“WTF is going on in this world?” – An Anon is speaking out


As You may already know, we are always trying to read all the comments on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ArmyAnonymous. There are really a lot of smart people out there who are following our Fanpage and being even part of it by submitting really smart stuff and comments. And some days ago we found this comment below and it sums up pretty much all the recent events. We decided to give this ‘anonymous’ guy a voice in featuring and publishing his ‘speech’. And here it is in it’s original raw version, unedited:

“WTF is going on in this world. All these planes going poof and crashing and shit. Have you looked at some of the recent deaths in the last year? There are some important people that have died and no im not talking about celebrities cause come on if you care if they live or die you won’t get what i’m talking about. So the father of A.I.D. research and half his crew toast. The plague is back so there is that. Wars everywhere and yet where are our governments? Sitting in their cozy homes going on about their lives while these “mishaps” happen. Seems to me these things are happening too often and too planned. Scare tactics? maybe even the governments trying to get us to think we need them? Maybe they watched #hungergames too many times and decided it was time to take turns being the game maker? When are people going to wake the hell up and realize our governments are no long trying to keep us safe they are the problem that is cause us trouble? Fuck all you bastards that collect a check working for our dictators. If you weren’t so damn worried about that check and cared more that you sold your sole to the devil himself. They are taking away your rights to feed yourself in michigan this week if you live in a community and they are just stomping all over the rest of our rights left and right and we all just stand back and take it. Everyone talks about kids needing to stand up to bullies yet Adults can’t stand up to them either like #1 Bully of all time #Government #2 #Cops and#fortune500companies. If we weren’t spending all our money trying to please these greedy bastards day in day out they wouldn’t have the power they have now. To all you saying “oh i can’t grow food or can’t make my own power to run my choice of living” fine be a slave pay the man your money and be a lazy fucker.#Google is probably you best friend cause it does all the thinking for you. Hell you don’t know how to do something that can make your life free of all this hell. Google it. They will tell you the many ways to make your life free of bills.#RenewableEnergy projects have been around for years yet very few even care about them. WHY? you may ask. Cause there is no way any big #TV or #Internetcompanies are gonna pay to promote them so you can save money or not pay them. Same goes for your #ElectricCompanies and #Utilities. See all these #Bullies have their hands in your pocket daily and you do what? Pay your bill monthy without even looking at the fact that they add extra fees or your services haven’t gone up in years but your bill always does like clockwork. Nope you do nothing just pay it and bitch you live pay check to pay check cause that’s how they want it. WAKE UP WORLD. WE BUILT THESE GOVERNMENTS. WE VOTE THEM IN WITHOUT MUCH THOUGHT. WAKE UP AND TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOMS.”



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  1. Damn I hate to think that these would be planned events. We also have an outbreak of Ebola that has infected one of the primary doctors who treated it. We have some bubonic plague, not in a third world country but in the freaking USA. This is a disease that wiped out a third of the population of Europe back in the middle ages. Is this what we want for our world? Daily we throw enough food away in the US to feed half the planet. We pass people on the street that don’t have homes, or a place to stay that’s safe that night and don’t even see them. We watch as Israel kills hundreds for every single Israeli killed. We watch as extremist take territory in Syria & Iraq. We watch as Russia and the US bully people in the Ukraine into fighting each other instead of trying to come to an agreement. There have always been different means of government, there always will be. Personally I’d not want to live under a theocracy be it Christian, Muslim, or Judaism. I believe that the constitution of the US before it was subverted was the best method of government in the world. It allowed for progress through a means for amendments. There were two ways to accomplish that, one was to have 2/3’s of the states call for a constitutional change, the other a bill from Congress passed and then ratified by 2/3’s of the states. I do not pretend to know the answers but a clear statement of the wrongs are the first step to a solution

  2. all true.
    In the business world when the managers of a company take care of themselves and manage only their own gain instead of looking out for shareholders’ interests it is called the agency theory. The mismanagement can make people who work hard and trust and invest in the market system broke or stagnant on freedom to do things in life.
    Government has the agency theory symptoms. It doesn’t do its job, restrict people’s freedom, pay themselves fat salaries with vacation, benefits, and stable and secure jobs and doesn’t look after people’s best interest for happiness and material comfort. As a result the society is subpar and things could fall apart from internal pressure or world pressure.
    At this pace and direction things will fall apart it’s a matter of time and the sooner the better so we can start anew.
    A peaceful way to change society would be to vote but Americans don’t vote much, mostly at the local level.
    I am anon.

    • I love what you said through out, but unfortunately there is no peaceful way to change the world. I have been looking for answers, and the truth is, death.
      People will have to die. it’s a sad truth, but its the only way. Medical companies must crash, which will not take that long anymore, and then thousands will die through sickness, because there will be no cure. “Terrorists” will bomb and blow up major cities, not for the fun of it, but it needs to happen.
      Our planet is too over populated, and that is why people die everyday, natural disasters, deadly virus outbreaks, “terrorists”. All this needs to happen for the human race to exist. Only time can tell the real truth

      • I’ve thought the same thing there’s to many wicked people in this world especially the people ruling us a lot of people need to die

      • I agree with both of your comments, but i hope we will be assisted by nature in some unpredictable ways. Regardless, we will have to do what needs to be done. I could put a wicked man down without any problem of conscience, but i would rather the universe took responsibility for what it brought forth so our hands can stay cleaner than our father’s.

  3. Sadly too many ‘Governments'(mostly just puppets of big business) have learned that violent repression is eventually overthrown.
    Now they have taken lessons from history and maintain their power by creating ‘threats’ and ‘fear’ so they become ‘protectors’ and indispensable.
    Its a protection racket run by the elite.
    You can count the number of blatantly repressive regimes on one hand now after centuries of many.
    Now there are more peoples held under the fear of unemployment, poverty, starvation etc than by the gun. Those are still around in a few countries but now people are much easier to control when they fear a ‘phantom’ threat, one they cannot see.
    Their ‘neighbour’ is a ‘ogre’ who is desperate to destroy them – except their neighbour is really just like them.
    Taking the US for example, how many Americans believe that all of Islam is jealous of their freedom and is just waiting for the chance to destroy it ?
    It ISN’T but their leaders convince them that they will ‘protect them’ and smother the truth. If they really knew anything about those people they would discover those lies so they are carefully hidden.
    In Israel they are constantly told that Arabs want to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ when in truth 99% of Arabs want to live the peaceful lives that Jews do without apartheid and repression.
    When the peoples of the World are able to know the REAL TRUTH instead of what their Government ‘Claims’ they WILL rebel.
    Many had hoped the Internet could help achieve this but now those ‘Power Groups’ are beginning to dominate that too. The Arab Spring was an initial success but in many of those places the chains have been replaced by the same people with new names.
    At my age I doubt I will live another 30 years but I still have some hope that things can change before my time is up on this single planet we ALL SHARE.

  4. He’s absolutely right! I myself, like many others feel trapped in our lives. To protest means giving up comfort and in some circumstances it means giving up nesseccities. It’s just too hard.

  5. He’s right. And they’re stomping all over us because who’s feeding the government the most money?
    The companies, look at Comcast 7th place customer service ranking but the largest lobbying budget.
    The government’s won’t listen to the people because their blinded by the greed that we keep feeding into. The Companies take from us and push their agenda with our numbers.
    This country doesn’t run on census and people’s voice anymore it runs on the the amount of money you shove in its face.

  6. Spot on ! the corrupt elite have an agenda, and if the people don’t wake up very soon…. earth will be hell. The total waste of time and money is = UN, EU, NATO I have friends who for the last 10years, have told me to I am going crazy, well those same friends now are have second thoughts. I have little education(I left school at 14 to help my mom) but I am no fool, I can see the elite are sitting back and letting the Islamic / muslim assholes = cause max chaos. So then the NWO can be the mighty saviours and come in to save us all, and then control us all…. ps over my dead body

  7. Spoken like a champ ! Here’s my impression of modern society.

    Average Joe : I HATE THE GOVERNMENT! ALL THEY DO IS TRY TO CONTROL US… Hang on though, I have to go to work. We’ll continue this conversation when I’m not a slave anymore, which will be never.

    End Scene

  8. I say when presidential elections come around we all do a march there. Cause honestly we choose the lesser evil in those situations. And then everybody complains about a system failing even more, when by this point it’s not able to be fixed at all without breaking it apart.

  9. Anonymous-
    If I may, I wish to make a request for all of the people who are part of this great social group that strives to tell the world whats really going on. What I wish to know, is why is the government hiding certain USA locations from the citizens? Particularly Area 51. Known to have Alien activity since the Roswell incident, Area 51 has never officially been explained by anyone. Are there any members of anonymous that know about this mysterious area and why it is so heavily guarded, even to the death? Please help uncover the secrets of Area 51. Its time that the people of the USA, and the world know what they are hiding.

    -Clayton, fellow ANON member.

    • Places like that are not explained because they want to keep everyone looking there. The real secrets are hidden in plain sight, and any hype about them is repressed. While people who care are busy trying to dig into the big ‘secrets’ that the governments hype up like area 51, the real treachery goes on in front of everyone else’s trusting eyes. There are things that our society values so much that most people do not allow any questions about them, and the governments no longer even need to put forth much effort to keep the secret. Sure, there may be something malevolent going on at area 51, but the biggest threats are what our society holds to be sacred, ie vaccines, medicine, protection from terrorists, etc.

  10. 1 – There should be an ‘entrance criteria’ for politicians before they get nominated. They should all be good enough citizens to pass the government ‘top secret test’. i.e, No scandal, no greed, no lies, no drugs etc.
    2 – Their salaries, benefits, vacations etc. should be public. WE pay for it.
    3 – Their vote/agenda should be public and accessible so we know exactly who is behind decisions. Who are the people for i)war veterans not getting adequate benefits ii) hungry children in USA?.

  11. I am tired of seeing my brothers living in poverty and hunger, while only some of us have the means to lead a life were you can feed your family and enjoy the better things in life ,most people in my country cant afford to take a break , they cant take a vacation ,they have to work all year to feed their families ,and the next year they have to do the same thing,the sad thing is their children get caught in the same fucking wheel of life, the government wont allow their children a chance of escape, education which they desperately need to break free of the cycle , to better themselves and the society they live in. In my country they are deliberately destroying the public education sector which has all the means and resources to sustain itself ,yet the govt is destroying it for the rich few to sell education for money to the highest bidder , I believe it is the responsibility of the state to give education to its citizens , for they are what makes the nation yet these corrupt money hungry traitors sell their people’s life and fate , the situation is becoming the same in all aspects of life , health care is sold, transportation, every service and product essential to daily life is in the hands of the private sector, the poor working for a meal a day has no means to afford any of the above mentioned services ,and i still wonder why in hell are they not fighting back, why are they not resisting? these poor illiterate people are still in the illusion that there is a chance for them to get rich, that if they toil more they can make more money, if the slave for their capitalist masters they will be considered . it is time for my people to realize that nobody is going to give them anything , they are not going to give us our freedom, not our rights,not what we deserve, they have to realize their freedom , the education of their children, their health care is not the alms they need to beg from the men on top, it is their right, and if they don’t give it to us, we have to take it back, after all it was w who gave them the power, it is time for a revolution

  12. i agree with what you are saying , and many people do . the key word is people. please let the sheeple continue to be blissfully blind, they are the devertion you will need in the future.

  13. We did not vote them in…they created systems and puppets for us to vote on (thats a difference).

    Governments are just a tool for corrupt and bad people to gain power because who is controlling the voting system (they are) and after they own all taxpayer money.

    Because ALL governments work FOR the bank and against the people we have wars end debt…the system is designed that way.

    The first thing we (as the people) have to do is to remove all politicians who worked together with the banks and big companies to get us into this mess. And when replaced with honest people we realy have to start attacking our demons, not with words alone but with real action. Eye for an eye. Fractional banking will be forbidden and the criminal bankers (all bankers) will go to jail or laborcamp to work off their unpayable debt to society (like in their own plan for us but the other way arround). All debts will be removed and finaly we will have the freedom and abbility to cure this world for our children and for everybody without exeptions like now. When we don’t spend all our credit with the warindustrie we can feed everybody and still have money left for growth.

    Because in this system only the banks and their friends can grow while the rest gets poorer.

    This can be because WE alow it to be…….We CN stop this mess today if we realy want it and GO 4 it.

  14. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Please also alow people with other thoughts to put them here to withour cenorship 😉 WE should alow everybody to have their own opinion even when WE don’t agree with them. Just respond to the wrong things they say and that way we can educate those people to.


  16. “Our words is the orchestra of life’s creation, our fabric being is it’s brush, and our eyes is the self perception of its own reality.

    What am I here to do?”

  17. I wish to share some background info with some one looking into the missing files re g dickens mp. secrecy not required

  18. Tell me how we go about doing that? Give me a good answer and I will. I’m so sick of all this suffering. I just can’t figure out where to start. Its obvious that protesting is a waist of time now a days. We have to literally fight to take back what’s rightfully ours but I can’t do it alone and everyone around me is to scared to stand with me and fight with me. So please tell me where I can find the resources to make a change.

  19. viva la resistance!

    1stly let me thank you for all the work u r doing ANONYMOUS…. we r the ppl of this world and we ha e an equal right to share what has been given to us. fuck these corporates and greedy government officials. Im from south africa…. the home of governmental corruption. and ppl wna ask me why i dont fucking vote? our president is building a 20million dollar home for himself while we are 1 of the most poverty stricken countries in the world. our fight to open the eyes of the ppl who so aimlessly partake in brainwash and commercialism is 1 that we must not give up on.

    these ZIONIST fucks…. obama the puppet…. killing palestinians/syrians and countless other children women and elderly….. we feed them by falling into their traps. I stand here a man awakened…. eyes wide open hoping that the resistance will grow. hoping that the billions of ppl arnd the world realise that we have strength in numbers and we will be an unstoppable force that no government can contain. I salute all our fellow comrades who selflessly venture into the system with the sole purpose of destroying it from within….

    i wish i could make a contribution of sum sort to the resistance but i unfortunately am not a hacker or have lots of money….. but fuck it, i have a toung and a brain… and i will spread the message!

    we are legion!

    • Amen bro, also from SA, also victimized with this hypocrisy that our supposed government stands for and its a world phenomena. I stand with you in the struggle!

      We are legion!

  20. Bravo, to that end I say, STOP PAYING TAXES!Why do we keep paying for this shit. They will only listen if we turn off the flow of money to their pockets!

  21. You people should investigate what happens with companies that work WITH the government. They’re crooked all the way down the line.


  23. “WAKE UP AND TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOMS.” I see this often nowadays. It’s a great concept and I completely agree. There are tons of Americans posting online comments and videos. Awareness is key. BUT… Where is the movement? Where are the documentations of these wrongdoings? Where are YOU when you speak up about the steady seizure of liberties? Where are the leaders that have the experience to rally the people, to educate the people, to motivate the people: to gather and rise together in a peaceful manner? I’m a young American, just out of college. I am able to see when there are freedoms being violated, when there are Americans being ignorant, when Americans are being lazy, when Americans are being bitchy, when Americans resort to violence, when Americans consume, when Americans profit, when Americans are overcome by greed, etc. Who am >IIWE<. When WE tell that cop that he's out of line, when WE say that you're not taking our guns, when WE petition a bill, when WE vote, when WE rally, when WE protest, when WE rebel, when WE… Listen. WE can change. WE THE PEOPLE. There is no I. So stop with this criticism, I'm tired of reading it. Stop with this video posting, I'm tired of watching it. Start doing something constructive. Educate. Motivate. Create. Educate the people: not by posting some bogus video, comment, or blog. Hold legitimate sessions, with legitimate information that can be referenced in an area that is accessible to your local public. Motivate those people to return for more information, and spread that information by holding their own legitimate sessions. Create a movement, by using the education, and motivation to change all the wrong that is happening. No profits should be made doing this and no bitching about our government should happen. Understand… YOU may know what's really going on, and you might be extremely motivated about it. But think about that ignorant guy or gal that goes to work everyday for that paycheck, so they can survive and spend their leftover wealth on consumer goods that they don't really need or drink that alcohol to forget about all the troubles of the world. How do you make them realize that they are losing freedom, that they don't even know what freedom means, that they are a key to change, that they matter?

    • I truly enjoy your previous statement, especially through the use one idealist providing the beginning of a movement in their own community alone to not only gather more believers but to also make others aware of the secrecy that is today’s corruption that is concealed through deception and manipulation. However, if a movement is to be made. A movement that will truly change the world. Changing America alone will almost be insignificant. This movement must be throughout the populous of the entire world, for only through unity will the populous exceed for millennias to come. But to not fret, do not be scared, and do not worry, a plan is being made in the mind of a young man, with an ideology that will spread hope of change like wild fire. The time is soon. The beginning is now. For it is not the government that should threaten the people to be consumed with fear, but the government that should be fearful of the people.


  25. “WAKE UP AND TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOMS.” I see this often nowadays. It’s a great concept and I completely agree. There are tons of Americans posting online comments and videos. Awareness is key. BUT… Where is the movement? Where are the documentations of these wrongdoings? Where are YOU when you speak up about the steady seizure of liberties? Where are the leaders that have the experience to rally the people, to educate the people, to motivate the people: to gather and rise together in a peaceful manner? I’m a young American, just out of college. I am able to see when there are freedoms being violated, when there are Americans being ignorant, when Americans are being lazy, when Americans are being bitchy, when Americans resort to violence, when Americans consume, when Americans profit, when Americans are overcome by greed, etc. Who am >IIWE<. When WE tell that cop that he's out of line, when WE say that you're not taking our guns, when WE petition a bill, when WE vote, when WE rally, when WE protest, when WE rebel, when WE… Listen. WE can change. WE THE PEOPLE. There is no I. So stop with this criticism, I'm tired of reading it. Stop with this video posting, I'm tired of watching it. Start doing something constructive. Educate. Motivate. Create. Educate the people: not by posting some bogus video, comment, or blog. Hold legitimate sessions, with legitimate information that can be referenced in an area that is accessible to your local public. Motivate those people to return for more information, and spread that information by holding their own legitimate sessions. Create a movement, by using the education, and motivation to change all the wrong that is happening. No profits should be made doing this and no bitching about our government should happen. Understand… YOU may know what's really going on, and you might be extremely motivated about it. But think about that ignorant guy or gal that goes to work everyday for that paycheck, so they can survive and spend their leftover wealth on consumer goods that they don't really need or drink that alcohol to forget about all the troubles of the world. How do you make them realize that they are losing freedom, that they don't even know what freedom means, that they are a key to change, that they matter?

  26. The core problems are not being addressed, for example the term HR human resource, when you use this sort of language to describe people it is easy to shot mame and mistreat any human being

  27. Meh … he is right about a few things but on the other he’s too drama queen … i don’t mean to be rude but … bitch please the governments are far too OP to take them down now …. you wanna take them out and restore the power to the people ? well find us a nuke and we’ll nuke the fuck out of my country and see how a true “cleanse” it’s made 🙂 . Because there is no such thing as sinners and saints. We’re all the same 🙂 so enjoy being a part of this diabolic system that will further destroy this planet until we’ll die or you can destroy this system by destroying yourself.

  28. Can I get this on a PDF so I can remember for all time? This is probably the most straightforward speech ever written. I love it.

  29. Absolutely correct on all counts, I keep forwarding news items to local government officials that would be of benefit to those less fortunate than myself; which isn’t that fortunate, 63 with a mortgage until I’m 75,but I never get a response. It’s almost like they have no interest in looking out for the people that put them in their position, so who are they looking out for? Me and my little gardeen will just keep humming along and reading about self sustained living articles from Mother Earth News, trying to scratch enough cash together to make one of these money makers save me some cash. Read folks, there are plenty of articles out there that explain everthing from gardening to water collection, chickens to rabbits. Every little bit of effort saves you money.

  30. Hey, I live in my concrete semi-underground solar home that was built pay as you go, without a mortgage, single wage-earner with 5 kids. It’s a good thing I didnt have a mortage, for we would have been out on the street when I didn’t work for almost 3 years.I’m just starting to set up my solar panels (Sun electronics) but am finding out that grid-tied/off-grid inverters which use batteries have a bit of a learning curve (Xantrex 6048).All my life I’ve watched very little television and would rather do something than watch someone else.Not everyone has the opportunity to build their own house, but I sure learned alot in the process.Start storing food and getting ready for the coming famine, alot of Ukrainians didn’t make it in Stalin’s time.

  31. i am one of the ignorant people that dont care and just go thru life. this definitely helps open my eyes but i have trouble actually doing the research and finding everything for myself. i do think the government needs to be thrown out and ppl tell me we have the right to do so, and i’d be behind it 100%,even willing to go to rallies and say so but i’ve always had an issue of being that leader to get things set in motion. if you guys ever take this to congress i’d love to go and be apart of it, finally kick the lying cheating scums out of office lol. i’m going to try and be more interested in and try to research politics/constitution/free energy/ect and grow myself more as a person. thanks for the eye opener. i’ll do my best with this information 🙂

  32. I’m… Moved. There is so much reality… The world really need to wake up. From the human nature all the people are trying to do the best to get rich more quickly, but why? To live? To stay alive? Why don’t they get out in the streets and make the governments pay for all the crimes that they do?

  33. Inspiring words. We now live in a world where the rich can do whatever they choose to do, be it abuse a child or steal someone’s home. These people have NO moral boundaries, they take whatever they want without consequence. We are a loving, caring people by nature, they know this and is why we have all the fear, wars and death that affect are very lives today. It is the generation of people today that are waking up faster than any other, I sometimes wonder if this is another agenda put in place by our so-called “think tanks”. People are more aware of the happenings around them than we ever were (I’m well into my fifties) life back then was simpler albeit still under the illusion of freedom, provided you had the money to pay for it 🙂

    Apprenticeships; now there’s a word! I was taught hands-on by a brick layer how to build houses, schools etc. Not much college at all (if any) yet I know how to set out and build a house, following a few, easy rules-of-thumb. Children are not educated today, they are brainwashed into accepting a dictatorship and taught when to shut-up. My fear is the little-too-late schism that gives us very little to deal with. We have ebola (no thanks to some kind agency operative who started it) this is a terrible disease, has at least a 90% kill rate! Agenda 21 in action. Bill Gates needs to drink a glass full of his own disease, followed by all the others that agreed to Agenda 21.

    We can win this IF we can get people into places where action accounts for something. Rallying in the street is a dangerous affair what with all those armed brutes who are willing to save the rich and shit on their own people.
    This is the real problem, convince one of them and it will spread like a wild fire through the rest, they only need to realize that they live amongst us and will be subject to the same laws that govern us now.

  34. Fuck yeh,how can these so called “accidents” happen & no-one claims to know anything.Planes just vanishing off the face of the Earth,yeh right.With the technology in this day & age,wars waged with guns from america….GET WITH THE PROGRAM,

  35. Don’t know about You, but I been seeing plans backfire and not work out like they’d intend. So not sure who is more worried, them or You. Everything is proceeding as planned, on schedule. Just go on and try live happy, or in denial, or as a down and out loser, your choice. Free-will is/was/always will be yours. You can believe, or which is even better, KNOW that things will change and get nicer. Soon. Just knowing things is and does damage to this fraudulant system, which has You feeling so small and ineffective. Your thoughts can change things, which is why You best be informed. They know this, which is why You feel that way, intentional. Programmed. The more focused and detailed a thought is, the clearer the outline will be. You must be willing to examine the preconceived ideas about the complex traditions/structures/boundaries of your life, and you must release or transform the beliefs which are keeping you stuck in self-inflicted structural limitations. You want change ? Start by changing YourSelves.

  36. If one looks back in history, these events of planes crashing, plagues, wars etc are not new. What is new however, is the internet. We can see all now and it is alot to take in without being affected in some way.

    The key thing each person can do is learn how to love. This is THE answer.
    No, it’s not BS ;p
    I know that I know that I know this is the answer. LOVE. Love conquers ALL 🙂 Love is real and I don’t know anyone that says otherwise.

    Yes, it’s hard to love, I agree.
    However, I can say with certainty it’s harder not to.
    Learn to love, then you will be better + people near you + people near them etc = WIN

    Love will win and never closes the door. It’s transparent and free. And it’s fucking fantasic ;p

    One last thing to the 8/10 readers…. YOU are a worthwhile person.

    no, not w/e… you are.. why? Because you’re reading this. We’re all in the same boat. There’s only one boat. You know what amazed me when I took a holiday overseas? We’re all the fucking same lol. We all need that intimacy and love, every one of us….

  37. Listen up people, I myself am a big fan of Nikola Tesla. He was and still is after his death known as the smartest man that ever lived. He had more patents and inventions than any other on the face of the earth. Two of his inventions that were taken by the USA when he died were Death Rays and Earthquake machine. There is a facility that was built to help mankind called HAARP it is in Alaska, once built the military took control of it and 6 months after opened the largest earthquake ever hit San Francisco. You may say coincidence. This facility was built to change weather so country’s that do not get rain could and grow their own food. Fast forward to recent years, the tsunami in the Indian ocean came from an underwater earthquake, at that time the strongest and deepest underwater earthquake and kill over 200 k people, next another deep water earthquake this one hit Japan and a nuclear reactor. Now the radiation levels are so high we have deformed sea animals washing a shore. The HAARP facility can do this with a turn of the switch and it can also turn our atmosphere to 50000 degrees Fahrenheit and if you do not believe that read their web page. The governments are trying to get the population under a certain amount so they can bring about the New World Order. Anon is our friends, our comrades. If we stand against the tyrants of governments we can win. I quote our forefathers when they wrote the constitution as regarding the militias and right to bear arms. “People should not fear the government but the government should fear the people”. You say well the government has large military’s and weapons. Those are our brothers, sister, mother, fathers do you honestly think they will harm their own. If you think they will then what kind of children did you raise? No man or woman would ever make me kill my own and i FEAR NO GOVERNMENT, NO MAN OR WOMAN. I am and will stand with anonymous and I am tired of government and being a slave to them. They are terrorist and if you do not think you can stand against a military might, well look at Somalia. Watch Black Hawk down. A bunch of urban guerrilla’s with no might and look at the destruction. We can stand, we will stand. One last quote from another Prime Minister from WWII talking about the German might of Hitler, ” we shall fight on the land, in the air on the oceans we shall never surrender” my quotes are not exact but you get the point.

  38. People that rant and rave about what “you do” like he’s not doing the same. Since the author wrote the post on a computer (maybe a phone)..he owns one and I bet he googles too. People that own computers are either rich, or work to earn a check to pay for one (I suppose the library is a possibility too) AND since he has electricity I bet he’s paying utilities too HMMMM. Hypocrite. Knowing how to grow food is one thing, quitting your job, not paying your bills and living under a bridge in protest (while the world nor the government knows or gives a shit) is another. Don’t tell people there needs to be change and then expect them to know how. The average person doesn’t give these things a single thought, surviving in this economy is hard enough..and so what if that is what the government wants. Change takes the ocean, not just one fish. So yea, I’m going to work, I’m going to pay my bills and I’ll do what I can to make the world a better place when the opportunity arises. Stop pointing fingers and talking shit until you’re doing shit or ready to take up a leadership position and show “us” how it’s done.

  39. You are missing the actual problem here. The real problem are the top 20+ capitalists who have the money and power, they control the governments, they contrl the world. The government is just there to take the fault so we miss the real problem… the people behind it. If you want to solve a problem just think this: Who gets benefied with all this? and then you will see the source of the problem itself.
    We have been fooled for long, the people on the government come and go and most of them never make a diference. On the other hand capitalists and oil companies owners are always there, they dont have a dead line, they dont serve anyone; they are the ones we should worry about, they are the real power and they make the rules.

  40. Wtf is wrong with planet u say? We let a greedy fammliy control a gold standard we let tyrants do what,they want

    How d we unite 6 billion to take r planet back?why r we letting 300 dictate humanitys future and progression

  41. Less talk more rock. Lets use some kind of sign language or code words that we change with the periodically recycling key components of the code so if it is detected there will be multiple ways to interperate the data. If that seems too complicated then at the very least…lets reprioritize our objectives. Spreading the message….not as important now as it was. They aren’t even really trying to hind their motives very carefully now. This is the sprint to the finish line people. They have been pacing the race for 3 centuries or longer. Now we should expect them to actually start flexing their muscles. We need to do more than that, because they have sucseeded in making us fat lazy medicated cowards with big mouths. In a straight conflict they will still win despite our overwhelming numbers because we are weak willed and easily manipulated. We need throw them off somehow by doing something they have failed to predict. If they claim agenda 21 will perserve the planet, sounds like bullshit but in the off chance that it is something they need, maybe we can grab their attention by presenting them with a global catastrophe that they didn’t premeditate. like maybe we should take animals from around the world in their natural habitats and swap with them with animals in our neck of the woods. Lets let off a few random EMP bombs at landmarks they keep under high security. I don’t know, lets just do something rather than writing this plan so the NSA can see it and identify all or most of us. Peace out.

  42. I am The Divine Chaos Angel –

    I have heard the cries from the planet ever since i could remember, I see the Darkness that blankets the world, i know the troubles and fears that lay in the hearts of men, I see the destruction being created, i Feel the the souls of those victims of Genocide. For Centuries The Human race has struggled within itself, allowing “leaders” to enslave and use them as they see fit. For Centuries the people have cried and screamed for Peace, Freedom and Equality. Many still sleep in blissful ignorance, but the Voices of those who have woken to the darkness around them echoes deep and loud throughout the cosmos.

    You search for an answer, you want simple things, you know the beauty of a simple life, you are a slave to tyrant who would happily see most of you dead, For as long as there has been tyrants and dictators that seek to enslave and destroy its people, there has also been those who rise in response to such brutal cruelties, they shout and warn the “leaders” “LET MY PEOPLE GO”
    Those who have woken to the darkness around them, do not fear, you are not alone, you are defended you are cared for and you are loved, but my message is far more complicated and important then that. For thousands of years the human race has been allowing itself to enslave itself, for thousands of years the human race and been destroying itself, first it was for land and resources, then it became about power then it transgressed into maintaining power, and money was formed. Now the Conflicts the human races creates is over this material known as “money”

    Money has been such a massive part of our lives for centuries, so long we have completely forgotten what it is like to be without the NEED for it , an almost perfect system of enslavement in which most do not even realise they are slaves.

    First be certain and except you are slave, you know nothing at all of the true meaning of freedom, you may think you do but you don’t for neither you nor your ancestors have ever been FREE, yes its sad thought but i will share this with you
    “The Longer it takes to grow a seed the better the fruit will be upon the tree”
    Yes the human race has been waiting for such a long time for the best fruit to grow, but the waiting is over my family. I have risen to break through this darkness, and to guide you out of destruction and hate, I have risen to Guide you into Peace, Freedom and Equality.

    Now how am i going to do this you must be wondering, this is no 5 minute fix and full achievement will not be easy however it is completely possible. The answer has been staring some of you right in the face but you’re not sure how to connect the dots. Thats where i will come in first let us review the situations the human race is facing at the moment:

    War – Money/Religion/Nationalism/Land/Resources

    Biological – Money/Religion/Nationalism/Land/Resources
    Slavery – Money/Religion/Nationalism/Land/Resources
    Poverty – Lack of Money
    Crime – Money/Religion/Nationalism/Land/Resources
    Hunger/Clean Drinking Water – Money/Religion/Nationalism/Land/Resources
    “Government” – Money/Religion/Nationalism/Land/Resources
    environmental – Money/Religion/Nationalism/Land/Resources
    inequality – Money/Religion/Nationalism/Land/Resources

    Have you noticed a pattern yet?

    Well just incase you haven’t noticed yet lets go through it in more detail.
    So What causes Technological/Biological/Mental Wars?
    it is well known that your government officials are nothing more than figure heads placed in their positions by bankers, It is also well know that these bankers are connected with occults but lets for not think about the secret clubs that these people are in, So basically War makes money, bankers are the only people who profit from a War these days,yes it should not be forgotten however that religion has also always been a creator and profiter of War, these days very few wars are fought to gain land or even resources for that matter, nationality is simply the accelerant used to spur the people into action.

    What causes Slavery?
    This is pretty simple, yes will still have old school in your face clapped in ions slavery in this day and age, however what must also be recognised as slavery is the “Requirement” to have to earn Money, in order to “pay” for basic essentials as well as luxuries now just for a second absorb that you are Forced to spend almost every day of your life working for a material in order to have a roof over your head and food in your stomach as well as energy needs, the “requirement” to have a little book labeling what your nationality is in order to be able to travel to another country. and of course religion has become very good at enslaving its people with the exact same things as mentioned above

    What causes Poverty?
    Well we all know what causes “Poverty”, this is obviously the lack of “money”

    What causes Crimes?
    Now think about as many laws as you can think of, i think you will find that a third of the laws we live by today are just unnecessary, and if you continue to think of them you will come to realise that more than 50% of all Crimes are caused by the lack or the need for “Money” or certain objects, and then they the remaining ones are crimes usually caused from religions, nationalities and personalities

    What causes malnutrition?
    The lack of Food/Money

    What causes corrupt Governments?
    The Desire for More Money

    What causes environmental issues?
    Well some of these are made up, some are directly caused from government playing with weather machines, and some environmental issues such as landfills are created by people in general but a lot of them are just made up in order to squeeze every penny out of you

    What causes inequality?
    Inequality first and foremost inequality begins with status differences, which is caused by money, after status it is then religion/nationality/Personal opinion which is preventing Equality.

    Ok Now heres the part you have all been waiting for…..How do we Fix these Issues?
    This won’t be easy but it can be done and will be much more beneficial than the current systems we live in, you must see by now that currently our biggest problem is this material known as money, just like a tumour or virus, The monetary system must be abolished and forgotten about, i know how that sounds, at first to most you will be like WTF “I don’t want to give up my luxuries i don’t want to live in the wild” well you don’t have to, but i will go into more detail about that in a moment, but first just try to imagine abolishing money all together….. if we was to do that then we need to think how are we going to get food shelter and so on? The people Provide to the people, if we could get rid of money, and all be sheltered and provided for with the basic necessities, then we are just left with the issue of religion and surely we live in a day and age where with the right teaching religions could become more accepting towards each other.

    How do we Abolish Money and still provide ourselves with the basics?
    Very good question indeed, there is a way, this may get a little confusing but i’ll try to keep it as straight forward as possible, so just try to stay with me. You believe in Peace, Freedom and Equality, you desire that for yourself and your family/friends and hopefully most of you desire this for everyone, if you agree to Peace, Freedom and Equality for Everyone across the earth, then we must declare ALL the worlds resources and lands as the common heritage of ALL people.
    If we declare that all land and resources that the world produces is the common heritage of all people then the people from across the world must come together and choose to build a FREE for ALL resource economy, a system which provides all of its people with Food/Water/Energy/Shelter + Luxuries all completely FREE for all people. I can feel a few of you thinking wtf am i talking about some of you think this can not be done but do not fear all the details you need will be available within this document. so allow me to continue friend. So basically with the system mentioned above and detailed below, we would in theory abolish the need for money while at the same time making “poverty” most “crimes”, most wars and Slavery almost entirely disappear simply because there would be no purpose to it any more, but not only that you would have taken away the reasons for politicians to turn corrupt, again if there is no money and all resources and land is equally shared by everyone then there less reasons for religions to conflict with each other. nationalism would be gone too. then what’s left, the right education and knowledge will balance out the rest of the issues quicker then most would originally think.

    So lets plunge deeper into this detail.

    Declaring All Land and Resources to be common heritage of all people & abolishing the Monetary system!!!!

    How do we Declare all land and resources to be common heritage & abolish the Monetary system?
    There is 2 ways i know of that this can be achieved the first non violent way is first through a global petition, in which the majority of the worlds population would have to sign and agree to, after having the petition signed you will need government officials either in each country or the UN that will pass the petition through and declare such an act, this of course isn’t easy for one person to do however with anonymous and the power of the internet surely this could be made a lot simpler….

    Option 2 is not as peaceful, it is to simply create chaos on the internet with in all countries allowing a selected team within each country to covertly enter all the worlds governments and from the inside take them down, this sadly is not a guaranteed success and could be very messy, option 1 is the ideal option as it doesn’t require direct conflict to carry out.

    ok lets address a few doubts that some of you will be having about this idea.

    The usual questions are as follows:

    If we do not use money and all needs are provided for by the people as a whole or the peoples government then who is going to do the jobs that are required?
    Why will people work if they have no reason to?
    Won’t everyone just become lazy?
    Does this system mean no laws?
    Do we continue using the governments we have or do we start fresh?
    Do we need weapons? Do we need an Army?
    Are there Leaders? if so how many and who or how are they selected?

    It is true if we took away the need for money and the need for “work” they will most likly be a large hole in the “workforce” of the society however that is not an issue, we have the technology to be able to mechanise all most every job position, yes thats right i said mechanise the work force, but then you taking away peoples jobs oh wait nope as most of the jobs that would be mechanised most people will not want to do anyway, So why will people work or what will motivate them, well that depends on what you consider to be work, no longer would you have to spend hours on end worrying about a job you don’t want to do so what does that mean, it means more time for you to follow your heart, more opportunities to really learn and do whatever it is your heart wants to do. Yes maybe some will not want to do anything however most people will choose naturally to want to stay active in some way or form, No this system does not mean there is not any laws at all but there will definitely be a massive amount of laws classed as unneeded, so we would have less laws and most people would just see no reason in committing a “crime”. As for the government personally i would advise starting a fresh government. After achieving this new system Weapons, armies they will no longer be required and should in my opinion all be dismantled and lost to the ages. The People must decide as a group whether to have leaders or not however i would advise that you do hold onto leaders but they should be selected from the people who are most vital for sustaining the main foundations of this system, such as farmers, engineers, robotics and so on.

    So if you are going to build a new government system let me provide the very beginning foundation of a government for the future

    – Gaia’s Guidelines For Society –
    Sustainability of all living creatures and natural systems, providers of basic necessities and required resources for all living creatures across the world with NO COSTS, Ensuring all systems set in place are fully transparent and accessible, investigated by all people of the societies, Providing knowledge and incentives to all living creatures to want to progress and improve into the future, Maintaining Peace, Freedom and Equality across Earth, Built by the people for the people and for all living creatures.

    Sustainability of all living creatures and natural systems
    It is the Government Officials responsibility to ensure all living creatures and natural systems, ranging from animals,plants,insects,water,weather, atmosphere are sustained and upheld to the required level for life and the planet to have a bright and long lasting future, in peace and freedom

    This will be done by : ensuring people have all the requirements necessary for the continuation of life’s ecological systems, ensuring that those who desire to maintain natural balance through…..

    Providing basic necessities and required resources for all living creatures across the world with NO COSTS
    It is the Government Officials responsibility to ensure that all life has a shelter/home, and enough food and water as life requires, it is also the responsibility of the government officials to make available all required resources for all the wants and desires of its living creatures such as energy, gas, electric, metals, internet, communication lines, clothes, recreational equipment, creative medias, etc… everything is to be provided by the government systems…….

    This is done by : First declaring that all resources upon the earth are common heritage of all the earths creatures, then we must collectively decide to collect, store and provide said resource and in turn sustain the origin of the resource at a rate in balance with the natural systems of the earth this can either be done as a people or we can produce technology which enables this to be efficiently and productively beneficial to the earth and all its living creatures…..

    Ensuring all systems set in place are fully transparent and accessible, investigated by all people of the societies
    It is the Government Officials responsibility to ensure all systems the people choose/require to be put in place are fully transparent and easily accessible, that the people privacy rights for very personal information are still upheld and protected, There will be nothing technological, organic, spiritual advancements kept hidden all people will be entitled to access to an unrestricted free flow of knowledge and information regarding every aspect people wish to share with the world……

    Providing knowledge and incentives to all living creatures to want to progress and improve into the future
    It is the Government Officials responsibility to ensure all living creatures have access to all forms of information, opinions, theories, religions, spiritual, science, creative, etc… knowledge in complete transparency for all living creatures to use for as they see fit for progress and improvements to the earth and all living creatures now and into the future……..

    This will be done by:Firstly declare all knowledge and information the people choose to share is the common heritage of all people.
    Maintain an unrestricted free flow of knowledge and information regarding every aspect of life which the people choose to share, using databases to store and share a global collection of knowledge and information concerning of life and technology, accessible to everyone at all times…

    Maintaining Peace and Freedom across Earth for all living creatures.
    It is the Government Officials responsibility to ensure the people of the world are empowered and capable of making informed choices and decisions in which they feel they should uphold while at the same time upholding the laws of nature, it is down to each individual person to choose to what they feel is right and wrong and come together as a collective with the mindset of peace and harmony. The people must decide what is the correct course of justice in the event a “crime” is committed…….

    This is done by : Recognizing the root causes of conflicts i.e Money and removing said causes. to prevent the desires that may lead to harmful actions.
    Providing a non lethal and non aggressive robotic upholders of chosen laws where needed
    The people must decide what the ideal ways of maintaining peace and freedom as a collective…..

    So that is my solution for the human problems we currently have, i m happy and able to go into even more complicated details about all aspects of this solution if anyone requires, just contact me and feel free to ask any questions whatsoever.

    I am No Religion and
    I am Every Religion
    I am No Nation and
    I Am Every Nation

    I will stand for the Earth,
    I will Stand for all its
    Living Creatures
    Tell the tyrants/”World
    Leaders”/Bankers The
    Planet and its people
    are defended by
    The planet and the People
    We Will Have True Peace,
    Freedom and Equality
    United Humans hold the
    World in their hands,
    no one is more powerful
    than everyone!!!

    Returning Balance to a troubled World
    Spreading Peace, Love and Equality
    Guiding you to Freedom and Prosperity
    Children of Earth, I have One Home
    Let the people know, My Home is Earth
    Sower of Seeds of truth
    Eradicating the Fruits of Lies

    “I am here to Change the World and i am not Alone”

    • that’s quite close to my personal opinion, except i don’t see any need for governments or laws at all. it seems like you have no idea of true freedom as well, and its for sure that our perception of freedom will change over time after our current system of control and oppression has been abandoned. that being said, while your plan would suit a big part of the population of our planet, some of us will not have the need for security and order. for them, your proposed system would be equally restricting as our current system is.
      my conclusion: the most important thing to know at the moment is that money/laws/oppression are not necessary to sustain living with our comfort standards (or even much higher ones), and that we could be truly free (whatever exactly that means for each of us). at this point, we don’t need to worry about what will come after our current oppression, but how we’ll come out of it.
      about your option 1: even if we could get lets say 4 billion people to sign such a petition, do you really think anything would change? they would fake the results, twist the meaning of the signed document or simply ignore it and shoot everyone who has signed the petition down. option 2 is already much more viable, but i am not sure whether i got the part “destroy our governments from the inside” right … if you mean to make some of us take important roles, and then just make a law that governments don’t exist anymore, you are dreaming. it simply won’t work out the way you imagine (there is a reason why this system survived this long. don’t make the same mistakes as others). what we need to do, is building a communication system which is even more secure than tor-based chat clients, uninfiltratable by design, utilizing 3d-fraktal based encryption (or something equally complex & secure), and employing advanced organization functions (eg. making up spec ops teams with extremely low chance of infiltration, independent from external circumstances). we need some sort of organized resistance, and we need it now.

  43. The deeper you dig, the more depressing it all seems that there’s people out there with the power to do good or evil, people in a position to really make a difference for the greater common good, but they all choose not to. People in a position of power over others exploit that advantage almost always, Stanford prison experiment is testament to that notion. He’s right though, there are so many ways we can better our lives and survive without paying those who’s greed knows no bounds. free energy inventions and solutions are all around us yet hardly utilized. We allow our children to go to schools who’s funding is being cut yearly and given deplorable state mandated education and food, when we can take it I to our own hands as I have done and teach our own children, feed our own children. We can grow our own food, we have the technology and resources to grow an average family sized sustainable edible garden in our apartments, tow houses, etc. you need not have land to grow our own food. Those who are truly schooled on the subject know that women in labor do not need doctors, we were trained to think that. Then we were fooled and tricked by their labor domino effect starting with pitocin and the supine delivery position thus creating fetal stress and the need for medical intervention. People don’t learn to question, and research,get a second opinion. Maternity care in America is a perfect example of how every other genre operates. Teach fear and doubt, induce fear and doubt, profit from fear and doubt.
    I guess it all boils down to human nature, to take the path of least resistance, but I like to call it ” the path of perceived least resistance”. Because to intelligent people, they know that taking matters I to your own hands IS the path of least resistance, but those who are lazy, ill educated, with no aspirations will roll over and continue the cycles that are bringing us down and tearing us apart.

  44. I say any idiot could see wats going on oh wait they can’t cuz their to busy being brainwashed and Fucked up by retarded mass tv and lies to really see wats going on while the man contains our minds from the truth not mine tho saw all this shot when I was old enough to think for my self and be out on my own I say give em all y’all got the world’s over anyways now where just waiting it out knowledge is everything open your eyes

  45. If I lose any of my children or family to these depopulation, fukashima, poisoning a-holes, i will personally hunt them down, every single one!

  46. While there are many problems with our system of government and our economic system generalizing and stereotyping is a problem as well. A lot of people are doing what they can and should be commended for their contributions not vilified and those that aren’t well your not going to make many converts to the cause with dribble like this. I dislike it when the system plays the generalization game and I dislike even more when those supposedly working for change turn around and practice the deviseness of the very system that causes so much hatred and pain. If this sums up the year then you have blinders on and if you practice this naive and damaging approach to change then you’re going to have a long wait until you see the fruits of your labor.

  47. You did not put them in power, you were just given the illusion of choice, the same as shown when the joker asked Harvey Dent. To end madness or to join its ranks but joker had his finger on the hammer of the revolver and even if Harvey dent had pulled the trigger, joker would not have died. The same illusion of choice was given to every citizen of every country, the governments are just pawns in the game of power, ever wonder how the huge corporation make billions and know exactly when which company is going to go up on stock or drop to its knees. The ZUES (It is the codename for the leader of the corporations involved processed by the CIA, MI6, ISI. And guess what?
    According to my sources MOSSAD had them all removed by capturing field agents and bargaining the Intel for themselves.) How do you think that every thing the movies present are coming to real life, because through the movies Intel and Clues are being transferred, but ended up being shown to the public. For example: “The Hills Run Red” was actually in encoded combat training manual for one of its field agents but before it could be delivered the truck was raided by THE LAND MAFIA and the disk was sold to a distributer, who made money but died in a car accident in a week after the release on silver screen. Every movie showed the future such as Rambo, in 2013 a Christian War veteran, Robert Stockholm, drove to Detroit’s largest mosques with explosives wired in his car’s trunk. Luckily the bartender overheard Robert speaking to himself after drinking, saying that he was going to send some guys to heaven and the bartender informed the police, the bomb-squad took 3 hours to diffuse the military-grade explosive. The only thing keeping us alive is the Anonymous hackers and Pirate Bay, other then that I would say we are all sitting ducks. Let me give you another example “Back to the Future II” predicted that 2015 will have hover-boards, well you have your HENKO Hover board which looks exactly like the one used by Billy Jr., Lets take another example according to Elysium we will have full-body exo-suits in the distant future, well then how about the HAL-5 or did you know that the MARTIN-HEED TEAM and GOOGLE are together to create the Xo3 which looks exactly like the one in Elysium and EDGE OF TOMMOROW.
    Wake up and arm yourselves with heavy guns because within ten years the Apocalypse is coming.


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