Top 10 Facts about Area 51 – One of the Best Known Secret Places on Earth


The U.S. military installation, Area 51 located about 100 miles north of Las Vegas, is one of the most known secret and interesting places on the planet. It is commonly known for UFO conspiracy theories and US army’s secret projects. This video tells some of the surprising facts about one of the best-known secret places on earth:

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    • There’s a huge galaxy, bigger than we can imagine. Do you really think we are the only ones in this galaxy? I personally think we are not alone

      • Jeez, we live in tiny galaxy with a lot of solar systems, for the moment are known more than 1000 galaxy’s with hundreds solar systems passible for life.

        • Jeez, there is no ET’s. They would have contacted us by now. Do you believe they travel millions of light years to just hover in the sky? They have not found any evidence of life in space yet. Not even a sound. And they won’t. We are it for life. The UFO’s? Demons.

          • They had contacted us MANY MANY times before our current time. Gods and legends come from them. Like in chinese old books, the masters come here in a huge fire dragon. This is the way they had to discribe the flying objects they saw. If you analyse well any religion, they all got something who doesn’t belong to this world and it’s physical. Not angels, not demons, not gods, not monsters.

          • Demons? Probably not. I believe there is life out there, but we are too primitive for them to bother with us. Except for using us like lab rats.

          • Are you stupid Buster Hymen or what? They would have contacted us by now? PFFF Why the f*”k would they do that? Do you probably think we can solve their problems? We can’t even solve a problem in our relationships. UFOs demons? BOLLOCKS.

          • They wouldn’t say hello in that way if they came for natural resources or brought devastating info of or soon demise that would cause mass panic. But then again do you stop an try to communicate to aunts and life forms you feel are beneath you?

          • Yes I think they would just hover in the sky, if they are smart enough to travel across space at such speeds they are smart enough to know that we aren’t ready to have knowledge that another intelegent species exists.

          • If u think, that not one living one celled organism lives in the infinity of space, and we are it….u sir are a fucking idiot

          • What a religious psycho. Aliens on other planets? Plausible. Realistic. Useless goat-herding logic from thousands of years ago attempting to explain fire and lightning? Garbage. Utter bullshit. Laughable.

          • Buster to say there is no other life in the universe is such a narrow minded blanket statement. Let me remind you that not that long ago historically we as a race KNEW the earth was the center of the universe and the earth was flat. The more plausible answer would be they are simply to far away for us to contact at our current technological ability remember the first transmission we sent into space (110 years ago)will have only traveled approximately 110 light years from earth as we are a good ways out on one of the Milky Ways arms (about 26,000 Light Years for the center) and the galaxy is approximately 100,000 Light years across our signals haven’t gone as far as people tend to think.

          • Just a thought. Therr is proof of life in the universe…right here on earth…it would be feeble minded while at the same time very egotistical to beleive we are the only place in the entire universe that there is life.i am not attacking your beleif what-so-ever but im pretty sure whatever the master plan the universe holds we are a very small part of a much bigger picture.

          • Think buster is like 12.. Hey buster, put down your Bible of BULLSHIT turn off your TV and do some research… Why in hell would a fallen angel mascarade as a demon? God never existed And NASA is for people just like you.. Wake up! And the buster Hyman thing.. Hahaha

          • Have you seen what humans post? All the stupid things we do? If they were to contact us, the race would be deemed to be as stupid as us.

          • Well think about it this way,so there’s a planet that is 65 million lightyears away, and lets assume it’s the closest one that has life on it. Now mind you they don’t necessarily have to be more advance than us. But if they looked through a telescope, they would still see the dinosaurs. Or, because they are often seen hovering in the sky, they are perhaps astro-explorers or something, astro-archaeologists or astronauts from another planet. And they don’t want to interfere with us. But it is true that they have visited us many times over the centuries, maybe even milleniums.

          • “there is no ET’s”, #correction, there is no hard evidence (publicly known) Believing we are alone in the universe is naive at best. Have they been here? Maybe, but I don’t believe so

          • ok, Tomás Azevedo your also an idiot, to put it simply, if they have the technology to come visit us when we don’t even have the technology to find them let alone go on a space exploration mission to other planets. then yes its most definitely plausible that they are more advanced then us, and for you religious nuts out there…all religion is rooted in ancient civilizations and their belief that the night sky tells all the stories and answers all your questions about the “gods”. no angels no demons, no bull shit, just an archaic civilisations observations while looking up. so to sum up, religion as a whole is a sham used to divide us and stop us from using our minds to reach our full potential. smarten the fuck up people…

      • our galaxy is a small galaxy. Containing billions of stars which all have planets in orbit.
        its statisticly impossible that we are alone in our own galaxy, and if thats not enough, theres billions of galaxies as well. And thats just the ones we can see with current tech.
        Scientist cant even rule out the possibility of alien life on our own solar system

      • there is also the multiverse theory. So there could be life outside the universe we are in. PLUS the universe is still expanding.

        • Demons come from religion lore, much like golem comes from the Lord of the rings.
          If you haven’t realized religion is a hoax, your right where they want you. Mostly it’s the older generations,because the new generations are growing up in a world where there’s a thing called SCIENTIFIC FACT
          “Science flies you to the moon, religion into skyscrapers”
          Get a life, form an opinion that matters, don’t choose religion and let it blind of pacify you, choose religion by all means, but don’t blind yourself to the real world, universe, and establishment because of it. Your hurting your cause by throwing Jesus freak comments out there to a crowd of people reading top 10 facts on area 51, when you know existence of aliens proved one of two things, false religion, due to humans being his one and only creation blah blah whwhatever, or a false god, meaning we have no fucking clue what’s out there and your a lost puppy looking for some reassurance that your life is more then a coincidental spark.

          • This is completely false when talking about religion. Do you think God is so small that He wouldnt create life on other worlds? You obviously have not read the Bible. In the book of Job, God is speaking to the leaders of the worlds in the universe when the Devil shows up and takes a seat since before Christ he became leader after Adam fell. The bible never says we were the only ones created, we were just the only ones in the universe to sin. So no other life forms dare to travel here and lose there perfection and suffer like we do. Which is why we need a savior. You think to have all the answers in science. But what you really find in science is just emptiness and no purpose. Just things floating in space for no real reason.

          • Being religious does not mean you have to separate yourself from science. And, the Bible does not tell us whether or not ET’s exist, or if Humans were his only intelligent creation. I myself believe in Aliens and God. To Christians that say otherwise, there is a theory that is popular among religious types that each day of creation was 1,000 days. He made Humans on the 5th or 6th day right? That was THOUSANDS of years after he made the stars. The Bible does not directly mention dinosaurs, but that does not mean they are not real. If there is a God, he likely wants us to use our brains to discover further info about the Universe. The Bible tells the story of Jesus, not the stars. Mars may have had life on it once, there are many discoveries to support that. Old forest patterns, traces of water, and many other things. And then there’s the moon, so many theories on whether or not the U.S. Government lied to its people, as a TV Show claims to have got classified files declassified about the moon and aliens there. Even claiming the U.S. Government found an alien’s body. Plus, as many have said, there are whole other galaxies to explore. When we are all gone from natural cause, Homo Sapiens will have already discovered much more, and proof of ET life. As I said, The Bible does not mention a few things, yet we found them. It’s only time holding us back from finding even more. Just because The Bible does not mention aliens, does not mean they are real or not. That is for us to find. And, consider this: God made many galaxies..why only make ONE intelligent race in the whole Universe? Maybe there is one intelligent race per Galaxy? Who knows. The future does.

          • To Prophet…. Have you ever heard of the ransom sacrifice? Jesus paid for our sins with his life ergo or sins are forgiven, we are no longer sinners. Not a religious nut folks just don’t like inaccurate info

          • And tho’ Jesus Christ is God’s only son, God may have multitudes of ‘daughters’ or whatever Spirit as well elsewhere…

        • and since hell is only a invention of the Christian church, there is no hell, ergo there are no demons, or gods for that matter

          • people didn’t believe in many things, until modern science proved it, I’m afraid if you wanna see hell, you will have to die, modern science won’t help you get back tho, at least not yet…

      • Why is it always the devil? Why cant there be other life in our universe? Is it a sin to wonder and think that we are not alone? That in this gigantic universe there are other sentient beings? No. Its shallow thinking to believe we are the only sentient beings out of the expanse and endlessness of our universe.

        • Because they don’t want it to be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that God doesn’t exist and then have all of religion destroyed!
          Everything unexplained is automatically the devil in the crazy minds of a religious person!
          They need to wake up and smell the coffee and realise they are all nuts!

        • I think the bible beater is trying to say hell is just another world below ours so be careful where we explore. Might not like wat we find. Kind like when we found native Americans.

      • Really? You are so blinded by your religion that you really think other creatures can’t exist? Did you’re god tell you that. I can’t believe there are people in 21st century who think like in 14th century. Blinded by the church and all mighty God. Open your mind a little bit. You’re free now.

      • You realize the word devil or satan was translated from the word diablos right? It’s not a person.. it just means adversary. Which could be many things.. like negetivity and ignorance. -_-

      • Of course someone had to drag religion into it!! Its not always about the damn devil or god!! Open the mind and think for yourself geez!

        • Americans – I know most of you are reasonable well-meaning intelligent people but you need to stop with the imperial system, the nationalistic world view and the tolerance of religious bullshit so the rest of the world will stop thinking you’re all gullible idiots and rednecks.

    • Well, even if you are a spiritual person or a scientific one, you can look at it as

      1.) God made the universe, but that does not mean he did not have, for lack of better terms, “side projects” before us or while he made us?

      2.) People used to think the solar system revolved around the Earth and it was flat. We have found that both are untrue over the years. What is to say that no other planet out of the Quintilian of planets out there, there may be life that looks like us or even talks like us out there may be more or less technological as we are.

    • You truly think that due to the fact our solar system is like a spec in the Sand in the universe, we are alone?
      That’s insanity to believe that!!

    • It’s not a question if life exist elsewhere.The question is has intelligent life visited earth. Even a blade of grass on another planet is proof of life. But it’s hard to believe that if an alien species had the technology to travel light years that they would be so easily captured by humans. We would be the native Americans and they would be the Europeans.

    • There is life on other planets scientists have confirmed this but so far only bacteria and single cell organisms no “intelligent” life so far but if you compare earth to the universe it would be smaller than a grain of sand on the sun so chances are yes just we havent proved it yet. And Komer West you literally are retarted give one ounce of proof their is a devil or shut your holy mouth. God has been proven to be false your bible says the universe is 5,000 years old hmmm so what happened to the other 6.5 billion years?

    • The Seager Equation (a modification of the original ‘drake’ equation) is mathematical proof that other life exists in the universe. Logic demands that if something if infinite, every possibility must occur. The universe is scattered with elements for life, under certain conditions (temp, gravity) life can manifest from mere bacteria which is present through-out many clusters of these elements.
      There is other life out there? Definately.
      Does it live within our solar system? Very unlikely.
      Is it complex life or simple organisms? Both.
      Have they made contact with earth? Possible. Evidence of extraterrestrial intervention is littered through-out many ancient cultures, with multiple similarities, to which they perceived as gods, whether it was due to their superior knowledge, or influence in DNA modification. Is this confirmed? Absolutely not. No history is absolute.
      Are they influencing world leaders or secret organisations? In the reality where they exist and have contacted earth, yes anything is possible from secret integration of human and alien societies, to completely replacing or manipulating world leaders for an easier enslavement of humans for the planet, satisfying greed for power/control/amusement-in an infinite universe/harvesting.
      Is it possible for multiple intergalactic societies to exist?
      Yes, though its unlikely that all will be in cooperation as its natural for there to be resistance to everything, resisting an offset to return or surpass an equilibrium.

      So does other life exist? Yes.
      Both Simple and Complex? Yes, likely the first leads to the latter.
      Intervention with humanity? Possible.
      Proof? Science.

    • i belive they are cause we have many many solar systems galaxies and dimensions also the sceintist found habitable planets that are just like the earth many many light years away from us and also you can search in blackvault for UK ufo incidents it have over 5000 page documents that are classified as cosmic secret(the highest clasification) that have been maded publicy by a mistake or you can search up on light over phoenix or watch sirius disclosure and ancient aliens

    • aliens are demons, and the satan is here for test of our will. there’s no love without loyalty and we’re like an God’s experiment. without forcing us for his decisions, he want to see our loyalty. it cannot be done without avoiding the evil, that’s why that prick is on earth (nephilim, annunaki etc). book of enoch tells that they can shapeshift, and lucifer is know as “light”

      • I can see the stars, the Milky Way, our neighboring planets, I’ve seen the evidence of other galaxies. What I haven’t seen though, is any evidence of the invisible man in the sky. Demons? Ah…the Donald is proof enough that they may exist. Just sayin.

    • Yah its a kindda real. Lots and lots of truth is suppresed regarding alien facts. Which is yet to reveal. Those who dare to reveal goes missing . No where to be traced.

    • Read Rare Earth by Peter Ward.
      It virtually conclusively proves that life in the universe is an almost impossibly rare occurrence and that it’s virtually impossible for their to be other life–on our scale of intelligence–in the universe.
      It’s just science and logic and conditions like we have are impossibly rare.

    • The aliens dont want to get their ship stolen and mugged in Chicago so they dont go there. Seriously though there is aliens.

  1. There is not many different answers to alien existence question. Only 2.
    They Exist. They Dont exist.
    Actually it would be really awfull waste of space if we are alone in universe….

  2. There are more planets in the universe than the number of grains of sand on this planet. This isn’t the only planet that’s capable of sustaining life.

  3. Aliens from outer space? Not very likely due to the massive amount of radiation in space that destroys biological tissue. Robots are better suited for space exploration. Research on YouTube but we never even went to the moon, well Neil Armstrong didn’t that was fake. Our history books need to be thrown in the trash. Add me and see all the videos I’ve posted exposing everything from our origins to current politics, aliens, God, what we need to do.

    • Rocky you are an idiot there is proof that we have been to the moon and we can see the evidence from earth. Point a powerful telescope at the moon you can see the landing spots also we left a panel up there that we can send a signal towards (it bounces the signal back to earth) proving we have been to the moon

  4. Ok so people say other life needs what we need? Like the way Kepler 22b (Or whatever it is called) Has a likeness of Earth and can most likely support life? Come on! For Christ’s sake Aliens might not need what we need to live, they might not need water. There could be aliens anywhere!!!! It doesn’t have to be on a planet even. Ever think of that? Nope I dont think so.

    • The only reason they look for water is because it supports basic life such as single cell organisms which can then over a shit ton of time evolve into whatever they are now

    • very good point we are carbon based life forms and we have discovered other types of lifeforms (not carbon based) so very likely that alien life looks nothing like us both physically and biologically

  5. To even think for a moment that we are the only intelligent life in the universe is not only arrogant but completely asinine.

    Astronomers estimate that there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe. If you want to extrapolate those numbers, that means there are around 50,000,000,000,000,000,000 (50 quintillion) potentially habitable planets in the universe.

    “The idea that we are the only intelligent creatures in a cosmos of a hundred billion galaxies is so preposterous that there are very few astronomers today who would take it seriously.

      • LOL, for someone that has faith in God, how about showing faith in something else. You can believe in ETs as well as God you know. One can exist with the other. Does it make you feel smaller and more insignificant if ETs existed? Would it make you feel worse if you knew that God created more than the men and creatures on Earth? What are you afraid of?

  6. Read the Phoenix Journal “Spacegate, the Veil Removed” (it’s FREE in pdf form) at You’ll get a TRUE accounting of UFOs and aliens. There are a lot of untruths and cover ups that you have been told (lied to about) that you’ll have to over come but, you’ll be highly educated when you’re done reading. If you REALLY want the truth, here is your chance! Don’t discount until you’re finished reading. Get ready to begin to free your mind from all of the lies that have been perpetrated on us by those in “power” and “in the know”. Can YOU handle the truth?

  7. Top 10 ‘facts’- Area 51…?! Quote: ‘However like most things about Area 51, it’s impossible to say for sure…’ (at 2:05)doesn’t sound very ‘factual’ to me?!

  8. I think the question is whether there are aliens or not, but more of a when do they exist. Is it during our short reign of the earth? And if they do, will we recognise it? Their lifeform may not be carbonbased and may look inanimate from our perspective. Perhaps they aren’t visible in our part of the lightspectrum etc.

  9. Weather control? Well, you got the “HAAPR- project” (or “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”” where you can control weather but they say it is used for other things. But is isn’t a part of Area 51.

  10. When u trip on acid and you see yourself sitting in front of yourself, or you take a couple hits of acid, and the wall opens up to an alternate realm, where beings are moving about then scare at the fact that they see you see them, or if that’s too evil for you, you put down the bible and read about tavistock and the biggest brain washing tactics known to man, you will know that we are just ugly skin sacs of mostly water and energy and there are other beings in and out of our realm. We are not the most intellectual creatures, but because we’re stupid enough to believe that, we dumb things down so we can wrap our minds around things that are not meant to be understood, and because of our ignorance, we will be extinct. Good Day.

  11. If aliens do exist, we won’t know for sure for quite some time. If you were an alien, would you make yourself known to such a violent species??
    We could also be very unique. Time will tell. =)

  12. Why are almost all people stupid.. Why should an “alien” look like a fucking human.. Think again. I think there is living organisms within our galaxy.. But the chance they would look us or just a little is just so small..
    Btw, I’m Dutch.. So my apologies if I cant wright perfect English

  13. Who cares, it is interesting to know about other creatures and species of humanoids in a different planet from a different galaxy, but would I go out of my way to find this out, nah life is to short for t hat, if I get the pleasure to see something in this life time that would be cool, other than that who cares.

  14. Of course someone had to drag religion into it, its not always about the devil! not everything you dont understand is the devil or evil! And not every single damn thing needs religion dragged into it, Religion is mind control free your mind and think for yourself holy hell!

  15. They must be demons lol. Look the bible was written few thousand years ago (old testiment). It is a known fact that most of its stories derive from older texts from the summerians and so on. These ancient people did not have the same technological frame of refrence that we have today, to explain things that took Place and happen to them all those years ago. They thought these beings were gods or God and his angels. I don’t have answers to why these beings visiting us have not came down and made themselves known to everyone, maybe it’s something that we as a society haven’t evolved enough yet to conceive, maybe we ate not ready, maybe they have a purpose for us. I can tell you that if I was them I wouldn’t give us the keys to the galaxy, we are not ready, look at how we treat the earth, and each other. The goverment, our leaders seem to Be all about greed and not about being a unified species. We have a long way to go. Religion can be a good thing for some people in making them be more positive towards others, but it can also severely blind people into not accepting reality as it realy is. The universe is huge not to mention the possibility for other dementions and timeline demrnsions. I believe in a creator and I believe that he created a possibility for life atleast in this universe, however I don’t believe ge created up directly.

  16. I believe in my religion, but I do not let it cloud the facts. First, my religion does state other life, Nine other realms anyway. I am a Norse Pagan but I do believe in science aswell. I have always believed in other life forms in space beyond our reach… For now. It is ignorant to say there isn’t. Although I cannot provide proof of this, one can not also have proof that it doesn’t exist. Bible, does not count as proof. Words of God also do not count for he/she is not here to tell us. I will not deny God’s existance but neither can proof show us of his/hers. Extremists do not patronize my Gods, for you can not give me proof of yours more than I can give of mine. So many planets are Habitable, possible of life. I look forward to the day of discovery though it may be well past my time.

  17. Galaxy is MEGA HUGE,And its Becoming More,and,More Bigger,so we are not only,but i think that aliens,arent looking like man,i think they are bactery size,or smaller,and I think that is reason why we never discovered them.

  18. There are aliens there is life outside our galaxy, there is water n bacteria on mars. The only thing missing on mars is a ozone layer to hold air. Bacteria is alive just like everything, just in a different Form. Everything the government aka (ILLUMINAI) , is a giant LIE. Do research just do it.

  19. All anyone could know is that one night you could be looking in the night sky and see them millions stars and planets and satellites all you could know is them stars could be something that is in the sky you may not see it or feel it but you may think there just stars all you could know that it might be something blended in with the sky i dont know myself tbh ask youself this if theres life on earth would there be life on other galaxy’s if there wasnt life on earth there wouldnt be life on any other planet’s but all im gonna say we definitely wont be alone there may haven’t been proof but area51 is hiding something that no one shall know not even the queen or government or the higer people but only they shall never tell the end ps the truth will be out one day just keep watching the skys or the news

  20. All anyone could know is that one night you could be looking in the night sky and see them millions stars and planets and satellites all you could know is them stars could be something that is in the sky you may not see it or feel it but you may think there just stars all you could know that it might be something blended in with the sky i dont know myself tbh ask youself this if theres life on earth would there be life on other galaxy’s if there wasnt life on earth there wouldnt be life on any other planet’s but all im gonna say we definitely wont be alone there may haven’t been proof but area51 is hiding something that no one shall know not even the queen or government or the higer people but only they shall never tell the end ps the truth will be out one day just keep watching the skys or the news

  21. in the late 1800s and early 1900s, humanity just barely had the wright brother lift off. The SR-71 was reported in the 40s, which is a plane that can travel at mach3+ apparently. (My calculations actually put it to around Mach 6)

    Though it took use all the way till apparently the 30s to create something called ram.

    If you believe anything your government or religious leaders say, you’re dolt.

    God is the matrix, the system in which you are programed to do a specific task which could be anything. This does not deny destiny nor freedom, if god is the matrix then he would not change free will, though you also are the forger of a destiny as it would need someone to write it. Welcome aboard pilot.

    The reality of our universe is far more complex than we could ever imagine.
    The bible does in fact say hint at other beings like a much larger reality. We will get no where by arguing. Pressure the government and authoritarian powers to release information.

    When will humans get bored of playing a guessing game when all the information is there.. Some want you to know, some don’t, some are in between and do not know who to trust.

    Not everything is black and white, some of us are grey….

  22. demons angels all have one thing in common all come from a place from the unknown in a manner that is also unknown to us that we can not repeat from a time that our technology not advance enough to do so and now and what your explanation for that we all here storys that coral-ate so something must be true

  23. And the lord said..Let there be shite….And Zuckerberg created facebook so the morons could propagate their shite.
    For they pray and grovel to an invisible entity, who’s so called holy book was actually written by man and constantly amended by man.
    And if alien life does exist as i am sure it does.
    Then i sincerely hope they wipe the warmongering USA off the face of this planet as the USA style of freedom is mass murder so they can install there own puppet governments in their quest for world domination. And the people of the USA are but the dreggs of humanity as they sit idly by while their puppet president does the bidding of the puppetmasters.

  24. It’s clear we are not alone in this uiverse. we have been blinded by the people who want us blind. its all part of a big plan, we all know that, but people deny it because they are afraid, their mind can’t really handle a truth they can’t understand.


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