France parliament votes in support of recognizing Palestine, Israel says peace process will suffer


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After the British Parliament voted overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state back in October, France has joined the growing list of European countries (including Sweden) that have sent a message to Israel regarding the treatment of Palestine. Representatives in French parliament voted Tuesday in support of recognizing a Palestinian state. The resolution, which is non-binding, serves as a symbolic change to the country’s stance on the conflict.

The measure passed but still had significant opposition, 339 votes to 151.

There have been similar resolutions recently in Britain, Ireland and Spain. The move follows the bolder official recognition from Sweden.

RT reported more on the unofficial tone trending in Europe.

“We don’t want a symbolic recognition that will only lead to a virtual state. We want a Palestinian state that is real so we want to give a chance to negotiations,” Europe Minister Harlem Desir told lawmakers after the votes were tallied.

Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has supported the vote, setting a two-year deadline for the creation of an independent Palestine. He said that if no resolution had been found by then, France would officially recognize Palestine anyway.

The government of Israel produced a familiar response saying the diplomatic changes would harm the peace process.

Daily Mail
But in a statement today the Israeli embassy in Paris said: ‘Israel believes that the vote in the National Assembly… will reduce the possibility of achieving a deal between Israel and the Palestinians.’

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  1. about bloody time, before israel take what little is left of this truly oppressed nation. follow un resolutions israel, and stop acting like the nazi’s you so vehemently bitched about. you are the new nazi’s these cant always get what you want,but you will get what your karma dictates!!

    • “Oppressed Nation”??? What on earth are you on about??? The Palestinians are Arabs!!! The Arabs have 20% of our world’s land mass! Israel fits 545 times into the Arab World’s area, that is roughly 0.18% of the Arab lands!!! It’s 422 million Arabs (including the “Palestinians”) compared with barely 7 Million Israelis! Who is oppressed here really??? It looks like Israel recognizes the right of the Palestinian for a state more than the Palestinians themselves wants or need it.

      • How many of those Arabs are Palestinians? How much of the middle east is actually Palestine? Are you actually saying Palestinians don’t deserve to exist because there are already other Arab nations? You seem to be confusing Palestine with some kind of fictional middle eastern superpower. I’m white and British, I guess that means I own all of Europe and North America. Using your logic Mongolia is immensely powerful, they must be stopped!!!

      • RE Steve you’re kidding right? There are allot of different Arabic speaking nations yes. There are also a billion Indians and a billion Chinese in the world does that mean you can slaughter them? Bomb their homes & schools too? Your argument is both morally appalling and irrelevant. Palestine isn’t even called Palestine and you want to debate if they’re oppressed? Are you serious? Please do your research as you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about.

  2. The only people who don’t want a Palestinian State are the Palestinians themselves – by their own very openly admission that the world seems to completely ignore (they obviously don’t want to hear it)Their Raison d’être is only for the destruction of Israel so lets call a spade a spade. Europe is voting for Israel’s destruction. Prove me wrong if you can.

  3. Israel with the help of Gouverment of Europe, England, and others and USA has robbed the Arabic Philitines of their land. Period. That People of Gaza and the Westbank who are locked up on their own land are defending themselfes against Israelic surpression and murder, is more than understandig. The state of Palestine,Gaza and Westbank, should be accepted for the sake of longterm Peace.

  4. Not only is Isreal’s “Chipping” 1 peace at a time, it is getting worse in isreal ,but surounding countrys are experiancing chaos as well! if the usa solgers dont leave i think alot of people from that area are going to uprise that were origonally ally’s!

  5. What Peace Initiative? Europe conniving at the destruction of Israel. So what. It was their idea to dump the Jews from Europe on the Lands of the Palestinians. One White Man is worth a dozen Non-Whites, has always been the White Supremacist logic.


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