FINALLY! Salt-Water Powered Sportlimousine gets European Approval


Friday July 25, 2014

Written by: Tech Anonymous


How often have we heard THAT in the last 10 years?


Salt water-powered “Quant e-Sportlimousine” gets European approval. (1)


Well, a European company called Nanoflowcell has supposedly come up with an effective way to do just that. Well, maybe not YOUR car but A car. Their own “Quant” e-sportlimousine, to be exact. Ultimately, it’s an electric powered, high end luxury car. No hybrid, no fossil fuel, no emissions. On paper the company boasts this car to put out 912 HP from 4 electric motors driven by a “flow cell” battery. It’s also coated with a complete membrane of solar energy gathering cells and power regenerating brakes to help produce as much electricity as possible.  0-62 in 2.8 seconds, a top speed of 236 mph blah blah blah…


It’s not really what you expected to read about. How does it supposedly work? You ask. “Flow” battery technology has actually been around for a number of years. The biggest difference is that the electrolyte does not just sit in a container nibbling away at conductive plates like ants on a cracker…hence a regular car battery. There are typically two storage tanks, one with positively charged fluid and one with negatively charged fluid. Two pumps force the fluids through a divided chamber (kind of like a car battery that’s divided in half) and the reaction creates electric energy. The amount of power possible is directly related to the size of the tanks. Sounds like a simple concept until you get into the chemical concoctions.


What does it mean for the regular people of the world? For one, this company has actually convinced Germany to let them legally register the car in their country so it can be road tested. In knowing how the Germans embrace and refine technology it could mean a big difference to the world.


That’s great! You say to yourself. What’s it gonna do for the rest of us? As far as the technology itself goes, stop and think for a second. Those of the population living in rural areas, islands, preppers of all kinds, isolated towns and those just wanting to keep more of their hard earned pennies may now have another alternative power source for those times when solar and wind just aren’t happening. The long term bennies? As long as “big energy” embraces it instead of trying to bury it… we the people could have a major jump on the ability to store and produce massive amounts of energy. Which way will it go?


California based “Primus power” (2) is hot on the topic and has already landed contracts for producing and placing portable cells for the Marine corps in San Diego later in 2014 along with Puget Sound Power in  Washington state so, once again, where will it go? To the good of the world or to the pockets of the rich?  I would say only the shadowy figures of corporate espionage know that one.


For now, if you have a certain curiosity about the technology at least, it’s worth checking out from a general perspective.


Here’s a place to start:


Keep in mind, that link is NOT from M.I.T. Silicon Valley or any other scientific wonderama. It’s generic information but, it’s a start for the curious.



BUT for all those who want to own a Salt Powered Fuel Cell Car NOW, there is good news: You can get the miniature version for just a couple of bucks, check out the links below.



Get Your Mini Salt Power Water Car in:









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    the inventor Nunzio La Vecchia is not so genius as it might appear it seems more like a scam.

    sorry the articles are in german:
    this article explains his first scam (quant car with from him “developed” super efficient solar technology)

    and this article explains where he has his money from (cheated an old woman)

    One guy translated parts of it:

    and another critical article (in English):

    just to pick out the key sentences:
    “… Given that a similarly outlandish Quant car, centered in a similar black-walled booth, introduced by a very different Nunzio La Vecchia company, had vaporized years earlier, it seemed a responsible assumption that the e-Sportlimousine would do the same. …”

    and the really good advise:

    “We’ll wait to see the Quant e-Sportlimousine live up to its billing before we get too excited about that future expansion.”

  2. This is probably the start of a technology that will replace fossile fuel and make the air and earth much much healthier. Just imagine a world where everything ran on natures powers like wind, waterfalls etc. There would be no more air polution and our atmospehre and ozon layer would grow as strong as they used to be. I really hope that in the near future this will happen.

  3. So who wants to tell society that our governments have had this kind of technology, including anti-gravity technology, since the 1950’s. Oops have I said too much ?

  4. Creating things to help humanity should be a way of life. I’m glad to see that some people came up with this and succeeded.

  5. How does this article help us? We who struggle each every day. We, who have personally been the victims of their governments viciousness and seen everything they owned taken away by the so called legal system. Seen their loved ones die and seen their families fall apart. With love.

  6. This car runs on ionic liquid 😛 not salt water. But, it is again better than petroleum… have a good day and please just check the source a bit before you upload an article…Even tho i admire your work have fun


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