For The First Time Ever, US Federal Guidelines Recommend A Plant-Based Diet



  1. People are slowy starting to open their eyes. I am just waiting for the day when all humans on this earth will be vegans. Injustice can’t last forever!

  2. uh huh don’t hold your breath about the whole world turning vegan anytime soon,stupid dangerous diet, if you think cows are bad for the planet then you should see what high intensity monocrop situations can do, you have no idea, this vegan bullshit is a result of people being 3 generations removed from the farm

    • Danny, they only have to mono crop foods, to grow the vast amount needed to feed at the cattle and agricultural animals!
      Lot fed beef make up 90% of the worlds cattle!

      If all that feed didn’t have to be grown for intensively farmed animals, there would be no need for it!

    • Talk about short-sighted. Feeding all the animals in the meat/dairy/egg/… industries uses much more food crops than we need to feed the entire human race (including all the ones that are starving right now.)

      What you’re saying is not based on evidence or science, it’s simply plebeian hearsay.


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