FIVE Questions That May COMPLETELY Change Your Opinion on The Boston Bomber’s Guilt (Part 2)



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Were Craft International mercenaries at the scene, and if so why were the there? And does the backpack they were carrying appear more similar to the remains of the bomb than the backpacks carried by the brothers?

Initially, the FBI made a mistake, and asked for any photographs from witnesses that could help them locate the bombers. A flood of photographs was contributed, with many of them posted up on the internet forum 4Chan. Although almost every individual highlighted would probably be innocent, the procedure deployed by 4Chan users was not entirely dissimilar from that used by the FBI in this case…. Assuming of course they were legitimately searching for a perp.

These photos were then completely ignored by the Mainstream Media. They clearly depicted multiple mercenaries, some of whom wore the insignia for Craft International, as well as their uniform. Craft International is a private mercenary and special ops agency based in Dallas, Texas. Some photos even detailed that the operatives had bags with parts that appeared to match fragments of the bag that had been blown up.

Almost immediately after the 4Chan photos appeared, the FBI staged a press conference to tell the public not to look at any other photos and declared that ‘no other suspects should be considered’ – except for two faces that were not featured in the photo dump, those of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. An FBI spokesperson then went on national TV to insist that, ‘these two are the only suspects we are looking for now.’ The FBI claimed they did not know the names of the two men, or that they were even brothers, and then proceeded to ask the general public for ‘any information relating to these two new faces….

It should be noted that all this might be coincidence, but at the same time they present an equally credible interpretation of what might have happened, at least compared to the mainstream narrative that still has not produced evidence substantiating the guilt of the two brothers.

This, and the fact that live terror drills that were taking place that same day along the Boston Marathon, may have led jurors reach a different conclusion than was delivered to them by both the defense and the prosecution.


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