Who Funded ISIS?


Featured Image: The currency of DAESH (ISIS) – Gold dinar. Worth $135 each.


Who funded and brought up ISIS? One side, the mainstream American side, points the finger of blame at private donors and al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria, the al-Nusrah Front.

This finger pointing is being done by former U.S. Navy Admiral and NATO Supreme Commander, James Stavridis, amongst other Washington officials. He stated to NBC News that, “these rich Arabs are like what ‘angel investors’ are to tech start-ups, except they are interested in starting up groups who want to stir up hatred.” He goes on by saying, “groups like al-Nusrah and ISIS are better investments for them. The individuals act as high rollers early, providing seed money. Once the groups are on their feet, they are perfectly capable of raising funds through other means, like kidnapping, oil smuggling, selling women into slavery, etc.” [1]

The continuation of blame follows down the path to the individuals who are reported to solicit funds for ‘humanitarian causes,’ only to hand off the proceeds to ISIS and like-minded affiliates. US intelligence prefers to call them ‘rich patrons,’ noting their contribution to the development of the Assad regime in Syria.

An interesting turn of events occurred during a gathering for the Council of Foreign Relations, which Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, attended. He accused the assembled Paris conference on fighting ISIS of being a “coalition of repenters,” insinuating that it was they who have “created a monster.” The Council of Foreign Relations heard Zarif’s condemnation of those who sought pretense. “It [ISIS] has been supported, it has been provided for in terms of arms, money, finances by a good number of U.S. allies in the region.” [2]


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif

It isn’t the first time that the western front has been accused of setting up ISIS and other affiliates financially, and militarily. In 2014, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former counselor and advisor to the likes of Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1960s, and President Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s and early 1980s, spoke with NBC on the matter of national security and ISIS.

When prompted with the matter of combating ISIS without strengthening the Assad regime or Iran, he responded that the US backed the weakest link in Syria. “I think it was a mistake, in fact, to give such a free hand to the Saudis and others in organizing some sort of an internal self-promoted conflict within Syria,” Brzezinski said. “And we have to be very careful how we become engaged.” [3]

This comment may be in hindsight for the support of the mujahideen during the Cold War between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. The Afghan War was eventually won over by the mujahideen rebels with the military aid of the US, however, it now remains controversial. Since 1992, various rebel factions have appeared, decreeing an Islamic republic.

october_87_-_khalis-loyal_muja 3410341072

L-R: mujahideen, 1980s and  mujahideen, 2014

1992 is also the same year in which the CIA permitted Pakistani ISI allies (Inter-Services Intelligence) to recruit Muslim extremists, most passing under mujahideen-CIA assisted training. It was from here that some 35,000 Muslim radicals trained and fought together, giving birth to an Islamic radicalism, along with one of its first official recruits, a civil engineer and businessman, Osama bin Laden. [4]

The history is there. Lead advisors, though cautious in their words, err a noise of regret on their involvement. Others take the forum and announce their blame at Council, for the world to hear. University professors write essays and some mainstream media journalists, true to their writing cause, raise queries, but who will put the genie back in its proverbial bottle? Or is the bottle already too broken?


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    • It must be so easy in your world, blaming US for everything and giving OK for every conspiracy theory against US ever created. US behind 911? Of course we all knew it! It was them and ONLY them. US funded and created all the terrorists in the world? Yes, of course. We know this. Have a bit of decency and remain at least partially skeptical will you?

      • Those are Not the American people, it is your Goverment screwing you over. The people have to wake up and see what is going on around them.

      • no one seems to know what happened on 9/11/01 to a reasonable degree of fact. nothing fishy at all about buildings falling into themselves at 9.8 feet/sec², the rate of a falling object, and the only skyscrapers structurally overbuilt to collapse as a result of fire damage (as seen again by the building in Dubai) Ever. Then WTC 7 falling under very mysterious circumstances with no apparent exterior damage at all. Or the plane that wasn’t a plane that crashed into the Pentagon with no footage, even though several 24/7 cameras would have picked it up. Or the crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the plane crash without a plane that looked like a smoking hole in the ground dug up by a backhoe. Or the investigation of materials at ground zero in NY that never happened. Nothing about that day adds up, and yet everyone is just supposed to accept it was 18 terrorists with box cutters that turned a nation upside down with fear? i sure as heck don’t know what happened that day, but i’m pretty sure it isn’t as simple as what is generally reported.

      • Conspiracy theory against US:
        Those type of knowledge is public, it´is documented by official US documents, it´s on media like pictures, movies, recordings and especially state and senate documents of where your TAX money went.

        Be happy that Ignorance does not causes pain.

        Basically US citizens paid for 9/11, with your work, your lives and with your VOTES and that with the lack of knowledge that africa is a continent and not a country…or basic physics or economy.
        Actio – reactio.

        The people VOTE, and thats why they are ALL guilty.

  1. It’s totally down to the west. You can’t fund rebels to fight the opposition and not expect a backlash. On top of that occupying another country that is not yours causes unrest. It has just got to that point that we were all expecting to happen eventually.

    • ISIS’ origin wasn’t our support of the Mujahadeen. Abandoning the victors after the Soviet withdrawal left a void the Taliban subsequently filled.

      We used the country as a staging area in waging the Cold War. Reagan, disapproving of ‘nation building,’ abandoned the devastation we helped create.

      It’s hubris to ignore the corruption, incompetence & economies of the region’s leadership & their repressive tactics. Our support for these regimes fuel the resentment that non-state actors exploit problems to our actions. We protect our interests & may provide technical support but there are no easy solutions.

    • oh, nobody’s talking bout ONLY. But hey, US is always “funding interests”. And still they do. Nothing about “patriotism” only INTERESTS.

    • But…. What if the one being pointed, is also pointing at those who points at the one being pointed, now both party are pointing at each other
      Basically, everyone is guilty.

  2. What I want to know is the whole purpose of all this? Federal Reserve Bank? A consortium of banks? CIA? US government? Can this all be pinpointed to one single entity/group with their evil plan that lasted for 100 years? Or is this something more complex?

  3. What business is it of anyone’s what other ppl do in there country why do ppl care when nothin will ever get done all this shit is something for noisy ppl to do if it doesn’t effect American soil who cares white man will always be the most hated breed of all time we cause all problems of the world but talkin or reading or saying bs on fb shit is pointless but everyone has something to say but no one does shit about anything complaining doesn’t get anything done an never will revolution is the only result an Americans are scared an comfortable with just sucking it up an just dealing with the way things are who gives a fuck who funds these scum bags money is an will always be the rule of all evil period

  4. Right…it was arabs…FAIL anon. Fail. How about you shed some light on what Snowden said about “the Hornet’s Nest” and the connections between western Intelligence and ISIS. ISIS the Goddess still worshipped today by some. These are not Muslims.

  5. Uh…since they seem to apparently be utilizing Russian arms I would think the answer is Russia…just a guess…plus I have eyes to see in the pics they have ak47s…and another thing that has led me to this conclusion is the simple fact that during the first part of the Iraqi war there was a shipment of Russian arms confiscated at the port sent from our Russian “friends”. Ok now everybody go watch the Nostradamus movie and I think you will see everything Nostradamus had predicted is coming to fruition…everything.

    • I think AK-47’s is one of the most cheapest gun and does not get jammed easily, works perfectly in sand, snow areas of earth. So its pretty common everywhere
      If they would be holding M16’s would you accuse US? Huh?

    • you are mislead sadly, the 47 in ak47 stands for the year 1947 that was a long ass time ago! russia does not make these weapons anymore nor uses them. the production of those weapons are passed down to other countries. russia makes now use of the ak 105 and ak94 if im correct. you would be surprised if you knew who has the power and licence to make and sell certain weapons! belgium to name one has only watered down the export of weapons. just recently when it turned out that ‘terrorists’ infiltrated the country. iraq, afganistan, syria. all these wars all these battles. helped by this little country in the european union, that little shit belgium. however this is only one of the countries profiting of warfare

  6. When will we finnaly all get along and understand we are all children of the world, we need to destroy this notion of country and frontiers, there are so much more important things in the world, like space exploration and the preservation of our own planet. People need to wake up. Wake up citizens of the World. PEACE

  7. Those who have the power and money to invest in turmoil:this is how business is done. It makes no matter which country it is. These investment groups are there to make money off of it.It could be your greedy grandma investing money in a chemical plant that make sarin gas. Groups like ISIS started out as something all together different them what they are to day. Their youth die, our youth die all for the sake of a couple of bucks. Nothing personal it’s strictly business.

  8. that has been common knowledge for a long time, its not new, isis was set up by America funded by the back door to be armed and trained to take out assad.
    its been known for a long time bin Laden’s controllability was under question when he was in Saudi before he went for a mountain retreat in Afghanistan, and he was the reason the americans invaded Afghanistan not a al quieda country, the poppy crops are up 20% since the American invasion and America got a new opiod medicine. and why do you think America is sitting in Jordan and letting others get killed fighting isis. the oil price is being held low to help crash the Russian economy and the troubles in the Ukraine were started by America not Russia.

  9. I expected you guys to provide screen shots of cheques and bank accounts transfers as evidences of such backdoor and malicious fundings. You are also not the kind of groups who also rely on the media for such sensitive information.

  10. hey guys we must not forget black ops type of dealing with things. which is starting up terrorist, geurilla and rebel factions. and providing them with funds and weapons. the only motive seems to be bussines, since everything in the world is an industry were only numbers count. war, terrorism all that stuff has only one goal: bussiness. do not forget that the rothchild familiy has funded every war on both sides since napoleon. i cant say where all this ‘bussines’ is heading to, the only thing i know is that it is only the beginning. war is the big money maker, dont forget that. peace is nice, very nice. but it doest make much money. as long as corporations run this world we are going to have a bad time!

  11. 1961, a new operation was established by the US Department of Defence. It was called Operation ISIS, with the first two letters standing for International Security. The other two were unrecognizable as the letter I am getting this info from is extremely worn. The US Treasury is losing billions of dollars a year for unknown reasons other that a notice saying “WITHDRAW: $___ REASON: CONFIDENTIAL.” Could these seemingly unrelated events and coincidences all be a part of the DOD’s master plan to create a new Operation Northwoods? It’s worth checking out.

  12. adding more bla bla about guns goverments cover your eyes but all of europe make guns the bad guys are good for bussiness ! millions ! Eastern countryies !gun are free to circulate then folk bring them in to france and uk, theres a big demande to kill folk from the arab nation! we are in a slavery system today ! and momo wants us to go back in time ! in the 60s nourth africa was in jeans and women were free to study !free like european countryies,To day women in nourth africa have to follow coverd ! religion comes in ! yet another slavery system ! and yet more guns that the day does not see !


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