17-Year-Old Shot in Head by Off Duty Police Officer, Killed because he may have had Pot


Another grieving family is fighting for the justice of their son after he was gunned down by an off-duty police officer, who didn’t identify himself, according to witness testimonies. Jonathen Santellana, 17, was shot several times in his car as he protected his friend Kalee Marsteller, also 17.

Navasota police officer Rey Garza claimed self-defense, and that he feared for his life defending his actions that led to Santellana being shot in the back of the head. But the lead up to the incident poses questions that his family are trying to answer.

Garza, at the time was working for an apartment complex as a “courtesy officer” when he noticed Santellana and Marsteller sitting in a car in the carpark. According to his statement, a green leafy substance in Santellana’s hand alerted him. Officer Garza returned to his apartment where he grabbed his gun before approaching the car.


Rey Garza

The sworn testimony given by Garza conflicts with eyewitness reports who stated Garza was wearing civilian basketball shorts and sweatshirt, and didn’t identify himself as a police officer. Welding a gun, he demanded Santellana hand over the car keys and leave the vehicle. Santella refused and tried to escape by reversing the car, at which time the door was opened by Garza with an attempt to seize the keys.

Eyewitness statements have claimed there was no badge shown and Garza never identified himself as an officer. Marsteller who was in the car at the time, said Garza only ever stated he was a police officer when Santellana began driving away, and that Garza did not shoot until after the car moved forward; matching Garza’s statement of when the shooting started.


Jonathen Santellana

However, another eyewitness, Sheila Moreno, states Garza walked towards the car after the initial shots and fired another 3 to 5 shots into the car. Seven empty casings were found in the parking lot.

Marsteller survived, she says, because Santellana pushed her head down to protect her. That is when he received the fatal shot to the back of his head.

Garza was never indicted by a grand jury on manslaughter or murder charges. Two years after the crime, he still walks free in spite of key witness testimony.

Jonathen Santellana’s mother submitted the Grand Jury Package to The Free Thought Project. It reads:

“Rey Garza should be indicted for murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and/or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as probable cause exists. Garza was not in danger when he shot Jonathen Santellana in the back and back of the head killing him. Like most criminal homicide suspects Rey Garza has come up with an excuse. However, the forensic and credible eyewitness evidence refutes his version on the events. Furthermore, shooting a person for trying to escape a non-violent minor crime is not a defense to homicide or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The public and parents of Jonathen Santellana want justice to be done.”

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  1. Why are people still allowing this kind of shit to happen? How many stories like this is it going to take to get people angry enough to start fighting back?

    • It’s happening because USA is the “greatest country in the world” :)) …if this happened in my home country, which is considered a 3rd world corrupt country by a lot of “1st world country” people, not only the cop would go to prison for a long time or even for life, and the story would be all over the news so that everybody would know and stay out of stuff like that, but he would be ripped appart in prison by the other inmates or just played with, until he would commit suicide…In the last 12 years, I’ve lived in 5 different countries and never have I’ve seen or heard sh!t like this… ‘murica :)))

  2. I’m not stereotyping but that cop looks like a stupid fat slob. Why would you shoot a young man who was not armed? America you are fucked up.

  3. what a dirty lookin thing if was my kid that baboon would not be given the privilege of quick death, another dead man walkin, twat a scumbag

  4. This actually happened back in 2013….The pig cop didn’t face any charges and got paid leave. Honestly! Fuck the whole authoritarian cult called government.

  5. Typical no justice in America for those who have been wronged, Murdered, Beaten, Raped,mugged anything goes here no or little punishment for the offenders Way to Go America!!!!

  6. There is never any justification for violence. There is no justification for hatred. There is no justification for murder. Those who indulge in violence for whatever reason are themselves changed, and the purity of their purpose adultered.

    If you do not like the state of your world, it is you yourselves that must change, individually and en masse. This is the only way that change will be effected.

    The responsibility for your life and your world is indeed yours. It has not been forced upon you by some outside agency. You form your own dreams and you form your own physical reality. The world is what you are. It is the physical materialization of the inner selves which you have formed.

    It is wrong to curse a flower and wrong to curse a man. It is wrong not to hold any man in honor, and it is wrong to ridicule any man. Your must honor yourselves and see within yourselves the spirit of eternal validity. You must honor all other individuals, because within each is the spark of this validity. When you curse another, you curse yourselves, and the curse returns to you. When you are violent, the violence returns.

    I speak to you because yours is the opportunity to better world conditions and yours is the time. Do not fall into the old ways that will lead you precisely into the world that you fear.

    There is no man who hates but that hatred is reflected outward and made physical, and there is no man who loves but that love is reflected outward and made physical.

  7. What you are seeing is the forces that be pushing a violence and race agenda so they have reason to call on martial law. Do you really think this is about individual rights? Do you think this is about anything else? This has been in the works for decades. Ever see V for Vendetta?

  8. Sum people are traumatized by them that’s why they ran. This is murder by power If a guy started asking for my keys didn’t show badge the guy took off in his car and that’s when cop so called saids his a cop and shoots a young guy who had no weapon in the back of head so many times. That’s murder with the power thatgoes to sum cops heads, this happens everywhere around the world.

  9. Although FL is a redneck state the case against Garza should be pursued through a change.org petition to the mayor of the city and the governor.

  10. What I would like to know:

    How many “Cops” have gone to prison over the last 5 years?

    I don’t know cause I don’t live there. In my country I’ve not heard of a “Cop” going to prison for any reason. This just shows how much they believe they are above the Law and that everyone else is below it.

    Viva Resistance!


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