors do for a cause they believe in…or this Will only grow.

  7. 90% of sexual abuse of children is not committed by peadophiles but by family members. The largest single group of child sex offenders is fathers the second is mothers. Being sexual abused as a child is not a risk to go on to abuse but a deterrent with stats showing less than the general population. There are so many false statements in this article it is hard to read please talk to experts ie survivors before you publish again

    • Uhhh yea those fathers and mothers you’re talking about those are called PEDOPHILES. Jesus Christ is this really the direction society is going where it’s being normalized to abuse children? Anyone that makes excuses for these oxygen wasting peices of trash is either a pedo themselves or is just dumber than a bag of rocks.

      • Not normalized…accepted that they exist and it’s not actually their fault. Like gay people they are genetically born that way. They need to be stopped, no question, but if you think it would be fun for someone with those urges to have to walk around constantly being tempted and knowing it’s wrong, then your empathy button has been switched right off!

        No one is saying their actions are acceptable or ok. The fact that so many people here jump to that conclusion shows how people just don’t read online comments correctly.

        The problem is not enough are willing to volunteer for help as they don’t see anything wrong with it and from THEIR perspective, it’s normal. It’s obviously not normal but they exist in society as some kind of genetic abnormality and that’s not really their fault.

        It’s not that hard to see that if you take in the actual facts and remove the emotions and mob mentality that still thrives. What makes people wishing murder on others any better than the harm pedophiles cause? They are still people at the end of the day if you strip away all the labels that make it so easy to condemn. People who are sick and need help.

        I have no compassion for pedos who don’t seek treatment and hurt children, but I do have compassion for those who don’t want to be thinking about kids and know it’s wrong but can’t help what they like. It must be awful to live like that.

  8. people who think we should just kill pedophiles clearly have 0 empathy. it was not too long ago our great grandparents or their parents married girls of 12 or 14. it was fine. pedo hatred is only a recent thing. if this drug can help them, then as humans we need to help them.

  9. There has long been a cure for pedophiles that has existed in Southeastern Kentucky for decades -it is called a loaded double-barrelled shotgun at point blank range – no guesswork and 100% effective – All too often Pedophiles are protected and even turned loose because the authorities are part of the pedo network


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