Google is Developing a New Operating System


According to experts, Google asked programmers on GitHub to build an operating system for them, called Fuchsia. While the search engine company is keeping most of the information to itself, their page accepted that their goal is to create a new and unique operating system, further stating “something as pink plus purple equals Fuchsia.”

The market share for Google’s operating system is huge. Almost all smart technology utilizes the Android operating systems, which is included in the smartphones, TV sets, digital recording boxes, smart watches, along with Chrome OS for personal computers. These devices we use in our homes today are built on Linux.

However, Fuchsia is being built on a Linux substitute called Magenta. Their Github profile also stated they are not using similar programming languages used for Android to create applications, but are rather, using different ones not seen in Android or the Chrome operating system.

While Google has not yet responded, according to a few experts, Google’s use of Magenta instead of Linux, leads them to believe that Google may be developing a new operating system for integrated devices, such as an operating system designed for a car that helps the self-driving car’s artificial intelligence with GPS navigation.

While people are saying that Fuchsia will be the new home of personal computers in the near future, it is rumoured that Fuchsia is going to be the one operating system that will replace all Android or Chrome OS based devices – as in, one operating system for all devices running Google technology. But if that is the case then considering the popularity of both these operating system, Fuchsia, has a long way to go.

No one is sure as to what are the plans of this tech giant are. As seen in the past, companies always test their products outside their circle for better results and improvement in their technology. And let us not forget that Google is not only working on Fuchsia. Many different projects, ones much bigger than Fuchsia, will only tell in time what the fates of this new operating system may be.

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Source: Android Police

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