EU Government Wants To Make It Illegal To Save Refugees From Drowning


by John Vibes at


The European Union is being pressured by activists to cancel proposed legislation that would make it illegal for anyone to save a refugee from drowning. A petitionopposing the legislation has already gathered thousands of supporters, and activists throughout Europe are opposing the plan.

The plan was proposed during meetings between EU ministers in Amsterdam late last month.

According to the London-based human rights group Statewatch, the new laws would remove legal exemptions from charities, volunteer groups and others who provide help to refugees in their travels. The law would prevent people from providing “humanitarian assistance” for refugees, and under the terms of the new laws, anyone who tries to help them will be consider a smuggler.

If someone did want to help refugees they would be forced through many layers of bureaucracy where they would be forced to register with police and interact with refugees in a very limited capacity.

Statewatch director Tony Bunyan said that these new laws “fail to acknowledge the crucial role played by Greek islanders and volunteers in rescuing and caring for migrants who cross the Mediterranean in unsafe vessels. The EU should amend its anti-smuggling laws as soon as possible to confirm that no one giving such vital humanitarian assistance should ever be penalized for it.”

Sadly, it is incredibly common for refugees to drown during their travels. According to RT, roughly 250 refugees drowned while attempting to cross the Aegean Sea, and these are only the deaths on record. By comparison, this same time last year there were only 82 refugees who died attempting to cross the sea.

Laws in the EU have become increasingly hostile towards refugees and immigrants. As we reported last week, a new law in Denmark would allow government agents to confiscate personal belongings and private property from incoming refugees.

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  1. A better idea would have been for the EU government not to have participated in creating the conditions that have directly resulted in mass migrations. If, on the other hand, they simply can’t resist the temptation to invade other peoples countries, maybe they should at the very least, accept full responsibility for the inevitable dispossession and distress suffered by their victims.

    • You know, in many families there are many members, like 4 or something. Do you understand how difficult the journey with bigger number of family could be? A small child can be carried. And if those young men would stay, and send someone else, the result? These men would be by force made to go war for participants they may not have any sympathy, like for ISIS. Staying there, they’d ensure that, and on top of it, recruiteers could kill with a big possibility the rest of the family when caught the young man – that there would be nothong more to do, to go back. Only the killing, by force. So, thgese young men honestly feel the best possibility to survive and to keep their families would come and seel an asylum, and then bring their families. Unfortunately uniting families have made so hhard in many countries that some of they leave back. Then they’ll take another huge “risk” and take this time their whole family . even more will drown in a hope that they’d get an asylum now, when they have their family with them. And all this means more money for smugglers. And all beacuse international communities are so weak and shitty heads. I shame humanity.


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