How To Find Out Which Government Agency Is Spying On Your Phone


By now it is no surprise to find out that our “Big Brother,” the government, is actually spying on us. With the aids of our personal computers and electronics, such as your cell phone, the government can read your information as if it was a journal you kept under your mattress.

But which government agency is actually spying on your phone? In order to figure out this information, first thing you need to do is go to your settings and find your “Status” or “About Device.” Ensure sure your Wi-Fi is turned off for this process. Once you are there, you want to find your phone’s IP address.

Cell Phone Status

Once you have obtained your cell phone IP Address, now you can open a browser (either in your phone or on a laptop/desktop) and navigate your way to

Once on this website, you can perform a search of your phone’s IP address in the search bar at the top. Type in your IP address in the Who.Is Search bar, and you’ll see a new screen show up. From there, you can see everything about your phones network and phone carrier.


Who Is

As you can read from the image posted above, our IP address of our phone is being monitored by the DoD (Department of Defense) Network Information Center.

As several of you attempt to track your cell phone’s IP address, to learn about which government agency is tracking your phone number, don’t be surprised if many of you are utilizing the same governing agency. There are a few other government bodies that are performing the same actions.

You can protect yourself by means of “masking” your IP address by connecting to secured Wi-Fi networks, and also using a paid VPN service. This helps dramatically to decrease the “snooping” of your governing agency.

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    • If you can’t find your phone’s IP address… disable WiFi, go to this address: in your browser. That’s another way to get your IP address, it will display in the browser.

    • If all our phones are being watched, is our government shutting us down to find out who is following us. I think so. Technology is so advanced our government is probably always one step ahead of us. If all our phones are being watched, is the government shutting us down so we don’t find out who is watching us. There are also trolls evrywhere and they will say that ANONYMOUS is bull. To keep the general public away from anonymous site. They want us submissive and stupid.

      • dolly guenthner, you are blinded by your own guise. This, “anonhq” is simply taking advantage of the Anonymous name in order to create revenue and profit. This is why their sites have ads, “merchandise” and other infectious things. They want your money, nothing further. The true Anonymous does not believe in these ideals, as we are many with ideas and new ways to thwart evil inside the government or evils such as racism, child pornography, etc. There will never be a true Anon that only desires to use our name for monetary gain. Have a good day, and stay true to yourself. AnonHQ is poison.

  1. Who wrote this crap? You used an actual DOD IP address and did a whois and claim that this reveals who is tracking you, this reveals who the address is registered to.

    This is beyond embarassing

      • Really?
        Please…. thrill me with your acumen about why Anonymous should not have a FB account, when there are countless “Hacker Groups” allowed to share their illegal malware access, black hat bullshit, and destruction.

        Do you even know what Anonymous does?

    • well I tried it and got RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE) as organization … might have put that just as an example?

    • your a stupid cop shut up. it’s true. a ss whipe
      cause u pigs follow me cause I’m a porn star As if you have nothing better to do you dumb fuckinh pieces of shifts you know what’s gonna happen I’m gonna find out who and I would up the biggest lawsuit against the whole fucken state and know what I will win because my whole phone has been funked up and I will get you guys to pay every fucken bill and everything you’ve ever done to me I’m gonna shove it up your fucken a** a bluff by a cracker up there I can’t stand the fucken government you guys suck big or no small cok could you blog guys all his small little minds you fucken prex

      • The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible for the global coordination of the DNS Root, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources.

      • A WHOIS only provides the registration/allocation information for an address. ICANN, and more specifically IANA, deals with address allocation. I suggest you google these acronyms!

    • because you can’t get an IP address without any kind of connection to the internet so you’ll have to disable your wi-fi but keep your data traffic on. But this article is still badly written and you can’t be sure if you are traced by following this method.

    • dod
      It’s not bullship I’m living proof if you want give me a fucken call cause my numbers all over the goddam manner that you guys fucken suck the government sucks and anybody that doesn’t believe that we can be tracked your stupid fucken pieces a ship fools

  2. This is an entertainment page/website – as are most things circulating freely on the net. You can’t even find a decent electrician on the internet without actually knowing someone. It is good for one’s morale to feel empowered, but have no illusions.

  3. What that Whois tells us is YOU are the DEPT OF DEFENSE – not who is spying!!!

    is Anonymous actually a DOD operation?

  4. This is COMPLETE bullshit!
    The IP address is given to you by your cellphone provider. So what you see here is the owner of the IP address range that your IP is part of – nothing more!
    Please don’t believe this shit!

  5. Interesting piece. I think that the feds are actively monitoring the communications of its citizens for various reasons. It’s naieve to think differently….

    • Exactly. Big brother is watching and your a fool if you think not. We are in a terrorist world now so why wouldn’t they be spying. I would.

  6. Furthermore, it’s time to remove my anonymous subscription. Sorry guys, but this is an absolutly noob work. This whois lookup you explained is only valid if an Agency redirects all network traffic as a proxy (man in the middle). However, this is not clever and easy to track. Mostly they will directly spy on your providers cell phone network and there is no way to check this.

  7. man this is no spying…
    all it is is your sim card provider .

    I have T-Mobile so the company who’s Spying on me is T-Mobile in your words……

    Man first get your details straight before posting because people like you make other people dumb.

    • I got visited by the dod network information center on my personal blog, and this was shown in Google Analytics, what does that have to do with a sim card provider?

  8. Agreed, this is misleading enough to be a lie. You cannot see who is tracking you by using this method.

    In plain terms, bullshit

  9. I find it very interesting that everyone attacks this article. Using the IP assigned in my phone settings, every whois website is saying in belongs to UK defense ministry. Please tell me why, living in Canada, and having a Canada provider, that the UK ministry of defense would be spying on me.

    Biggest bs ever lol.

  10. Let me just say that I think the article is correct and the fact it says dod shows who is monitoring.
    I have been concerned that my phone was hijacked by nefarious entities. When I did this it showed an ip on the honeypot list, then after looking again it had changed back to my carrier, so I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that because it says dod it means that is who anon is.

    • So after that I rebooted and again it showed the nefarious ip from honeypot list, very strange but I knew it due to circumstances

  11. Lame post; do more research and thinking. This is nothing more than your cellular provider using a large network range behind NAT, done to keep from breaking customer owned private networks that are using the ‘typical’ non-addressable network ranges of,, or To show you are NAT’d, do a lookup of your WAN IP (via or other).

  12. This is total bunk. The 33.x.x.x IP range isn’t even part of the internet BGP table, meaning it is not routable on the public internet. The IP adress you are looking at is not your public IP address. You are behind a NAT (network address translator), put in place by your network operator. You are essentially on a LAN; you are looking at you LAN address. The reason mobile network operators don’t use the usual 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x LAN ranges is because your phone can connect to your dataplan connection and for example your home wifi at the same time. And being connected to two different networks who are using the same IP range confuses the fuck out of your phone’s IP stack. That’s why telecom operators use ranges allocated to a variety of random organizations (in this case the DoD) who are known not to be in use.

    Please, research your stuff before you post bunk like this. There’s so much wrong with the world that deserves attention of the general public. This just creates noise.

  13. Hey man mine said im being tracked by Dominos Pizza? WTF? After checking again it says being tracked by UFO’s. Dam this really works.

  14. You have this ALL wrong. I will bet you my whole checking account that the phone for whom this Cellular IP was searched is a Sprint phone. The DOD has leased numerous blocks of IP’s from Sprint for many years. Thus, many times when a Sprint user checks their IP it will show DOD. Especially where I live, which is right bow the road from NSA. Shame on you. You are instilling an artificial fear in people who, unfortunately, have to depend on the “experts” to explain computer concepts.

    • But did YOU try it? I see everyone bashing this guy, but not posting what happened to them when YOU did it. How can you guys bash it if you didn’t even bother trying?
      That’s the crux of ignorance. Dismissing without actually bothering to investigate.

  15. Wow I have one for you right. I had this hacker take down. Dozens of stuff then sent me black mail letters via Unicode. The first red like the FBI fake virus in Chinese . It was strange then a computer went missing. It had nothing and I mean nothing on it so I luaghed it off but creepy stuff. I like most thought it was the cops or some government agency. I am crazy so they tend to check up on me but it was really crazy. The first was asking for a ransom the next was like asking me to work for North Korea. Sounds weird but I had a top secret clerence before I lost my shit so it is hard to say but wired shit. They trashed my work with intent but stole nothing. Weirder and weirder.

  16. Did you actually try it yourselves or are you just bashing someone for the hell of it?
    Don’t think they can track you?
    What are you, 8? Wake up.
    Backdoors .. ‘Fake Off’ mode ..
    Do some research.
    I just tried it, I live in Canada.
    Turned off WiFi, turned on data. In settings, go to ‘About Phone’ (Samsung Galaxy 5) & it lists your IP. The UK Ministry of Defense. What the hell? It’s 5000 miles away.
    That’s odd as fuck.
    Instead of being ignorant dumbasses, why don’t you guys actually try it, & come back & we can compare notes. I always use a vpn anyway, but had to try to see, cuz I said no way loll
    Well, yeah way. To see that IP attached to my phone is kinda freaky.


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