The Glory of South Africa Fading Away After Apartheid


South Africa is divided between blacks and whites. The blacks are the majority. During the rule of the whites, many black South African thought they were living in hell. From the perspective of the ordinary black South African, the end of apartheid (the racial segregation that ended in 1994) means the beginning of a new life.

But the story looks opposite after nearly some 21 years after the end of apartheid. The hopes and aspirations that motivated the so called “freedom fighters’’ including people like the legendary, Nelson Mandela have been shattered by subsequent greedy black politicians.

In 2002, some 60% of black South Africans openly said life had been far better under apartheid (white minority rule) than their fellow black-rule (South Africa has been ruled by the African National Congress-ANC since the end of apartheid in 1994). This shocked outsiders especially other African nations who championed and stood by the blacks during the apartheid period. In the spirit of impartial and balanced journalism, Anonymous Headquarters would provide you with few verified statistics that shows how bad South Africa is since the ANC took over as the legitimate government of the Rainbow nation.

Before the end of apartheid in South Africa, life expectancy was said to be 64 years. As we speak now, it has reduced significantly to 56, the same as war-torn Somalia.  There are 132.4 rapes per 100,000 people per year, which is by far the highest in the world.  The South African government estimates that there are 31 murders per 100,000 people per year. That means about 50 people are killed per day in the country. That would make South Africa the tenth most murderous country in the world, overtaking Mexico.

To buttress this point, the South African popular writer and also a known anti-apartheid activist, Ilana Mercer who was forced to seek asylum in Israel due to the constant harassment she suffered from the then apartheid government, described the current situation as very appalling.

Two years ago, she told the World Net Daily quotes that more people are dying under black majority rule than white minority rule which some people fought against even to the point of death.

“More people are murdered in one week under African rule than died under detention of the Afrikaner government over the course of roughly four decades”, she was quoted as saying.

We cannot conclude on crime in South Africa without mentioning personalities like Lucky Dube (celebrated Rastafarian Reggae icon) who was shot dead in 2007 by an unknown assailant. Just last year, the country’s number one football goalkeeper, Senzo Meyiwa which many thought would lead the South Africa football national team (Bafana Bafana) to glory in the African Cup of Nations this year, was also shot dead by some robbers. Oscar Pistorius is languishing in jail because he thought his life was under threat, mistaking his own girlfriend for an intruder and pulled that infamous trigger. There are a lot of talents we cannot mention here which have gone wasted simply because the South African government has failed woefully to provide maximum internal security.

Unemployment in South Africa now stands around 25%. Majority of the youth are in destitution. However, President Jacob Zuma was able to get $24 million from the public purse to renovate his private residence. The think-tank theorist-Leon Louw, who was also one of the known anti-apartheid activists, described the crime and corruption in the country as “a simple manifestation of the breakdown of the state, the government just been appallingly bad at everything it does: education, healthcare, infrastructure, security, everything that is a government function is in shambles.”

South Africa is gradually becoming the most dangerous place you can be outside a war zone. What’s more worrying is the chance that it might become a war zone sooner or later. Nelson Mandela was able to bring the nation together despite some of the white atrocities during the apartheid era. According to the human rights organization-Genocide Watch, South Africa is at pre-genocide stage of 6 out of 8 (That is the Preparation stage).

In 2010, the Youth Leader of the governing ANC, Julius Malema was accused of singing a song that could spark the killings of the white race in South Africa. Subsequent allegations followed and he was eventually thrown out of the ANC. “Shoot the Boer”.  “Boer” means “farmer” in Afrikaans; colloquially, it means “white South African.” So, shoot the Boer means shoot the white South African farmer.

But President Jacob Zuma himself sang the same song which got Malema into trouble during his re election campaign period last years. “We are going to shoot them with machine guns, they are going to run . . . The cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun . . . Shoot the Boer, we are going to hit them, they are going to run”, these are the exact words President Zuma said on his campaign platform which many human rights condemned.

Early this week, President Zuma submitted a land reform policy to parliament. Foreigners will be banned from owning land in South Africa under the new proposals outlined by the President. What happened in Zimbabwe where many whites had their lands taken away from them is likely to happen in South Africa soon. But even before President Zuma finished his speech on the new land reform, the South African parliament once regarded as civilized, descended into total chaos. The speaker had to throw some lawmakers out for disturbances. This is how far South Africa has come as a nation under the ANC.

According to Genocide Watch again, the murder rate among South African white farmers is four times higher than among South Africans en masse. That rate increased every month after President Zuma sang his song, for as long as accurate records are available: The police have been ordered to stop reporting murders by race.

The whites are now advocating for the creation of a City-State like Singapore from Malaysia. The city of Durban which is dominated by whites has been tipped as the new country for the white race. They say this would at least protect them. But what would happen to the numerous black people who would have no choice than to live under the incompetent corrupted Zuma’s government? We think the choice is in the hands of the blacks to decide.







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  1. I usually agree with some of the articles you post at, but I have to reply to this.

    I live in South Africa as a white person and can tell you that this is total bullshit. A radical right wing party that maybe number 2000 (our country has 52 million people), hardly a significant number, that hold those extreme views.

    1) Durban a white City-state?! hahaha as if! It is the naval and trade hub of South Africa and one of the most diverse and economically sound cities in the country. No chance it would be the place of choice. If you’d done your research you’d have noted that Durban is not even nearly a city white people here associate with home – the largest proportion is Zulus – and is also the largest population of Indians outside of India.

    2) Most people on the ground level of SA get along well. Businesses run well. Racism is in the news often (where is it now), crime is bad (not great in any country marked with inequality and poverty) but it is not nearly as bad as the bullshit the foreign media make it out to be. I watched Louis Theroux’s documentary on Johannesburg – making it look like a warzone – I lived there for 4 years and experienced little.

    Don’t post as if you speak for white South Africans.

    • You seem to be one of those living in your ‘pink cloud’ where nothing really bad is happening because it isn’t happening to you. I pray it never does – my cousin was raped by 5 black men while her husband and 2 small boys were forced to watch and afterwards they were told “hope you whites get the damn message now and leave our country!” – this isn’t the only such incidence – there are so many that I personally know of.

    • You seem to be one of those living in your ‘pink cloud’ where nothing really bad is happening because it isn’t happening to you. I pray it never does – my cousin was raped by 5 black men while her husband and 2 small boys were forced to watch and afterwards they were told “hope you whites get the damn message now and leave our country!” – this isn’t the only such incidence – there are so many that I personally know of.

    • I agree with you about the “city state” But you are ful of shit. The numbers ar representative of the numbers (stats) given at the UN and the CIA World Factbook.

      You spout opinon but give no statistical analysis. You do a dissservice to all of SA!

    • You sure you live in S.A? I agree that Durbs is mostly a no white mans land but the rest of businesses run well and such…yeah out of experience I disagree. Businesses are doing really bad. I’ve seen small businesses & chain stores like businesses closing down in a row in 1 year. The Cinema’s in towns (not big towns or city’s) are closing down because most people don’t go at night anymore. Maybe during the day one would take a chance but at night you lock yourself up behind spiky fences or electric fences for those who can afford it, and a couple security gates right up to your bedroom. Yes most people have a couple security gates inside their homes. We live in our own personal jails.
      Kids get attacked & killed on their way to school or home from school and nothing, not even their bookcases or lunch has been stolen. Crime is unbearable, horrific, savage like. I can not imagine the legendary savage evil nazi’s or the terrorist group Isis killing people the way people get killed in south africa today. kids hanged in showers, burned alive in boiling hot baths till they die, babies raped, slashed & cut in pieces. Adults limps & body parts cut off, insides pulled out of them, women raped behind a point of recognition.
      90 % of the time we got called out to farm or suburban murder the scene was horrific, savage, blood everywhere. Those victims was pulled around the house while they bled heavily of their injuries.
      About 1% of these cases maybe reached the papers or social sites but the rest stays unknown. There is more dreadful things going on in this country than in most people nightmares, all hidden by law.
      I could’nt take that anymore so i quit. Been trying to get out of the country since. Not been lucky yet but gonna keep tryin.
      Don’t try and white wash S.A as a rainbow nation country where most live happily in pink cotton candy clouds and play the “this country has its problems and crime just like any other country” syndrome or card because bru…this country’s “crime” is abnormaly despicable, savage, sickening and inhuman.
      There is no rainbow nation. Yes we are still trying our best to reach the rainbow nation dream but somewhere between 1994 & 1998 this country took a bad turn and the rainbow nation dream is just that…only a dream but its not the end goal anymore.

    • If that is so I must probably only have contact with a portion of the 2000 “radical right wing” members.
      Black people who have “arrived” into overpaid 7-digit salary jobs are those who think the new SA is wonderful. The domestics and gardeners who fear for their lives when they leave work at the end of the month carrying their hard-earned pay, long back to the days of Apartheid!
      You’re quite correct in that Durban isn’t the least bit a “white city”, but the word “trade hub” is a relative term, my friend! In the 1970’s the R/$ was about 75c whereas it’s heading for R16 today. Few if any factories want to set up shop here because of the unreliable and overpriced labor.
      After 20 years if there is still inequality, it is the “majority rule” that has made it so!
      But truthfully you only see what you desire yourself to see. In spite of my less than optimal memory I can produce at least 10 names of people who I personally know or knew who have suffered gun-shot wounds or been killed by your “not so bad” crime! Even the average Swede whose country has thrown open its borders to each and every opportunistic criminal in the Middle East cannot attest to the same! It’s unfortunate that people like you have to learn by your own “little experience”. You most likely feel nothing for the thousands suffering daily at the hand of our world record murder- & rape- “statistics”.

    • you are living in a fantasy world.You are blind and stupid.You are bullshit.South Africa has been reduced to a pile of shit,on Rhodesias heels.

  2. There is soooo much context needed here. Firstly the land ban only refers to agricultural land by foreign based companies. The idea being that overseas companies use their financial wealth to buy land and take the main portion of profits out of the country. The current regime is bad not due to colour but corruption at high levels. Ask any african person if they would prefer to live under apartheid, and they will give a very clear answer. The outside world isn’t getting alot of very pivotal points particularly about the war songs which I don’t condone but are songs remnant from the armed struggle against apartheid, a rally cry to grow vote tallies. This is impartial from an outside perspective but from people who thin the walls who have lived on both sides of the coin in South Africa, this article misses way too much. And while I’m here, there is alot the media is to blame for, any digging beneath the surface will prove that

  3. Inevitable seeing as the ANC sacrificed the chance of meaningful reform to bring the transnational businesses, especially Anglo-American Mining, onto their side in the early 90s.
    The ANC became a neoliberal party in order to get into power. It is no surprise that they have failed to help bring about equality or raise the poorest from poverty.

    The ANC has sold out Black South Africans so that they may rule.

  4. I have to do my part and say that your article is absolute rubbish and you should be ashamed of spewing out such a load of ignorant bull!!!

  5. I don’t agree with most of your points. Yes, there are a few who are paranoid but the real reason the country is failing is because of greedy, corrupt government officials. Not race.

    Apartheid and racial issues are made bigger than they actually are because of the political traction they can gain from the black uneducated, poor majority who experienced apartheid. Even now, after 21 years, people think that they are worse off because of apartheid.

  6. Much of this article is true, the ANC is destroying the country, the majority of the ANC and EFF supporters do not want the whites to remain in South Africa, which is why Zumer sings those songs. The trouble is the uneducated masses act on those songs and the murders of white farmers are nothing less than horrific! These things happen and DON’T end up in the state controlled media news, so people saying this is all bullshit say so because they do not see it. The part about the White Durban… is wrong, but there is a group that is going though the motions to get a sort of independence etc, holding elections and stuff according to international laws, but the ANC ignores them. The world had plenty to say about apartheid, but the silence on what is happening now is deafening!
    Articles like this, will hopefully cause people to put pressure on the ANC, and bring an end to the violence.

  7. “South Africa is divided between blacks and whites.”

    South Africa is sooo much more than Black & White, our coloured (mixed race) population almost exceeds the white population, we have the biggest population of Indians outside of India and plenty of ‘orientals’ scattered throughout the land.

    Yes our country is going to hell in a handbasket because of the ANC but they do have opposition, they no longer run the entire RSA and believe it or not most educated black people are seeing the cANCer within our goverment and are voting for the opposition. This may take us a few decades but we will get there.

    Such a beautiful country deserves better, selfless leaders… I’m sure Mandela is turning in his grave to see what the ANC has become.

    • Evening Captain Sparrow.

      Your spot on there. i agree with you here, Mandela’s Legacy is falling to its Demise.

      What is happening today in South Africa is not what he would of wanted. He believed in a complete country races of all. His power over SA during his time in Office was the best years this country had ever seen. no one else is to blame for the Atrocities that have unfolded Than the Majority Rule.

      It is up to them to decide what happens to there future and yet they keep making there mistakes over and over. Change of power to the right Party will bring Back a legacy that was unfortold and restore this countries greatness and bring back the dignity white and black people have lost through through the greedy uncultured swines. if this makes any sense to anyone they will vote for change not status.

  8. This exaggerated scenario does not resound with me much as a white South African, there are problems, like anywhere, but life here is wonderful for the most part.The Black majority may not be entirely happy, but since they keep voting in he ANC into power despite the known corruption they must take accountability. They must rather vote for a proper political party instead of voting in criminals and complaining.

  9. this is quite literally the worst article i’ve ever read. i am so disappointed that anonymous has even published this. it’s completely misinforming, and tries to paint south africa as a reverse apartheid state of “blacks” against “whites”; it completely misunderstands the racial politics of the country.

    south africa has problems, yes. but it is quite stupid to assume that these problems are the result of “blacks” coming into power, like the article seems to suggest. the ANC did not inherit a perfect country and then fuck it up. they inherited years and years of compounded racial oppression that is not easily healed. it is even more worrying that the overarching theme in the article is that blacks are to blame. come on.

    a common middle class and apparently white habit is to completely decontextualise south africa’s political universe; ‘shoot the boer’ was a struggle song that was sung during the apartheid years. zuma’s land reform policy does not signify white doom. to even suggest the creation of a white city state is to imply that apartheid be reinstated in certain designated zones of the country. it is tapping into alarmist beliefs about race relations in south africa, and is frighteningly backward-thinking. i can’t stress this enough: it is like suggesting that apartheid be reinstated so that white people be safe from the evil blacks. seriously?

    the author has also completely misunderstood the oscar pistorius trial. that was a high profile murder case, and the article seems to paint oscar as the victim of the government’s apparent failures at providing internal security. that is a misinterpretation of the entire event.

    i could go on. really, this article is *that* bad, and deserves far more criticism than it has received thus far. it is white alarmist crap that should not be taken seriously.

  10. I’m going to jump in with the rest of the sensible folk here an also give the writer of this wad of absolute tripe a resounding thumbs down.

    Had he/she spent even 10 minutes of their time speaking to actual people residing in this country this article would resemble reality at least slightly. Unfortunately this is content for the sake of content and might as well be fantasy. It reads like some trumped up version of old Daily Mail articles a la twilight fan fiction.

    Like a few other commenters have mentioned, just the notion that white people would consider creating a city state in Durban (of all fucking places) is the funniest load of horse turd I have ever read. It is possibly the least white of all the major cities in this country and a white city state wouldn’t last a day.

    Please for the love of all things sacred stop ruining the reputation of Anonymous by posting badly researched shit, it goes against everything that we all stand for, we are just and truthful and for the people. Not a bunch of fear mongering malcontents.

  11. Is this supposed to be serious? Shame on you. Sure, the ANC and Zuma is a mess, but anyone who has ever lived in SA could tell that this piece is littered with fallacies. Even the very first sentence, “SA is divided between blacks and whites.” Ummm.. every heard of coloureds? Clearly not.

    You all can do better than this.

  12. Had a business in the centre of Durban commercial zone until 2011; although I know Taxi driver violence continues, as well as common robbing and thieving, house breaking and rapes in mostly unsafe areas, racial tension at business and even social level is generally almost gone, occurring only here there. Black, Indian and whites get along well in the business world, socially and more and more are house friends today, which is sort of a natural spontaneous developing scenario, balanced and normal — I should think. We have a lovely country and I think we all love her and our climate contributes to a feeling of bonhomie — for instance when some government corruption is again exposed, or a sporting body creates some furore, all us ordinary guys of all races will discuss and condemn what’s dishonest or corrupt or another clumsy bungle. So yes, the mass of us are moving forward, while the politically ambitious “grand-standers” and greedy fat cats are the ones wishing to divide South Africa all over again. Yes, were not happy that SA has been relegated an inch off junk status by Fitch, or Moodies or S&P and even while the whole global economy is depressed, most of us ordinary Joe’s and Jane’s feel SA can perform much better despite it all. Yes, racism remains with us, but in my humble opinion, it does not have the support it used to have. I think many whites (I am one too) believe in SA’s future, have no axe to grind with a government of any colour, but along with our black brethren, we want an HONEST, TRANSPARENT and committed to the people government.
    The day South Africa gets a leader who GENUINELY cares for his people all EQUALLY — (even his white African children), this country will hum as such a leader, will unify us as a nation; the economy will pick up, as employment shoots up, so will the standard of education return and shared skills increase, all serving to drop crime. Most importantly working in tandem with a people’s government, community projects will flourish, because people not only have hope for their own futures, they want to help others build futures too. All this flow of productivity creates a feeling — an energy of assimilation and acceptance… because more than anything else it returns to all the people of South Africa their dignity, their knowledge that as one nation under God, we are rebuilding our shattered nation, together. This can come about and almost overnight —- all we need is a strong, principled, caring leader… who dedicated to his people and South Africa’s future, puts his country FIRST.
    The Glory South Africa had would then again return, but then truly culminate in us becoming the Rainbow Nation Madiba dreamed we would be…. But we need to rid ourselves of the western global bankster neocons, who continue hi-jacking our country and wish to keep us divided. UNITAS VERITAS — Unity is Strength!

  13. Who the hell are you “Amando Flavio” to write pages full of SHIT about South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have read a few of your articals concering us as South Africa, you LIAR piece of dog shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    You entwine some truths and alot of BULLSHIT to try and make your point valid.

    Before this i respected Anonymous, i cant belive all this propoganda is allowed on this site, you said you stood for the people, THIS THING AS “Amando Flavio” IS USING YOU AS HIS OWN UNVERIFIABLE BULLSHIT SPOUTING PLATFORM.


  14. Africans suffering. Could care less. Oh wait, I used that wrong – COULNDN’T CARE LESS.

    Africans come to the US, get freedom.. what do they do – RAP about being criminals and YEOOOOO dudes. Fuck off. You wanted TIA, you get TIA. Your suffering you made yourselves, enjoy it. It’s gonna last a looooooooooooooooooooong time.


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