Fukushima Has Now Contaminated Over 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans (And It’s Getting Worse)



(Awareness Act) Most people do not realize the repercussions that disasters like the Fukushima nuclear meltdown have on the world. When it happens the media is all over it, and then soon they trickle off and nobody ever thinks about it again.

But the fact is, even though nobody is talking about it, it does not mean that the trouble is gone. Quite the contrary actually, the Fukushima disaster is still affecting the world today. Almost one-third of the globe is thought to have been contaminated from the leak out from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

More than 80% of the radioactivity from the damaged reactors ended up in the Pacific Ocean, far more than reached the ocean from Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. Of this, a small fraction is currently on the seafloor, the rest was swept up by the Kuroshio Current, a Western Pacific version of the Gulf Stream, and carried out to sea where it mixed with the vast volume of the North Pacific.

These materials, primarily two isotopes of cesium, only recently began to appear in the Eastern Pacific. For example, in 2015 we detected signs of radioactive contamination from Fukushima along the coast near British Columbia and California. While these amounts are trace, the danger of radioactive material in any amount cannot be underestimated. Every possible exposure, in any small amount, adds up.
So what should we take from this? That it is incorrect to say that Fukushima is under control when levels of radioactivity in the ocean indicate that the leaks are ongoing. More than 1,000 tanks brimming with irradiated water stand inland from the Fukushima nuclear plant. Each day 300 tonnes of water are pumped through Fukushima’s ruined reactors to keep them cool.
The company that owns the plant, TEPCO, has deployed a filtration device that has stripped very dangerous isotopes of strontium and cesium from the flow. The water in the tanks still contains tritium and isotope of hydrogen with two neutrons. Tritium is a major by-product of nuclear reactions and is difficult and expensive to remove from the water.
Now, Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has launched a campaign to convince a skeptical world that dumping up to 800,000 tonnes of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean and is a safe and responsible thing to do.
I say, that any further dumping is done, the IAEA and Tokyo Electric Power Co., need to consider the impact that it is having on the environment. Entire livelihoods could be affected as well as the long-tern health of the region and eventually the global community.


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  1. This map is a NOAA map indicating wave height only, taken after the quake in March 2011. It does not indicate radioactivity in the ocean. The Pacific ocean has diluted any radioactivity from Fukushima, so as to render it undetectable. This is true and scientific fact.

    • I have had the similar comments from a friend of mine, has the article’s author commented?
      They are misusing a graphic representative of something else. Again, it is pseudoscience.

      The image used as the main pic is a tracking of wave height.

      It is from people who don’t understand the science.

      • Always glad that people such as yourself come along to add correction because ( for people such as myself ) we don’t understand the depth of this particular scientific knowledge. So….

        Thank you and continue to keep up the fact checking.

    • Where did you get the facts. You sound like an Army Sgt that I basically told he was full of crap. He was teaching a class on atomic warfare. We were told as soon as the atomic blast cleared we could go through the blast zone without any injuries to ourselves. What a bunch of crap. I was threatened with a court marshall by the CO if I did not shut my mouth. Radiation just doesn’t go away overnight.

    • The radiation in the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima nuclear power plant is detectable. You don’t know the meaning of the words true and scientific.

      • Barely detectable, and only with extremely sensitive equipment, at levels several 100 times lower than naturally occurring radiation already in the ocean.

    • No anon speaks for any other, nor the hive. That said, this is prime evidence that anonhq is profiteering using the anon namesake for its own benefit. NOT in anyway representative of the anonymous idea. @AnonHQ Disinformation is a disease… quit spreading it! Knowledge is free… expect us.

    • Eco muts are lying batards.

      The halflife of caesum 134 is 2 years, the leak stopped in 2014, so half was gone by 2016 and half of that gone by 2018 and divice the remainder by the pacific ocean and you find that there are more radioactive things in your home

      Lying eco mut scoundrels

    • L. Schuh says in error that radioactive pollution of the Pacific Ocean from the nuclear reactor disasters at Fukushima, Japan is “undetectable”. In fact, The Washington Post and the Christian Science Monitor both reported on Dec. 29, 2014 that “a new scientific paper just out in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” has documented that radiation from Fukushima, traveling through the vast Pacific ocean has made its way to the waters off the West Coast of the United States and Canada. Furthermore , “The new study is not the first to reach that conclusion. Senior scientist Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who heads a crowd-funded, citizen research project, Our Radioactive Oceans, first reported the presence of small quantities of Fukushima radiation in a sample taken in August 2014 100 miles off the coast of Eureka, Calif. “The radiation was at low levels, similar to that reported in the current research,” Chris Mooney reported for the Washington Post. The newer “paper found that radiation from Fukushima was definitely detectable in waters of the Canadian continental shelf by June 2013, and had apparently increased somewhat by February of 2014. However, the levels of radiation are quite low.”

  2. this image is of wave action after an earthquake and has nothing to do with radiation in the ocean, I wish you and the rest of the internet would stop spreading this around. It’s been debunked months ago. Note the scale on the image is in “cm.”

  3. It was a plot created by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) immediately after the Tohoku earthquake in March 2011 showing the wave height of the tsunami that followed. It had (and has) nothing to do with the flow or spread of radioactive seepage from Fukushima.

  4. Dr Helen Caldicott Fkushima, several videos on youtube, says it all. I stopped eating anything form the oceans years ago, I also take iodine supplement daily.

    • If you listen to Helen Caldicott, you deserve all the loss of joy in your life that you get.
      By the way, the iodine does basically NOTHING about radioactivity since the radio iodine that was of concern from Fukushima is ALL GONE, and has been for basically 6.8 years!


    • Ummm, how about the other way. YOU are claiming an effect, how about you show credible science to support your statements. A simple browser search will show thosands of science articles that there is no effect. They will all say “we need to continue to monitor” but then that is their job!

    • Irrespective of the maps origins or all other ‘evidence’ that people are saying disputes this article, the fact is that radiation leakage into the oceans currents is not something to be dismissed, played down or fobbed off. There will be huge political and corporate pressure to trivialise the environmental damage being caused by this. It’s a bit like climate change deniers, those who dismiss the pollution and ocean dead zones etc…they need to wake up and smell the coffee..

  6. Please stop using this graphic…all this manages to do is undermine your message…and unlike what was stated in some of these comments..the radiation IS a concern. Radiation follows the ocean currents…..the “small amount of radiation” is bio accumulative…meaning as it is absorbed by organisms, as it goes up through the food chain..it tends to gain in concentration…evidenced by the blue fin tuna that were caught..of the fifteen analyzed, all 15 had small amounts of radiation contamination. The danger of this was underscored by the initial comparatives to (which undermined the position of how little concern there was for this radiation) “radiation” in bananas…which is a harmless form..whereas several of the radiation types from the Fukushima leakage have no “safe level”. That being said…please refrain from the constant conjecture and report ONLY when you have something substantive…thank you.

    • In fact, the radioactivity released in significance by Fukushima Dai-Ichi (cesium) is NOT bio-accumulative.
      The tuna in question had just migrated from feeding off the Japanese coast where the concentrations of cesium had been MUCH MUCH higher than where they wre caught. Indeed, by the time they were caught, they had already shed most of the radio-cesium load. The natural polonium in their systems was estimated to be about 1000 times as radiotoxic as the cesium they carried.
      All sources of radiation have safe levels. The safe levels of radiation dose are essentially the same, the amount of specific radioisotops that will produce that dose vary from isotope to isotope.

      • businesses also tell us that the chemicals they spray on our food is not dangerous. How do we know you are not a plant from some corporation trying to downplay how dangerous this all is?? I do not trust any of you that say it is safe!!! I stopped eating anything from the oceans. Enough said. There are too many cover ups, lies, etc in the world today!!!

        • Accept one, our bible is not a lie. read it daily and find the truth from Matt 24:14 that verse will allow you to identify, then learn from them. treasure hunt, enjoy! The richness of our bible is meant for us to know that God did not create the earth simply for nothing.

  7. Anyone wanting actual information (rather than myth or just fake news) about Fukushima’s effect on the ocean should consult DeepSeaNews.com, which has many informative articles about it

    • Which, since the radioactivity hadn’t reached us that long ago, was probably from something entirely different, like maybe the chemicals that reached us on the flotsom and jetsom and got here several years earlier than the radioactivity. Or maybe it was a typical disease made more severe by the “blob” that messed up the coastal waters back then.

  8. Here it is, 7 years after the event and trace amounts are already showing up off the coasts of British Columbia and California. Ocean currents never stop. What’s this situation going to look like in another 7-10 years (and beyond)? I believe that this will eventually be a life extinction event. Seems to me that the people who downplay the seriousness of this situation are the type of people who don’t do anything about anything until it’s too late to do anything about it.

  9. Correct about the map indicating wave action after an earthquake however fish stocks and other sea life are being affected. Many species are showing up in great numbers near the spill sight with lesions, discoloration, tumors, and deformities. These issues are also increasing in populations further from the sight in migratory species. Concentrations of these poisons increase ten fold for each step in the food chain so higher predatory species such as seals, sharks, and will have greater concentrations and suffer greater impacts on their health and fertility. This also means that the more seafood is a part of your diet, the greater the chances are of suffering cancers or other illnesses related to exposure to these radioactive isotopes or of bearing children with learning and developmental conditions as a result of chromosome damage.

    • Do you hve a credible scientific source for that statement? Every time I search for on, I get a totally different story.

  10. Naysayers… educate yourselves and don’t believe for one minute that this isn’t a catastrophe. It is just as deadly now as it was 7 years ago. WAKE UP.

    • you are missing the point completely… obviously this is a disaster, no one is disputing that. What is concerning is anonHQ’s lack of concern for the truth.

    • wake up and do some actual maths, the half life of caesium 134 is 2 years

      half of it was gone by 2016 and half of that by 2018.

      Eco muts are anti science

  11. Better to be prepared than to be caught like a deer in a headlight saying, opps, if i only knew. Water is precious. Babies are precious. Dont contaminate them. Save and be mindfull, it can happen.

  12. The Fear created by articles such as this have much more negative health effects than the radiation from Fukushima!

  13. We should look at what is going on in ground zero, that is Japan, seafood in Japan is a major part of their kitchen, has there been any statistical data about the increase in cancer patients, and what is Japan doing to protect their people?

  14. Lol the commentator on this movie cant even say what he has to say and yes the map is from the NOAA and has nothing to do with nuclear pollution…FAKE.


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