A French Journalist Who Spent 10 Months In ISIS Captivity Reveals What Do Jihadists REALLY Want


Nicolas Hénin, a French journalist who was chained together in underground cells by ISIS in Syria for 10 months as a hostage alongside US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff who were later beheaded, has not only revealed his brutal and gruesome ordeal at hands of terror group, he has also described how welcoming refugees is the best strategy against ISIS, how airstrikes against Syria are a trap, how the jihadists want the West to kill Muslims to justify their terror, and how the terrorists can be defeated.

ISIS Wants You To Turn Your Back On Refugees

UNHCR figures show over one million refugees and migrants reached Europe by sea in 2015. But things are different in 2016 with many Western countries planning to close their doors to refugees blaming Muslims for terror attacks on the West. However, Hénin insists:

“Welcoming refugees is not a terror threat to our countries; it’s like a vaccine to protect us from terrorism, because the more interactions we have between societies, between communities, the less there will be tensions. The Islamic State believes in a global confrontation. What they want eventually is civil war in our countries, or at least large unrest, and in the Middle East, a large-scale war. This is what they look for. This is what they struggle for. So we have to kill their narrative and actually to welcome refugees, totally destroy their narrative.”

ISIS Wants You To Not Stop Bombing Syria

US President Barack Obama called the unfortunate shooting at a holiday party, which killed 14 people and injured 22, in San Bernardino on December 2, 2015 as “an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people” and vowed to continue bombing Iraq and Syria areas held by the Islamic State. But Hénin warns that airstrikes are NOT the answer to combating the Islamic State; in fact, he says, airstrikes against Syria are a trap.

“Airstrikes in Syria, the way they are done, are a mistake… All of these bombings have a terrible side effect. And basically, we—Westerners, but not only Westerners, also the Russians, also the regime—are pushing the Syrian people into the hands of ISIS. We are working for them. We are recruiting for them.”

ISIS Wants To See You Hate & Kill Muslims

The Charlie Hebdo shooting , the multiple terror attacks on Paris and the recent Brussels Bombings not only struck at the heart of cosmopolitan Western civilization, it struck at the Western unity, giving Islamophobic elements in both America and Europe an excuse to persecute their own innocent Muslim citizens. That is exactly what the Islamic State wanted.

In an op-ed for The Guardian, Hénin explains how we are just fuelling our enemies and fuelling the misery and disaster for the natives, and why we absolutely must not respond to terror attacks with more violence and hate…

“With their news and social media interest, they will be noting everything that follows their murderous assault on Paris, and my guess is that right now the chant among them will be “We are winning”. They will be heartened by every sign of overreaction, of division, of fear, of racism, of xenophobia; they will be drawn to any examples of ugliness on social media.

“Central to their world view is the belief that communities cannot live together with Muslims, and every day their antennae will be tuned towards finding supporting evidence. The pictures from Germany of people welcoming migrants will have been particularly troubling to them. Cohesion, tolerance – it is not what they want to see.

“Canada withdrew from the air war after the election of Justin Trudeau. I desperately want France to do the same, and rationality tells me it could happen. But pragmatism tells me it won’t. The fact is we are trapped: ISIS has trapped us. They came to Paris with Kalashnikovs, claiming that they wanted to stop the bombing, but knowing all too well that the attack would force us to keep bombing or even to intensify these counterproductive attacks. That is what is happening.”

In a column for the International Business Times, Hénin made a very compelling case for why we must not overreact to the acts of terrorism:

Let’s start by asking ourselves, what does our enemy want us to do? What reaction would make them happy? The answer is that the Paris attacks were committed because ISIS wants to see us kill Muslims. They want to provoke military escalation in Syria. They want to provoke unrest. They want to provoke confrontations with Muslims from the Western world.

ISIS believes that Muslims have no place in a Western society, and that the two worlds can’t coexist. All of their propaganda – based on a corrupted restoration of the ‘Muslim pride’ – is actually a scam: ISIS wants the West to kill Muslims to justify their war.

ISIS is a terrorist group and we can’t reproach them and expect them to shift ideals and act as we do. They can only act by their very definition – to terrorize. They do this to become a part of our political agenda. To make us forget what is fair or moral. To make us have eyes only for them. Enthralled by their terror campaign, we ultimately act against our own interests, against all logic.

How Can The Islamic State Be Defeated?

“The winner of this war will not be the party that has the newest, the most expensive or the most sophisticated weaponry, but the party that manages to win over people.”

This article (A French Journo Who Spent 10 Months In ISIS Captivity Reveals What Do Jihadists REALLY Want) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ.com.


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    • Yes because if you stop bombing Syria or Iraq… and allow all Syrians to come into Europe — ISIS will go away and be peaceful?

      This article is either being sarcastic or the most stupid nonsense I’ve ever seen.

  1. The writer is an idiot.

    I guess in WWII the Russians should have invited the Nazis into Stalingrad, and the Chinese should not have resisted the Japanese.  We saw how well it went for the Jews when they did not resist the Nazis. Genocide. 

    Islam dwarfs Nazism in its history, it’s breadth and width of atrocities, it’s organization and the sheer numbers of its followers.  The Trojan Horse aspect of the Religious arm paves the way for the Military and Political components, which are interlocking strands of the same rope that they will hang the writer of this piece with.

    Is the writer ignorant of the atrocities being committed in the name of Islam all over the globe – Mali, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Thailand, the Philpines, Iraq, Syria, Gaza, India, to name some of the more well known examples.  In India, when population parity was achieved, muslims seceded from India (this is how Pakistan came into existence, folks).  The same happened in Bangladesh. How about in Lebanon, in the seventies, when Christians and non-Muslims were slaughtered and evicted when Muslim population reached the tipping point?  And NOW, as I write, GENOCIDE is being perpetrated in Syria and Iraq.  And they are chipping away in the countries above, with automatic weapons and funding from Saudi Arabia. And they are openly stating (if you were a journalist worth your paycheck, you would know) that they intend to take over, the Islamic way is supreme, and that man made law has no parity with “divine” sharia… 

    Are you ignorant of Imans preaching hate in European mosques, and already in Canada and America? 

    Have you read the history of Islam in Northern Africa and Syria and Constantinople?  Do you know that the Crusades were defensive to stop 400 years of murderous slaughter by Muslims with swords?  Do you know that the Quran starts peaceful and then gets violent (the opposite of the Bible) and that the later  violent verses override the early peaceful verses, the ones quoted (as Taqiyya, sanctioned lying), to useful idiots such as yourself?

    Western nations have already let in millions and millions of “refugees” who plan to abuse welfare, breed, and then claim predjudicial treatment as an excuse to riot and kill and secede, when in fact  their religious doctrine orders them not to intermingle, and to treat “kuffars” harshly.

    How about this – some Islamic nations are wealthy, why doesn’t this dumbass writer craft a piece asking Islamic countries to welcome westerners, stop using cultural excuses to rape women, stop the murder of Apostates, ban honor killings, allow churches to be built (with loud bells that ring 5 times a day), let Jews fly on their airlines, and not burn Coptic Churches, and allow non-muslims to hold office. For starters. And while he is at it, he can entreat them to stop circumcising young girls, and also to put an end to child marriages.

    That would be an article that the writer could be proud of.  That would bring the West and Islam closer toegther.  (It won’t happen though, and that is why Islam must be banned in the West… you think that is extreme, guess what – Christianity, Buddism, Rastafarianism, Atheism, and Agnosticism are all BANNED in Islamic countries).  That would not be an article that would make the author appear as a dimwitted rube with no understanding of Islam, history, or current events. 

      • The Quran may not mean to be violent but ISIS and the ilk they attract translate it to violence and carry out horrific violence… THATS fact…. at this point for the safety of our American nation banning these refugees is for our greater good, unfortunate as it is. THAT is what is most important… not other peoples refugees. Obviously Proud Infidel is angry, but he points out truth.. Saying he should read the Quran because your take from it is not violent not negate the FACT.. ISIS or ISIL is using it for hate and translate it to fit what they want. Look around us, we are surrounded on all sides on our own soil. Our government not doing or able to do anything. We cant even see who the enemy is anymore or who is good who is bad. Proud infidel is not a dumbass or il informed, the person sounds fed up and tired. Proud infidel isn’t saying we can co exist! But I am saying THEY cant co exist.. ISIS. they will not stop, they will not have the same sympathetic mercy you people, you NON Muslims apparently have. They rely on westerners “play by the rules” mentality and its sympathetic citizens to argue with hard stance westerners… we are fighting with one hand tied back, while they laugh and do not use the same rule book. Its so obvious. Its even more scary to see how many of you are so blind and bring up points that aren’t even valid and continue to misdirect the truth… wether you are about peace and love and fuzzy bunnies, we are at war. They will not show you mercy. this French journalist survived to come back and say this crap. Ignorant to say? Maybe.

    • you only see the world from one point of view i think you should be more open minded and more educated and know that islam is like every other religion on this planet im not a muslim my self but what you are saying is if like all muslim countries are like saudi arabia and they all have the same laws you cant compare turkey and somalia or malaysia and saudi arabia and you are saying we cant islam cant coexist with other religions well you are totally wrong there is so many countries where people are living together and they have no problem and like i said not all muslim countries are the same who said other religions are banned? i dont know where you get you information from yes some of them are true like in saudi arabia other religions are banned but why dont you look at turkey or Egypt or Morocco? in your head they are all the same but believe me they are humans just like everyone else there is bad good everything my parents are muslims im a free thinker and im from iraq believe we are just like you everyone wants to live in paece no body on this planets wants war or hate
      please have a more open minded way of thinking go meet people of other religions and talk to them
      well i think no matter what i write you will not change your way of thinking but i hope you do

    • Proud Infidel : You are a dumb ass. Go to India and see How Muslims live and are treated there. They have rights to vote, to be elected and to reject. Unlike so many You named. Get ya facts rights. Most of the things You wrote seems a propaganda.

  2. This guy is completely full of $h1t! Welcoming into our countries is a sure way to bring about conflict as they will not adopt the customs of their adopted country. Rather they will demand that we conform to their way of life meaning Sharia. And that will never happen.

  3. It’s not about immigration, it’s about being nice.
    If You don’t agree with Your goverment’s policy disagree with them, but do not be mad at people who came to Your country just becouse they are allowed to. They deserve good.


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