Extraterrestrial Life On Jupiter’s Icy Moon Europa? NASA Believes So!


Will ET be here soon? According to NASA, alien life DOES exist…

In September 2014, NASA and the Library of Congress brought together scientists, historians, philosophers and theologians from around the world for a two-day symposium – Preparing For Discovery – so that they get ready for the inevitable discovery of extraterrestrial life.

Astronomer, symposium organizer and former chief NASA historian, Steven J. Dick, told The Huffington Post:

“We’re looking at all scenarios about finding life. If you find microbes, that’s one thing. If you find intelligence, it’s another. And if they communicate, it’s something else, and depending on what they say, it’s something else! The idea is not to wait until we make a discovery, but to try and prepare the public for what the implications might be when such a discovery is made. I think the reason that NASA is backing this is because of all the recent activity in the discovery of exoplanets and the advances in astrobiology in general. People just consider it much more likely now that we’re going to find something — probably microbes first and maybe intelligence later. The driving force behind this is from a scientific point of view that it seems much more likely now that we are going to find life at some point in the future”.

This artist's concept illustrates the idea that rocky, terrestrial worlds like the inner planets in our Solar System may be plentiful, and diverse, in the Universe.

At the symposium, Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at California’s Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute, shared some astonishing numbers. “It’s a big number: 10,000 billion, billion. And we know that most of those stars have planets – 70 or 80 percent. If all of those planets are sterile, and you’re the only interesting thing happening in the cosmos, then you are a miracle. That would be exceptional in the extreme. So, the middle-of-the-road approach is to say, ‘You’re not a miracle, you’re just another duck in a row of ducks’.”

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover discovered spikes of methane, a gas usually produced by biological life, on the Red Planet – a first hint of alien life in December 2014.

Now, NASA has its sights set on a visit to Jupiter’s Europa, where there is a possibility of finding extraterrestrial life. Under its icy shell, Europa has an interior ocean that could be ten times deeper than those on Earth, and include two to three times the volume of all liquid water on our planet. White House’s $18.5 billion budget proposal includes $500 million for NASA in 2016 for developing a mission to Jupiter’s Europa, and its Asteroid Redirect Mission.


Since 2009, NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has found over 5,000 potential exoplanets, more than 1700 of which have been identified. The NASA roadmap will continue with the launch of the Transiting Exoplanet Surveying Satellite (TESS) in 2017, the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb Telescope) in 2018, and the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope – Astrophysics Focused Telescope Assets (WFIRST-AFTA) early in the next decade. The discovery of extrasolar planets expands the potential for finding habitable worlds.

NASA doesn’t want the public to be surprised when extraterrestrial life is discovered. The size of the universe, the evidence of UFOs, and millions claiming to have contact with extraterrestrial beings, are possible indicators of life outside the Earth. But wouldn’t a contact with alien life spell disaster for our planet? Cosmologist Stephen Hawking warns that encounter with aliens could be catastrophic for humans. Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionary paleobiologist at Cambridge, believes aliens might be as violent and greedy as humans – or may be worse.





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  1. There is one thing that is underestimated in general, even by bright people like Steven Hawkings: If an extraterretial inelligent lifeform gets in touch with us, it is highly possible that it is not “violent and greedy” at all. the reason for this would be social-fiction: If they evolved the intelligence to build a technolgy that is able to fold the space or whatever to ovecome large distances, they are probably not sticking around with resource-based society systems as we do. In fact, such a technology would be the solution to all resource problems that we can think of. Let’s say they are not much more evolved than we are. Maybe just 10 or 100 Million years older. Do you really think they have the need for working slaves or capitalism even millions of years after they might discovered quantum-mechanics and nano-technology? Does not make sense at all.

    • I like the way you think, Andi, but consider the following scenario:

      Alien race “X”, which is capable of FTL travel to Earth comes from a region of space where there are other solar systems nearer to them than Earth is to Alpha centauri or any other system we consider a “close neighbor”, so perhaps something not as advanced as FTL travel is not required for “X” to reach these planets. Alien races “Y” and “Z” live in these systems, or perhaps one or more live in the same system which has more than one planet in the habitable zone.

      Race “X” lives by values resembling those of Ayn Rand and essentially conquer “Y” and “Z”, take their resources, use them as cheap/free labor, etc since their own planet is not doing so well. Sometime while all this is going on, they develop the technology for FTL travel. Race “X” eventually ruins their own planet’s environment due to their insatiable greed and disregard for the environment, and eventually screw over “Y” and “Z” as well. They are in a crisis situation, and rather than learn from their mistakes, they look for another planet to plunder. That’s where we potentially come in if they find out about us.

      Not saying it will necessarily happen that way, but technology, at least in the short run, does not always perfect coincide with one’s level of enlightenment.

      • if technology reaches a sufficient level, there is simply no need for slaves etc. – you could just assemble whatever you want to have from molecules (or even energy), or even transfer yourself in a simulation if the reality doesn’t suit you as well. additionally, i don’t think conquering races are able to do things like FTL – they kill each other before they reach this technological level (just look at us humans, we just entered atom age and are at the border of a nuclear war)

      • Contact is inevitable. Lets get it done. OUR planet is on the brink of devastation from pollution and greed. We are all slaves for numbers in bank accounts. WTF. All we need to live and be happy is provided and free.

        There is a complete disregard for our planets future and our children’s. If there is intelligent life, then I’m pretty damn sure we could learn from them. We don’t live in the movies.

        Less than 100 years ago we were pulling supplies with horse and cart…we are infants in the scale of things.

      • i like both of your senarios. but with all the sightings and “kidnapping” if they have can come to earth just to inslave us. i think they would allready have done it!

        i think just like us people they are multi kinds of races. yes. some are just as violet as us but there are also some that dosent belive in violens

        sorry for my english hope you understand.

      • I think it is simply a matter of practicality to look at the subject objectively. By and large, I think in this day and age, for most people, it’s a foregone conclusion that the universe teems with life. That being the case, it would seem reasonable to me to assume that, the more we explore space, the greater we increase the probability of a human encounter with extraterrestrial life of any kind.
        Experts in nearly every field of human endeavor make us of sampling in order to base models of future trends and such. Obviously, it’s not a perfect science because there are always unknowns which can’t be accounted for. None the less, samples are generally considered reliable enough for economic forecasts, marketing tools, ect, ect, with some accepted margin of error.
        In this case, I would take our own solar system as a representative sample of the greater universe at large. We have some 8 to 10 planets in our solar system roughly, depending on how one prefers to define them., at least one of which is confirmed to support life. Not just human life, but a vast multitude of diverse expressions of the phenomenon. According to the latest Census of Life on Earth by the U.N.’s UNEP, we’ve cataloged roughly 8.7 million species of life right here, within our own little microcosm. Obviously, out of those 8.7 million, the vast majority are microbial. It would seem reasonable to me to assume that we would find that to be a consistency throughout the universe. Out of those which remain of our 8.7 million, if one were so inclined, it should be realtively simple to classify them according to their complexity and determine the exact percentages of life on Earth which would fall into the various categories. However, out of all of those 8.7 million species, we find only one which at least presumes itself to be intelligent. One, out of 8.7 million, obviously is a very small percentage. However, I should think that we would find that too is a relative consistency throughout the universe, within a reasonable margin of error. Certainly, there are likely to be planets which evolve simple life and never evolve any more complex beings such as ourselves.
        There doesn’t seem to me to be any reason why we can’t also look at the human race as a microcosm unto itself, which presents us with a representative sample of “intelligent” life in the universe.
        Now, when one looks at the human race, obviously, the first thing they would notice is that, while similiarly constructed, we don’t all look the same. Asians look different than Europeans for instance. There’s some variation in our exact physical characteristics. That too, I think is reasonable to assume that we would find is a consistency in all species throughout the universe. When one looks closer at the actual behavior and mindset of the human species, one finds a far broader range of diversity yet. There are some amoung us who are capable of tremendous love and empathy. Then, there are others amongst us who are full of bloodlust and greed, those whom we would describe as purely evil. Most of us generally tend to fall somewhere in the middle of the road between those two extremes. I think it’s reasonable to assume that we would find that too is a consistency throughout the universe. Just as there are good humans and reprehensible humans, I think it’s only inevitable that, the more we discover the universe, we’re going to find that there are both good and evil within every intelligent species. Such things are not the result of technology or experience. They are simply the nature of the beast. A tiger can not change it’s stripes as they say.

      • really all depends on whether they have a central bank and resource based economy with the propaganda that goes along with it
        if they dont have bankers they will likely be peaceful

      • sounds like someone watches too many science fiction movies, you literally just made up an entire scenario based off of nothing, no proof, no research, nothing… don’t get me wrong I do believe its impossible for there to not be aliens out there, but lets just be frank about this, its just as likely that the aliens are a peaceful loving race there to help us, as it is for them to be a purely evil destructive race. just take a look at the variations of different people on earth, everything from sociopaths to hippies that never wear shoes.

    • Maybe not as a society in general, but no matter how evolved a society becomes, it is never perfect, and you have to think about the fact that an alien civilisation, like us, is a collective group of extremely diverse individuals.
      Yes, maybe some of these aliens may be peaceful, but all it takes is one sociopath to start a tidal wave

    • I disagree, sympathy is mostly a human concept, at some point, a species must draw a line with other types determining which ones are exploitable and which ones are “similar”. We as humans don’t (and can’t) question the killing of a mosquito or a virus, why would that be different with ETs ?

  2. Or maybe less worse. Stop playing with words, please!
    Journalism is about presenting informations in an objective way.

    On the other hand, if they could be worse, or even way worse than human. Signaling our presence in the universe would be a really terible thing, unless we prepare ourselfes to win against them and any attack. And spending money on efemere things, here on Earth, like wars, and not scientific discoveries, wouldn`t help us, as a sapient species.

  3. That’s the problem with being awake, you pretty well always know what’s gonna happen next.

    Quick everyone on Earth!! Hand over whatever rights you actually have left so the “government” can protect us from these aliens that I bet will ‘threaten’ our existence before we make it to Jupiter.

  4. I think we’ll find life off of our planet. Intelligent life capable of space travel is less sure of a bet. Humans are well equipped for the task. We can make and use tools, use language, and are a size that allows us to utilize them. The question is does evolution operate on some unknown set of rules that given the right environment would produce a humanoid similar to ourselves, or is evolution totally random? Would an all water world produce an intelligent fish or mammal but without the capability of using tools? We won’t know until/unless we find complex life. Unless there is a great breakthrough in physics, Space’s distances are a nearly insurmountable obstacle.

    • its all a manner of engineering. it was once said that man couldn’t fly. but we achieved that, went into space, and even broke the sound barrier.
      as far as humanoid life forms, remember the concept of infinity. eventually we would come across another humanoid planet. its just a manner of time.

    • It’s a possibility that dolphins are a aquatic version of intelligent life. We just can’t communicat with them, but they definitely can with eachother.

  5. I mean I think aliens exsist but biblical alieans. Aka strangers the thief’s of the night. Why were ancient evil civilizations so advanced? Before Jesus? The world was dark and evil. These aliens are fallen angels who can take forms of whatever they choose. This is all my opinion but it makes the most sense. Certain things happened all around the world before anyone could travel. Same design’s same advanced society’s they had help. N get all of them were pure evil. Egyptians. Mayains the list goes on. I think Satan and the other fallen angels had a lot more control and influence over earth before god sent Jesus to save us from this evil and darkness. Again just my theory but it makes sense the Greek gods the Egyptian gods all could of been somewhat real and it was just fallen angles taking different forms just like today’s aliens. Time will tell the end is nearing the world is pure evil the new world order is in full effect I’m sorry for all u non religious people. Please just read the end of the bible everything that is happening was predicted in the bible. It may be ten years it may be hundreds or thousands but with the technology advancing at this rate better believe it will be sooner than later. Man will kill itself withing a 100 years so I believe it will be in the next 20 years the Antichrist could already be amongst us. Js again my opinion not trying to hear ppl get fired up I just believe in god.

      • +1 The Judge. Science and belief aren’t related like that in my opinion. So fallen angels/Satan? We’re talking about extraterrestrial life. I don’t have any belief in supernatural beings, such as Gods, but who am I to judge that being true? Although I think God won’t be involved in this matter. But again, that’s just my opinion.

    • I agree with you in some cases jbone1588, but I don’t think rapture or reign of antichrist will happen within the next 20 years.

    • Hmmm maybe,JUST MAYBE Christianity is actually not right? Perhaps the God who is fine with rape and child molestation but not with eating shrimp isn’t the almighty brilliant thing everyone claims him to be. Christianity is an evil culture disguised with flowers and miriacles to make people go ‘aaaaaw’

      Also it never says directly in the bible that there’s no other gods. It seems to me these other entities were helping mankind out and God came along and destroyed them.

      That’s going on the basis that this ‘god’ person is even real.

      Look for proof of God and tell me actual proper proof, not just ‘the grand canyon was made by god due to layers’ or whatever the argument is.

      So until then, shove your cranium unto the deepest region accessible by your colon and come back when you’re not a dumbshit

      That’s just my opinion.
      Thanks 😉

      • I agree with jbone. There are and always will be good and evil. Just because we greedy people have used religion to gain power, control and money doesn’t mean it’s all bad. I know there’s something goodout there. i have had so many things happen to me without any possible explanation of it even being possible. And that’s not even the crazy intense feeling that rushes through my body. I can feel the connection in my body. But really it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you’re a decent person. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Peace and love, live long and prosper, may the force be with you, may the odds be ever in your favor, or whichever you prefer.

      • Read Exodus, Mabus. Then look at the discoveries of John Wyatt. There are also witnesses to his findings, that without a doubt, prove the story to be fact. Research for yourself before you open your colon and poop on others faith.

  6. There are no aliens – the aliens we are seeking are man made, in the Pentagon. UFO’s are also man-made. Isn’t this convenient? We will soon be “saved” by these aliens and their miraculous new technologies. However, these technologies have already existed on earth for at least 100 years. So now the illuminati will arrive disguised as aliens, and present this new technology, that has the potential to “save” the world from the current energy crisis… What do they want in return? Us to be their sheeple slaves. The wool really has been pulled far over your eyes, my friends!

    • On the contrary. Science has proven that 10,000 year old ruins have been uncovered ,all over our planet, which were made by machines that we don’t even have, today, on a massive scale. So, take a step back and tonite, look up into the sky. there are Billions of Galaxies with 100s of Billion stars. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities. Aliens will not have to invaded this planet , because they have been her for 1000s of years. Naivety , and ignorance are the scurge of this planet. Just because You have never seen one doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Wake up to the Facts and realize just how insignificant we are. This world is headed for a mass destruction, by Humans. When the time comes, your fate may not be as sweet as you had hoped. Take you heads out of the and READ a Book sometimes. you’ll be amazed what you learn. Not , The Fifty Shades of Grey, either . Try non-fiction. That would be about Factual events , not Fantasy.

  7. Science has proven that 10,000 year old ruins have been uncovered ,all over our planet, which were made by machines that we don’t even have, today, on a massive scale. So, take a step back and tonite, look up into the sky. there are Billions of Galaxies with 100s of Billion stars. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities. Aliens will not have to invaded this planet , because they have been her for 1000s of years. Naivety , and ignorance are the scurge of this planet. Just because You have never seen one doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Wake up to the Facts and realize just how insignificant we are. This world is headed for a mass destruction, by Humans. When the time comes, your fate may not be as sweet as you had hoped. Take you heads out of the and READ a Book sometimes. you’ll be amazed what you learn. Not , The Fifty Shades of Grey, either . Try non-fiction. That would be about Factual events , not Fantasy.

    • There are some truths within this paragraph.. People need to wake up and learn the facts… History has provided more than enough proof of past enter actions with other beings. It’s the same all around the world. How can so many civilizations have the same common creation stories when they had no contact by any means??? They all had a common teacher.

      Perception is unique to all of us but the truth is the truth. It seems really ignorant to think we are the only ones.

      Look at the advancement of our civilization in the last hundred years?? There is definitely some intervention going on here.

  8. Let say their is Aliens are their going Peacefully such as Mass Effect’s Hanar, want Worldwide Conquest of Humans such as V TV Series’s Visitors, going want Eats us Humans for Dinner such as Twilight Zone 1960 TV Series’s Kanamits.

  9. What if we discovered a planet with alien life , but their evelution is “stone age” , maybe millions years older, but inteligence never went as far as basic technology? Would we invade? Even after years of study and learning enough to where we feel comfterble to touch down on land? If you realy think about it there are millions of scenarios we can reinact or play out. Nobody , and i mean nobody has a solid answer of any kind when that day comes. We all gotta wait and see what happens next….

  10. An alien race thousands millions or billions of years more advanced than us would not want our resources or water the Universe is full of resources that they with there tech can find without the hassle of having to deal with us. Now Human kind is a resource so far as we know is only found on Earth and a twilight zone episode comes to mind to serve man a cook book they would want us for food nothing more than cattle is what we would be to them.

    • Don’t care to talk too much about the subject, would prefer to be involved the project of search, travel, and discovery, Or even studies related to sleep during long periods, diet/ vitamin suplaments, water filtration, fitness, related to deep space exploration.
      Sign me up

  11. Who’s to say what they are like. We must prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I have a theory and it might sound weird but what if they created us to be slaves? We are teraforming this planet into something that we can not live in , but that doesn’t mean they can’t, not to say that’s what is going on but honestly if man could create slaves to work for us and be dumber then us we would. Maybe this is what they did a long time ago. Darwinism is a flawed theory and aliens could explain a lot there. Who knows maybe they are the gods we worship.

  12. We are the aliens!
    Na but everyone is getting ahead of themselves
    We made ourselves this way and I don’t think we would come across a group of “people” that have developed in such a way over such a long time.
    I think we will find insect size, to dog size, even to elephant sized “animals”. We might find planet xb2849’s version of a cat and it’s “meow” would be the intelligent communication we receive. And for those saying they’d be bad… If they are it would be alongside the laws of nature whereby killing = food and sustainability. We attribute ‘bad’ to that,
    Or good, but it is merely a thing that has to happen.
    God, religion, society, politics every single thing we have on this planet that isn’t natural is made by US or perceived by US, and us alone.
    The alien life we may come across, if we do, if it’s a size big enough to interact with then I do not think it will resemble us, I definitely don’t think it’ll be humanoid, heck the entire human race’s imagination and brain capacity is based ONLY on the things we have all seen and thought of throughout our entire history. We may encounter somethin that does not even register in our brains I.e we would not even see it because we cannot comprehend it.
    God didn’t make us, I don’t disbelieve in religion, I believe there is something, I don’t think it should be branded and I don’t think it’s Allah or Jesus. Religion helps us and comforts us and should never be rejected but what we meet won’t be our creator nor our saviour nor the devil.. Seriously you think we’d meet an alien race as f’ed as us? The thing we meet won’t even comprehend us and neither will we
    It seems it is only in products of earth, mostly it seems that humans alone are capable of such violence for no reason other than greed, and that is because we alone attribute value to things which have none. I’m from UK and a five pound note is absolutely nothing without the meaning we attach, nike is nothing, yet people will die over them????
    Seriously. We won’t meet aliens like that
    Thanks, sorry if I offended u

  13. All relevant questions but no real answers here
    To think we are alone is to believe everyone that has ever lead a fair and just life, died for nothing.

  14. My mom swears she and her opera troupe witnessed saucers in the 60’s hovering over downtown Tulsa. 30+ people saw this, yet all were too astounded to report anything (it was the 60’s, after all). She is gone now, but I know she was telling the truth about the colored orbs beneath the Oval white lit orbs. Now, this sparked our debate on the mere possibility of life outside our tiny realm called earth. We concluded a resounding yes due to the aforementioned stats above relative to the universe. The only one we know of as of yet, might I add. We then concluded that as there are good and evil on earth, so shall it be in space, and you never know therefore what the hell we will encounter in the future. Could be we are the cavemen of the universe and nice aliens help us. Could be we have resources not prevalent in another galaxy and mean aliens obliterate us. We have absolutely no control. Men in Black is merely a movie, and just as it is when we each die alone, our world will never really know until she reaches her demise.

  15. It’s just funny how the modern human being thinks that he/she/it is advanced and miraculous. The fact is that human is raw and unadvanced with biased morals and technologies. Is it right to raise the humans over every other beings in this world? Or is it right to eat the “lesser” beings flesh? Or destroy their living space? What is the technology based on? What is it for? I’m not seeing that we the humans are advanced at all we are morally dead and our programming is biased novadays. We can’t evolve in a world like this that has money and borders. We are delusional mass murderers and committing genocide on other beings and on each other. Remember that things hasn’t always been like this. it’s just the lie that has been force fed to us for so long time that it has became the only truth but only in our minds and in our minds only.

  16. I feel we are not prepared to colonize other world.
    we are what can be said about modern cavemen .
    we could not live with the species that are on this planet and truth as a species feel that we are a disgusting human beings we fight with our neighbor to imagine that we can with a stranger best seri us to stay at home or be exclavisados ​​by others superior to us

  17. You cant even save the life on the earth Millions of poor people with no good no shelter , Why the fuck you are looking for alien life spending Millions of million dollors
    to kill em??

  18. Of course extraterrestrials exist, they’ve been visiting for hundreds of thousands of years. The big news is what’s underneath us…


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