Finally! Adjustable Ear Plugs Let You Mute Outside Noise And Distractions



The invention has four modes: clear sound, city noise, live music, or total isolation.

People take great care to nourish themselves with healthy food, but did you know that what you receive from other inputs matters, as well? That’s right, the people you surround yourself with and the chatter you allow to infiltrate your mind can affect your well-being on a multitude of levels.

Fortunately, one need not worry about drowning out noise from pervasive advertisements on the subway or a wailing baby on a plane, as adjustable ear plugs have just been unveiled and they are the invention everyone has been waiting for.

As Bored Panda relays, the Knops ear plugs are capable of silencing everything from a rock concert to the general racket of a big city. Not your average foam wedges, the ear plugs were molded in the shape of a gramophone and are fitted with gold and silver accents. The ear plugs have four modes: clear sound, city noise, live music, or total isolation.

The marketing of this product is spot-on, as the team behind the Knops ear plugs (lead by engineer Arjen De Jong) describe them as “the volume button for your ears.” Enthusiasm for the product has already been garnered, as over $140,000 was raised with a Kickstarter campaign. Expect to see Knops on international shelves quite soon.

Credit: Knops



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  1. Tell us how this significantly differs from an mp3 player with a white noise track?
    I have been using that for years. So far it works well but not perfect, like regular earplugs. If this new invention is not a gimmick then it will provide quality noise screening an order of magnitude better than what I have mentioned. So far I am not convinced.


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