Father of Six Dies after Prohibited Choke Hold is used


Friday July 25, 2014

Written by: Anonymous Watcher


A New York man died this week after an attempted arrest went terribly wrong. According to one witness recording the arrest, father of six, Eric Garner, was forced to the ground by several police officers after suspicion of illegally selling cigarettes. As one police officer put 350 pound, 6-foot-3 Garner in a choke hold, Garner is heard by witnesses stating that he “can’t breathe,” inducing Garner into a loss of consciousness, hitting his head on the sidewalk, resulting in full cardiac arrest.

Garner was declared dead an hour and a half later, at the Richmond University Medical Center. Autopsy reports are yet to be released. [1]

Garner’s wife commented on the situation, believing the NYPD acted excessively and unnecessary, using extensive force for a situation where it is reported, that Garner was trying to break up a fight. “They harassed and harassed my husband until they killed him.”

Every member of the New York City police department will now undergo retraining on the use of violence following the death of Garner, the police commissioner said this week. [2] According to the ABC news, the choke hold is a prohibited use of force in the NYPD. Bill de Blasio, NYC mayor has called the situation “troubling,” canceling his European vacation in light of this incident.[3]

Police Commissioner William Bratton said investigators are discussing with the FBI “to monitor this investigation,” expecting federal prosecutors to begin their own civil rights violation case.

In 2013, 233 complaints were lodged with the Civilian Complaint Review Board regarding the use of chokeholds, accounting for more than four percent of all excessive force complaints in New York.


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    • You only see the bad side of every thing, no one shows the good that most cops do, just the bad that some cops do. You can not blame all cops and hold them accountable for some thing a individual did.

      • why is that? good cops allow this to happen! They are just as guilty for hiding the fact! If we held evidence on a crime we would. e held accountable so should the rest!

      • Actually, we can. Every officer is sworn to protect the lives of people, and property. Every officer who does nothing to stop the “bad cops” are just as guilty. It’s called guilt by association. Also, the officers that were helping to hold the man down as he was being choked to death are accomplices in the “murder/manslaughter” of this man. The good cops, if there is such a thing, are obligated to stop excessive force used by other officers, THAT’S THEIR JOB. If they don’t, they’re just as guilty as the people perpetrating it.

      • You know how many fucking stories I see of cops doing good deeds and going out of their way? A lot. I don’t know where you’ve been. These cops deserve to be put on the spot like this for being the pieces of scum that they are just as any hero would be for their acts of heroism. The only reason you see more of these stories is because there’s a lot more asshole cops out there than good ones. They love to abuse their training and power rather than use it for good. So read up and turn on the news once in a while before you can go and say something like this.

      • They are getting paid to do good that’s why we don’t talk about the good deeds
        I’m not getting paid to kill people.

      • I hate people who say things like this,
        because Anonymous are not going too post good things about cops, because that’s what is expected of them should be good police officers its not a suggestion to be good police officer is their job to be a good police officer.

        • Yes there are good cops, but its not about being cops these days its a bout fear, cops use fear against people even the good ones do it, why should we fear what is suppose to protect us, stories are getting more and more consistent of cops ‘accidentally’ messing up whether it be shooting a young teen with a gun when he was not armed, beating a man for trying to help in a fight, or even this man here, the action they took was one of fear and not of a way they should (to come to a peaceful ending and not make a scene) and although these cops have done this they are put on paid leave and when they are forgot about they get to rejoin the force.

    • Called the Cops on Guy trying to Drink Drive and Break into my House.
      Cops Came
      Talked to the Guy *I watched and Listened*
      Cops escort man to police Vehicle calmly
      Man get’s in
      Cops take him away….

      *SO NYAH!*

  1. I saw the video of this. In certain countries you would be hung or shot but because they white and this the US they get off probably

    • Exactly he killed someone that was more than less innocent. Selling cigarettes my ass. I seen the video. He broke up a fight n was murdered for it!!!

  2. Publish the cop’s names and addresses so the entire Public knows what pigs they are until the bump into the wrong person. They should be in prison.

  3. If only we had more effective internal affair officers. Exposing the truth does not mean that this is the whole truth. And it doesn’t mean this is the only truth. This incident is obviously great evidence that many cops are crooked. At the same time, the cops out there that are truly out there helping our citizens and risking their lives daily are also catching the heat for this. Its a shame that this is such a problem that seems to be unstoppable. Please be conscious of unreasonable acts. But do not be an idiot yourself trying to prove these things. The ones going around starting fights with the wrong people are the ones making it harder and harder to stop this madness….the day we become ONE… Is far from reality.

  4. Wow! Really? First thing I noticed about this picture is it seems two police officers are not wearing vests. The second thing I see is one officer is HEAVILY tatooed. Why would two officers with ni vests be arresting a guy who was beaking up a fight? I call bs. Trolls!!!

  5. I cried to see this. Knowing it’s going on all over country. There is no respect for anyone or anything anymore. I don’t want to live in this world anymore, it hurts to much. How can anyone do that. Why aren’t those cops being prosecuted for manslaughter~~~~~ WHY

  6. R u fucking dumb? … a fat black father who broke up a fight was killed ? And no punishment goes to the filthy white police officers? Open your eyes people america has betrayed us all. In a few years no one would remember mlk in the books right ? Why because he brang justice to the coloured americans fuck this im out @


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