Finally! Microsoft Removed Internet Explorer


Various reports have proposed that Microsoft was prepared to remove the old Internet Explorer and present another program, code named Spartan or Microsoft Edge, to the world. Presently, Microsoft has made that authority by declaring that Microsoft Edge will be the new web surfer for Windows 10. The new program will highlight an all new rendering engine, yet past that Microsoft needed to concentrate on other new highlights like the 10 user profile options, Cortana the digital assistance and a few more that we have discussed later in this article.

With Microsoft Edge, we want to fundamentally improve security over existing browsers and enable users to confidently experience the web from Windows. We have designed Microsoft Edge to defend users from increasingly sophisticated and prevalent attacks,” says Crispin Cowan, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Edge.

The major among those new highlights is new inking bolster that lets users copy website pages and adjust those notes to One Drive and share them with people; a service that bodes well given Microsoft’s attention on the stylus with its Surface lineup. Microsoft exhibited this highlight vigorously in its demo regarding the pen like note taking features, it’s like you can click anyplace on a page and include remarks and annotations, much like in Office document.

There is likewise another perusing mode that strips away the mess of a page and makes it more like a book — it’s a feature that Apple has offered for some time in Safari on both the Mac and on iOS gadgets, and it is nice to see it advancing towards another browser now. There is likewise a reading list that synchronizes every one of your gadgets, much like Pocket, Insta Paper, and the Reading List effectively found in Safari.

As stated above, Cortana will be incorporated into Microsoft Edge. It will appear on applicable pages where Cortana can be used; for instance, in case you are on an restaurant’s page, Cortana will be there in no time flat to issue you directions, reveal to you its operation hours and contact data, and will connect you out to Open Table for a reservation. It additionally can undoubtedly draw up things like flight reservations; for instance if you write Etihad in the location bar, it will know whether you have a flight booked and can demonstrate your points of interest.

With everything taken into account, Microsoft Edge or resembles a decent stride forward for Microsoft’s web searching background; however there are not any subtle elements yet on whether the program will bolster expansions, as supposed. Furthermore, it is not clear if Microsoft Edge will turn into the old “Internet Explorer” or whether it will become a favorite browser.

Source: Windows BlogDaily Dot

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  1. You shouldn’t get rid of something people claim to be bad if it is fix it and listen but throwing it all away is something as of a goose getting rid of a ugly duckling.

    • Internet explorer has been a for a really long period of time. Microsoft did something about it. And you still even may see internet explorer asking you to make its default browser. Its not like they really didn’t do anything about it.

  2. Naturally if it’s got the name Microsoft on it, it will still be full of holes!
    By throwing away IE their making the “we failed and we know it” statement.

  3. from my use of the windows 10 preview, they have no plans of removing internet explorer completely. The Spartan browser is amazing (though incomplete) but IE is still available, and is impressively fast in windows 10. I’ve even heard tell that Microsoft itself has denied claims that it is going to kill off IE.


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