Fox News Host Wonder’s Why the Black Community Doesn’t Protest When Police are Shot


Anna Kooiman, host of “Fox & Friends”, wants to know why it is no one riots when police are shot.

The Fox show talks about a recent incident, in which a New York City officer was shot multiple times in the head while sitting in an unmarked vehicle. Kooiman states:

Well, you wonder where the outrage is. You see everything that’s going on in Baltimore with the unrest, the riots, the arsonists, the looting. And you don’t wish that upon any community, and certainly none of us are advocating that when a police officer is murdered, but I mean, nobody, where is the outrage?”





As those with Opposing Views point out, Kooiman failed to mention that police are allowed to use deadly force to protect innocent lives, and there is no indication yet that Freddie Gray posed any potential danger to anyone before his police-related death.


And, by the way, for context, five NYPD officers right here in this city, shot in the past five months,” co-host Ed Henry stated in the segment.



Again, Fox fails to look at how many people are killed by police. Statistics are hard to come by, and many of them vary. It has been reported that the FBI is now trying to collect better data on police killings (though they don’t appear to be trying very hard), but even with the varied stats, the number of police-related deaths felt by society is much higher than the number of police killed by civilians.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, released a report that found that more than a quarter of killings by police are not included in either of two federal databases. The actual number of police killings, according to the report, is more likely around 930 a year. This number is double the amount recorded and released in the two other U.S. government counts.

Meanwhile, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, 127 officers were killed in 2014. The list includes death by:


9/11 related illness: 1

Assault: 2

Automobile accident: 26

Drowned: 2

Duty related illness: 3

Fire: 1

Gunfire: 47

Gunfire (Accidental): 2

Heart attack: 19

Motorcycle accident: 4

Struck by vehicle: 5

Vehicle pursuit: 5

Vehicular assault: 10


The Daily Kos, has reported that police in Pasco, Washington, have killed more people in six month than officers in the U.K. and Germany combined.




Watch the video below from Fox’s Fox & Friends:



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  1. Do you hate all cops that much that you don’t care? Not all police are bad, not all blacks are bad and not all whites are bad… really stop keeping the fires of hate burning.. Anonymous You are meant to get to the truth as you profess.. then do it instead of taking sides… take a stand…

  2. police officer’s murderer is probably working for some people,which want to give a good or bad image for some or others

  3. You really are JUST as dumb as you look, huh? Everyone who participated in your education should be forced to live in exile.

  4. While I understand and agree with most opinions that are shared here, I have to say, that whether you agree with it or not, the negativity here kind of turns me off to your message. To be clear, MANY police have gone too far… many unnecessary live have been taken… But the more I see your post, the more you’re painting ALL police as the bad guys… and that’s not something I can actually agree with… and why, anytime an opposing viewpoint like this is brought up, do you have to bring up a totally unrelated event? Rafael Ramos, 40, and Wenjian Liu, 32 the NYPD officers that were shot, in their car, back in December, had nothing to do with Freddie Gray, who was murdered, by patheic excuses for law enforcement on April 12, 4 months after the officers this “News Host” referred to… I understand and agree with people taking a stand for themselves, and watching for crooked things, but by distributing irrelevant propoganda from 1 case, to try to atone for another, the message your sending is that actually no life matters… that or you’re no different than 1980’s rap that make’s reference to “fuck the police” and being “cop killers”, all I hear is that now everyone in a uniform is a bad guy, and that simply isn’t true… Sadly, Unity often brings people the closest when tragedy is involved… however fueling tragedy with the idea that it’s solely based on racism, also drives people further apart… I have black friends that are very dear to me, but ever since Mike Brown, and Freddie Gray, and #blacklivesmatter, everytime I hear the word racist thrown around I want to punch people in the face, because I truly don’t even believe they understand what the word means anymore… Anyways, keep up the good work that you do… but this is not one of your finer pieces. Just my 2 cents.

  5. There is an easy and obvious answer to why there are no protests or mass public displays of out rage when police officers are shot in the line of duty by the black community, white community, or any others. First and formost, there is never a shadow of a doubt that charges will be brought up against the shooter when an officer is killed. There is no wait time in the decision of whether or not this will happen, it is a given and the suspect is jailed as quickly as possible. Citizens do not have to make a loud noise in order for action to be taken, our government automatically has there back and seeks justice for the killing of police officers. Statements like, Where is the out rage when an officer is killed?, are just sarcastic and/or are either due to the ignorance of the one saying it or the assumption, by the one saying it, that the listeners are ignorant. I do not really mean to use ignorant as an insult but rather as the definition, lacking in knowledge. FOX isn’t the only one’s making statements like this to the public either, I recieved an article about a MS government official saying something similar. Its really sad that it takes protests to get serious investigations for the shooting/killing of citizens by the police force, but it does. The truth is, if it were not for the protests, there would likely be hardly any attention at all other than the routine paper work and standard inquiry done by the dept. itself and then on to business as usual.

  6. We do not have a problem in Amerika of killing too many cops, we do have a problems with cops killing tooooo many people…

    So that is why there are NO protest when cops get killed. Several cops do need to be killed because they have KKK background ….

  7. I do feel bad for them but I’d say it a very high percentage compared to unarmed victims of shootings by police that they receive justice. If you are shot by a cop even if you aren’t doing anything wrong you will most likely not receive do justice.


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