Get Ready To Meet Aliens: NASA To Produce ‘Definite Evidence’ of Alien Life By 2025


NASA’s chief scientist, Ellen Stofan, has confirmed that we are not alone in the Universe and that we are going to meet aliens in a decade or two. Where did we come from? Where are we going? Are we alone? We are going to have the answers soon.

“I believe we are going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth in the next decade and definitive evidence in the next 10 to 20 years. We know where to look, we know how to look, and in most cases we have the technology, and we’re on a path to implementing it. And so I think we’re definitely on the road. We are not talking about little green men. We are talking about little microbes,” Stofan said at a public panel in Washington.

Jeffery Newmark, interim director of heliophysics at NASA added, “It’s definitely not an ‘if’, it’s a ‘when’”.


But is extraterrestrial life really possible? NASA has its own reasons. One of them is the presence of water in our solar system: subterranean oceans on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, crater pools on Mercury, and 50 per cent of the Mars’ northern hemisphere once had oceans a mile deep. Furthermore, over 4,000 rocky and mild planets which share a similar likeness to Earth have been found outside our solar system. There are at least 200 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy, so NASA claims we could be on the verge of finding life on one of them.

Meanwhile, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will launch in 2018 to scope out the atmospheres of nearby ‘super-Earth’ alien planets. The next Mars rover, scheduled to launch in 2020, will search for signs of past life and store samples which will potentially return to Earth for analysis. NASA is also planning a mission to Europa, which may launch as early as 2022, to find out whether the icy moon is habitable.


Additionally, NASA hopes to land astronauts on Mars in the 2030s. “I’m a field geologist; I go out and break open rocks and look for fossils. Those are hard to find. So I have a bias that it’s eventually going to take humans on the surface of Mars — field geologists, astrobiologists, chemists — actually out there looking for that good evidence of life that we can bring back to Earth for all the scientists to argue about,” Stofan remarked.


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  1. I Really hope we will meet intelligence life forms from another planet(or moon, or whatever) before i die. One of my life goals, lol 😀

    • I caught your comment about hoping to meet intelligent before you die, meaning aliens, I expect. You aren’t alone there, friend. There’s a lot of us. It’s just a bloody shame that American Military types will try and monopolise the process. Great embassadors (sp?) for the human race, eh? In fact the whole USA population is brainwashed to the point of insanity and it worries me that these people are in the process of stitching up a deal as we talk about it. No doubt these alien bods are bright. Watch the superpower sell our soul and the planet in a shady back-room deal which they have no right to negotiate.

  2. if we do end up meeting aliens it probably wont be open to the public like it seems it will be, it will be hidden from us just like everything NASA has discovered already. For all we know they’ve already seen and communicated with life from anywhere even a total different universe. NASA may NP everything, or nothing at all either way there could be life anywhere. just like the bottom of the ocean what lives down there? and could whatever lives done there live on space too? you should look up nasas unexplained files. black triangles,intelligent lightening.

  3. why does it take another dacade? and even if it going to be restricted people are going to try and communicate with aliens though

  4. Oh please . All you have to do is look at some of the ancient structures left on earth to know we are not alone . So why look to the sky when no one has bothered to disclose information about the planet we live on . let the human beings know this and this might stop human race from malfunctioning . oh also there is no such thing god . its bigger

  5. Aliens I don’t like to use that word ,see these ancient astronauts are our space brothers and sisters . It is a global human cover up for sure , the evidence is on this planet .
    But what is a bigger human cover up ? Death is the biggest cover up its been happening to us all this time and for sure it is being explored like space , no one on a global scale has disclosed this research or any ancient information on death . The human race is malfunctioning it needs the truth .

    like I say there is no such thing as god .

  6. “So remember, when you’re feeling very small and insecure
    How amazingly unlikely is your birth
    And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space
    ‘Cause it’s bugger all down here on Earth”

    Eric Idle, Monty Python.

  7. I want to see aliens in personal if its true they have an alien to came her,Is it true they have alien in the other planet,cause as i know that is making in human and also its a movies,ohh my god! I’m scared if they have alien in the earth,

  8. Allens i really want to met u all bcz i feel that m nt frm this planet and i am one of you and i feel my mememory has erassed and i feel that i hv powers bt they are locked byy some one else and made mi to live simple life on earth bt i feel m nt frm here

  9. I think a “heavenly alien” would be amazing to meet. This is not to prove religion wrong but a better understanding. Like walking on water when their is a sandbar. Something made everything be it God or another name. Let’s not let language stand in the way of knowing and embracing all good/loving things. And may our excistance then be profitable for our spiritual side. If your scientific and athiestist then the fact our energy never leaves and just keeps evolving differenty…so… energy=spirit…vibrations= higher or lower energy depending on your spirit/attitude of God/energy within you and environment you create/created around you and perception.


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