Google To Spend a Billion Dollars in Satellites For Global Wifi….or not


Written by: TechAnon


Back in June of 2014, Internet icon Google announced its next step in providing unwired internet access to the globe. The plan was to spend over a billion dollars on a startup fleet of about 180 high capacity communication satellites. These little buggers would orbit at a lower altitude than most common satellites thus leaving a vast future of expansion.  This following Google’s “Loon”* project which seems to have not only been successful but possibly the clincher for the decision to build the floating fleet.  For those unfamiliar with “loon”*, it is an undertaking by Google as a less expensive method of bringing wireless internet to the 2/3 of our world that has little or no internet as of right now. Yes, believe it or not you crazy kids… there’s a vast part of our planet that has no access to the tube, facebook and other social silliness.  Google describes it this way:

“Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill coverage gaps, and bring people back online after disasters.


Project Loon began in June 2013 with an experimental pilot in New Zealand, where a small group of Project Loon pioneers tested Loon technology. The results of the pilot test, as well as subsequent tests in New Zealand, California’s Central Valley and in Northeast Brazil, are being used to improve the technology in preparation for the next stages of the project.”

Project Loon definitely has a place in the world but, as a long term ideal? It’s not looking good. Onward to the next adventure.

The satellite project’s forecast cost is somewhere between $1 billion and $3 billion dollars depending on the final design, number of machines etc… Why would they even consider this stellar undertaking? For the good of the planet and all mankind? Yeah, no…probably not. We would guess the money. Let’s lay it out simply…even though the population of our world is not spread evenly you can get a very general idea of the “return of investment” possibilities.  We’ll just pretend people are spread out like icing on a cake (relatively even with a few lumps)  If that were the case (given there are roughly 7.3 billion people in the world) that means that about 5 Billion people have minimal or no internet access. Give them access and start sending out free IPhones with Google apps on them? Question answered?

Initially, the whole adventure was being led by Greg Wyler (founder of satellite-communications startup O3b Networks Ltd).  Greg had joined with Google in 2013 and had a theory and a plan.

Now, we throw an Orion rocket sized monkey wrench into things when we find out that Mr. Wyler parted company with Google in August 2014 taking with him the rights to a certain radio spectrum that could be used to provide Internet access to the project. Lips are tight and not a word is being said as to why these all happened but, fear not!  All is not lost! It just so happens that Mr. Wyler has connected with one Mr. Elon Musk, just after his departure from Google. This billionaire inventor/entrepreneur that has taken on such projects as the SpaceXDragon spacecraft and the hyperloop high speed transportation system in the recent past is looking at a satellite fleet of around 700 satellites, each costing only 1 million dollars and weighing in at a mere 250 pounds (half the weight of the current smallest communication Satellites in use today). Will it happen? Only time will tell us. However, recent reports state that both Wyler and Musk have actively been in contact with state officials in both Florida and Colorado in regards to building satellite factories.

A leap toward a new Utopia or a slide farther into Dystopia/ what’s your opinion?






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  1. Financial gain, and the good of mankind often go hand, in hand. Ford brought increased travel possibilities to the masses, and was rewarded greatly. The lightbulb, the printing press, etc were all glinventions that greatly improved life, and enriched the creators as well. Bringing internet access to billions of people is an amazing accomplishment, and I hope whoever finally brings it to fruition gets stinky rich.

    • All those inventions for “the good of mankind” that you mention may ultimately destroy the environment because of the need for fossil fuels to power said inventions. They have caused the oil industry and the military-industrial complex to become more powerful than all of the world’s governments combined and to basically financially enslave most Americans.

  2. It sound terrific, but will Google acquire the monopoly on wireless communication? If this gives too much power to Google then I’m against it.

  3. Globalstar (GSAT) is on the verge of making this happen. They are waiting on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to prove whether they will allow such a product to go through or not.

  4. Globalstar (GSAT) is on the verge of releasing this type of WiFi. They are waiting on the approval of the FFC to say “Yes” or “No.”

  5. I like it.. I think there are some bad people at google. But the main dude there I’m sure isn’t out to hack peoples stuff and whatever else. Google does not want its name ruined. Especially with a promo like this. I’m sure they are in it to protect our security. Seems logical

  6. Sounds awful. The last thing we need is more wireless crap in the air.

    Oh right… We techies blame others for their ignorance on technical and privacy related subjects, but display the same behaviour when it comes to the relation of technology and global health issues.

  7. No one’s going to spend billions on communications without expecting a return on investment. The good that will come out of it will be shined up and shoved out there into the limelight to build profits for whatever brand is behind it, but there will always be the grey shadowy side to things wherever big data accumulates and gets poked at with a stick.

    It’s not so much about what access to lots of data one corporation has, I think they’re all just basic greed machines only interested how to generate outrageous profit through social engineering: which tends to be about creating dependability on an asset, while also instilling a fear about what things would be like without it. Information as crack, with the internet as the delivery mechanism.

    However, a corporation is made up of individuals and that’s where uncertainty about access, motivation and the potential for abuse lies. One individual could have entirely altruistic reasons to use their position to shape how information might be used, while another individual might be a self-serving fucknut.

    • You name it, buddy! The WiFi radiation at home is today way too high and when Google launches this big RADIATION monster – you can say hello to cancer even earlier!

  8. This will equal the playing field for all to earn a better income and become more knowledgeable. Protecting the future and what it can become will be essential.

  9. we should be able to choose whether we wish to be in radiation
    to be able to choose to live in a healthy environment
    that choice is gone as soon as this happens
    we should do everything to prevent this from happening but how

  10. The global internet project is called project loon, Google actually bought a hangar at our small towns air force base and they’re using it to test the self driving car and project loon. Look up Castle Air force base

  11. I think it’s important internet access is available to everyone. If quantum teleportation would ever work reliably and at a distance, that would be quickly the most cost-effective method.

    However, considering it’s still in development, Google Loon was a great way to deliver internet access globally. Google has done a great job representing and bringing people to the internet. For SpaceX to take the mission seems a little short-sighted, as they’re very enterprise.

    We really don’t have another company like Google, so I don’t see a better alternative. I think if the frequencies can be figured out (how many frequencies are left?), a distributed super-company could easily do that, and that’s something average people can do. Also, pointing a laser is difficult but with x->infinite precision technology, it’s just a matter of scale, so also something within the realm of your average engineer.

    Also, Satellite is still a good way to get internet remotely, with satellite links being pretty affordable. Get some kind of wifi grid going on and boom, there’s some good wifi. Sell some homemade dishes too (especially in places like Africa).

  12. Wireless radiation is a calls 2B carcinogen. One of the scientists that was on the panel that determined this classificationis now saying that it needs to be listed as a “FULL” carcinogen.

    There are thousands of studies that are showing harmful effects. Governments, like mine in Canada, do not look at any below thermal heating studies when they review the safety code; so the problem never gets fixed.

    Frank Clegg, the former President of Microsoft Canada, is now trying to get the public aware of this problem. His organization is called, “Canadians for Safe Technology”.

    People, like myself, are getting seriously ill from 24/7 exposures to this technology. I had to give my career as an airline pilot because of it. It affects plants and animals.

    So “WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO RADIATE THE ENTIRE PLANET” when so many people are having health problems from it? It will be too late afterwards, so we have to get it right the first time.

  13. I am another of those who began to experience an avalanche of crazy and life-wrecking symptoms when the level of EMF radiation in my house and in my neighborhood exponentially increased after smart meters were installed. Interesting how the majority of people I talk to, and the majority responding here, have the same “don’t worry, be happy” attitude to each new development that increases our exposure. Even if they complain about headaches, insomnia, skyrocketing blood pressure, etc. in the same conversation, they dismiss the possibility that maybe we should use some caution before introducing yet another source of EMF pollution to the environment. The science is out. Independent research has been done for over 70 years showing the negative effects of EMF radiation on all living things. We continue to ignore it at our peril. I am astounded at how easily most educated people are brainwashed by the glib pronouncements cranked out by the corporations who profit from our ignorance.

  14. All you conspiracy theorist..LOL
    At the end of the day, it’s about the $$$. That’s all that matters. Google can care less about what the outsiders say, because they know everyone and their mom will buy it, use it, criticize or love it.

    For those complaining about getting sick, radiation, cancer blah blah blah, i’d be more concerned about what you’re putting in your mouth. Going out to eat at fancy restaurants,fast food, poor food shopping habits, alcohol, soda etc.. all that processed food, sugars, and salts claims more lives than radiation or the environment ever will. All the pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and doctors would like to greatly thank all restaurants for keeping their pockets fat

  15. One thing that no one seems to have thought about, it’s that to me this seems like a massive data farming scheme. Think about it. You have one centralized network that will eventually cover the globe. Everyone will use it. Now, you have one company collecting, looking at, and sharing data usage habits, and information on over 7 billion people. NOT A GOOD THING.

  16. Hmmm, I have spent many years as a compliance engineer testing EMF effects on equipment. I know how to correctly quantify EMF radiation and have given many reports on it to the US and EU for compliance purposes. Anyone who is claiming that a 130 milliwatt signal at 2.4 GHz is causing sickness in them is full of it. There is in fact much more radiation from the electrical system in your house then the wireless routers and modems that are currently available on the market. Did you know that the average 8 foot CFL light fixture gives off more EMF then a typical wireless radio? On top of that it not about exposure level but how long you are exposed to it. Your microwave in your house gives off exponentially more RF radiation when in use than any other home electric appliance. Decades of research has been spent on quantifying cell phone radiation in the near field next to our head and nothing has come of it. I will say this, I would not want to have high voltage high tension power lines in my backyard, but hey, thats just me. You’re much more likely to have poor health reactions to heavy metals, antibiotics, and growth hormones in your food supply then the electronics in your house. But if you’re really worried about it put on a tin foil hat.

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