France tests Solar Roadways: Predicts will Provide Power to 5 Million in Near Future



  1. “The testing phase is still in the testing phase.” I do so appreciate these articles, but I wish they were proofread more carefully. Typos, grammar and punctuation errors, and overstated titles make them seem much less credible.

  2. I’ve lost all belief in AnonHQ. None of their articles are credible. Or maybe the whole point of AnonHQ is to make bullshit articles for entertainment?

    I mean, 90% of those “secret” medical breakthroughs, cannabis cancer remedies, and the US going down in the economy, political system, and every single thing is just made from… pure concentrated bullshit.

    It’s like they found a lemon made of bullshit and just squeezed all that juice out and put it in the article.


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