Four Swedish Cops On Vacation Break Up Brawl On NY Subway


Erik Naslund, 26; Samuel Kvarzell, 25; Markus Asberg, 25; and Eric Jansberger, 28; on their way to see Les Miserables on Broadway, responded to an emergency call to break up a fight on a subway train as it pulled into Bleecker Street station. As passengers fled the Uptown 6 train, the tourists from Sweden bravely entered and tackled a homeless man who was beating another passenger, according to the New York Post.

A train passenger, Raymond Casanova, who captured the heroic act, said it was 15-20 minutes before NYPD officers arrived to relieve the men. “It was great police work on their part. If you listen to the audio carefully, you can even hear the Swedish officers asking the man they had been restraining if he was OK several times,” he added.

The four arrived on time for the start of the award-winning musical about 19th century France and after producers heard about their altercation, the young men were offered a backstage tour.

The four then met Police Commissioner Bratton and members of the NYPD Transit Bureau, who thanked them for jumping into the action on the train. “I would like to acknowledge them. There’s been a lot of attention paid to them, appropriately so, over the last day or so: a New York Post story and some other coverage. Gentlemen, thank you very, very much. You did a great honor to yourselves, certainly to your police service and to your country. We appreciate all the help we can get,” Bratton said.


The off-duty Scandinavian police officers have since been hailed as heroes in New York. Despite their new found celebrity status in America, the modest foursome insists their bravery was no big deal. “We came here for vacation; we’ve been here one day. We’re no heroes, just tourists,” Marcus Asberg said. “It was pretty routine. We came just to make sure no one got hurt,” said Eric Jansberger.

Nonetheless, the Swedish officers showed how to restrain violent suspects without injuring them – the incident provided a stark contrast with the horrific scene that saw Eric Garner fatally subdued by the NYPD, in 2014.

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  1. You cant em the police, or even cops..

    Its death squads, protected by the government

    Pure executions many times

    An example>

    Sweden got a population of roughly / ONE fatal shooting every year by the Swedish police (average)

    USA got a population of roughly 350.000.000.000 / anyone got the fatality numbers?? 600 – 1000?? i dunno..

    I also happen to know that in both Sweden/Norway many, many people own hunting rifles, high velocity assult rifles (like Ak-4 and Ak-5), and firearms.. but they dont seem to kill each other?? how come?

    Please tell me…..

    • So how do you know this? High velocity rifles are illegal in Scandinavia. And it’s more like 9.5 million (9.500.000) to compare Scandinavia has about 23.000.000 citizens and had less than half the amount of homicides than the state of New York each year.

    • Sweden is basicly just a coast and a forest, so we have alot of hunting rifles.
      Quite low on pistol or revolvers, but alot of shot guns and hunting rifle spitting 5.56 and 7.62.
      Sure we have criminal gangs here to, most of them comes from the states.
      Bandidos and Hells angels. But they don’t make any sounds around them.

  2. they would have been tazed about five times, pepper sprayed and have five cops on top of them with one of them kneeling on his neck.

  3. If he was arrested by American cops, he would have been tazzed about five times, pepper sprayed and have 10 cops on top of him with one of them kneeling on his neck. They would throw him in the back of a van with no seat-belt and break his neck on the way to the station. They would then charge you for resisting arrest…. Who wouldn’t resist arrest under those conditions.

  4. #ACAB No matter they from Sweden… The Swedish Pigs are high on the list of stupid-abusers, don’t be fooled by their ‘reasonableness’, they’re in the USA, they have no jurisdiction to beat-the-crap out of ordinary folks…. If this was in Sweden, they’d be kicking seven shades of shit out that guy… All Coppers are Bastards #ACAB

    • Bullshit Carlos.
      And yes, they do have jurisdicition, as do you.
      And you don’t know jack shit about the Scandinavian countries, so stfu.

      AnonB: No, in Scandinavia, no civilian may own a assault rifle. We use our guns to hunt big game, like elk.

    • what world are you living in?not all cops are bad, just as all pedestrians are not bad people. i hope someday you are not in a situation that you may need them..

  5. Perhaps if guns were outlawed in america, there wouldn’t be so many violence related deaths. Pretty simple.

  6. No the cops in america are doing just fine. Its just that everyone in those positions who have died just think that they can run away from the police. Just stay there..dont fight…..admit their wrong and face the consequences. Dont do the crime if u cant face the arrest. Those people who have died probably were drug addicts and their bodies were not healthy to take a taser. The guy who got shot in the back…..he shouldnt of ran… he shouldnt of fought the police…..he shouldnt of grab the cops taser ….he was better of dead. The freddy guy that guy looked drugged up. I think that when something happens that just so happens to be a black fellow they make it to be a racial thing….. their two black guys in the last incident. The only ones making it a racial matter are the people who are claiming to be racial. Its pathetic…. I think thepolice should step back let them tear down baltimore…then the will cry for tye police…

    • You sir are what we call a fucking retard and you probably don’t know jack shit about american cops.. They kill over 930 people per year.. We only have 365 days in a fucking year and they double that number its fucking disgusting. No offence to Americans but your country’s pathetic and your government is useless.

  7. Police in Norway, Sweden and Denmark don’t treat people like trash.
    They’re just normal people, like you and me.
    They don’t abuse their power, many/most of them haven’t even used their guns (like ever) they don’t need to. It’s rare to hear about a police shooting, in Scandinavia.
    I’m really lucky that i was born in Denmark.
    I just hope that the police in US will learn from this, and NOT take it as an insult.

    Sorry for my poor gramma.

  8. Its actually weird that Scandinavia doesnt have a higher killingrate, cus it isnt hard get hold of a gun or ammo. Also kevlar vests are legal to buy. Guess it is all about how the community works.

  9. now looks like kindergardn work from the point where they suspect is ALREADY on the ground, in cuffs before video is taped?

    yeah right, where is the first part, where they walk in till the point where the vid starts? o.0

    sheeep, easy to see what you want right? bs


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