They Gave A Homeless Man A Pizza. What He Did With It Will Break You Down


This social experiment comparing “normal” people and homeless people will shock you. Watch the video below and test yourself, would you have given this young man a slice of you pizza? Let us know in the comment section below.

Share with friends and family, let’s spread the kindness.



For a better world.


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  1. This was truly amazing, this just shows that everyone is not selfish, and stuck up. You guys made my day by showing this video over facebook.

      • If you listen, you hear him say “we ate a bunch of pieces already, do you want the rest?”. They probably left some plates in there. or they ordered by the slice. Either way, the message stands; generosity is virtue.

  2. I’ll give the guy a pizza . I bet it must have been very hard for the homeless man to be living his life on the streets, especially at this time of year. The holidays in December do get much more colder .

  3. I definitely would. Anyone who knows me knows that I would give my last peice to someone who was hungry. We are all people deserving of respect no matter our station in life.

  4. Great video and I appreciate the effort to spread it. Please correct the spelling error in the title, as “brake” refers to a vehicle, whereas “break” should be used.

  5. you are soo easy to be fooled..(that why):
    “wtf you loosers, you go with some clothes expensive as fuckk, and with the big ocktv logo, and ask for a slice of pizza from some guys that have only 1 piece, and are poorly dressed. you are asking them to give you their food on that day, just because you asked for it. their food on which maybe they worked their asses maybe a half a day, what do you expect?? exactely what the guy from the 3rd attempt said ” who the fuckk are you? i am hungry too!”
    and then go to some homeless poor guy, and give him a entirely pizza, dressed with the same big logo on your chest. just to come 20 min later to ask for a slice from an entire pizza, on which, the poor guy did nothing to obtein it, him got it for free. and guess what, the 2nd guy who came to ask for a slice have the same fuckking logo.
    if i was anyone from them i wasn’t giving you anything, just imagine you worked the whole day, and u have a half more to work, and then suddenly a kid at his 20 is coming to you and ask you for a slice from your hard-worked-for pizza. and he is dressed with a big logo on his chest that looks obviously to a prank-tv show, and some expensive watch, and clothes. what do you do?? you encourage his lazyness??
    SHAME ON YOU GUYS, you are nothing but a likes/views hunters. SHAME ON YOU go get a job.”(yea too lazy to rework my comm from youtube :P)

    • Your ignorance is beyond belief. They gave him a whole pizza because he was genuinely homeless. Being homeless is a struggle. You say go get a job like its that easy, You have to have a way to be contacted if you get the job. Being homeless, does not make getting a job any easier, in fact the job market is a competition(sadly). Some people who became homeless had jobs before becoming homeless. Walk in their shoes.

      • Actually I think the above comment was referring to the guys doing the video to go get a job. Asdasd as a point, the homeless guy was given most of a pizza, while the random strangers they asked for food from only had a couple pieces that they bought themselves and didn’t have enough to share, it’s not really a very accurate social experiment.

        • please share with everyone .im homeless yet a friend is letting me stay in an old car in back of his home.heres something that is a true blessing to homeless people ,socks. not because of this video but because I know. food and socks

  6. I have done and will continue to do things alike this if/when possible (unfortunately, there have been some that had gotten aggressive w/ me and for safety reasons – as a petite female – just had to walk away). Working in the city (and living in it), there are some homeless that have been befriended. They don’t ask for anything. Usually, I’ll offer food or in the cold weather, coffee and hot cocoa. And there those that often get hugged by me. 🙂

    Years ago, when my younger cousin was visiting me in the city. We walked out of a restaurant and a homeless person approached him respectfully. My cousin looked at me and I shook my head (as in, ‘we’re safe’); he then said to the fella, “would you like some of our pizza; it’s not much but it’s yours if you want”….

  7. I been Homeless; I am a well built African American Man this made me cry because as Phil Collins say it just another day in Paradise for most people, who really, really do not know how much a slice of Pizza means, or for that matter keys to a car, house, or Apartment however [b]ad it looks, be grateful and help others, and to the hatters claiming this is fake you just do not want to accept reality.

  8. I have been homeless in the past. It is something really difficult to get out of if you don’t have any family members or friends that will help. I almost died one time, when I was sleeping in my car. But thank God I made it thru. I just wanted to say God Bless You to all the good people of the world who touch their heart to give to others. Much love to all of you.

  9. If you want to help, consider making lunch bags and handing them out from your car or your backpack.

    It’s easy to get non-perishable items that will help someone through hunger. Here’s a list:

    1. Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs, or Vienna Sausages (protein)
    2. Pudding Cup (dairy)
    3. Fruit Cup (fruit)
    4. Cookies, crackers, granola bars (can be hard on people without teeth)
    5. Fruit snacks (vitamin C)
    6. Nuts (protein)

    I hope that this might be helpful. I do this monthly with my family at church, and it is a big hit with the homeless. Yeah, a lot of folks would prefer money, but this helps them just as much.

  10. I was in Toronto, a homeless man was crying outside a subway shop. I didnt have money to buy a whole nother sandwich so I gave him half of mine. and my chips.

  11. Even if some of you think its fake unfortunately .We live in a big house and have all the facilities in the world. For them it’s a struggle everyday

  12. He was asking people with a couple of slices at the begginning. If some dude with a pair of fresh nikes came and asked me for pizza and I only had one or two slices of deffo tell him where to go.

    Some of these videos serve a purpose, but this one is silly.

  13. Try look the video with the girl sitting on people–

    Those people making this video do loser retarded prank movies.

    They even made a couple breaking up just for lulz, wtf?

    Big time double morale, givin homeless food with one hand and pranking people for lulz and destroying lives with the other…

    I guess this food video was for promotion, because they are not good people when the day is over.

    I hate pranksters it is bad humor, and bad people who prank random people for fun.

  14. you never get poor of giving, sooner or later it’ll come around.

    My problem is that here in Norway there’s beggars who sits around with iPhones and fastfoods, when there’s normal shops around the corner for much cheaper price, and also there’s alot of men in the back of these beggarwomen that craves a huge share of the money they collect.

  15. Does anyone know what became of this gentleman?

    I hope someone was able to set up something for him after this. I know its 2 years later, but I sincerely hope only good things have come his way!

    Still moving every time I see this


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